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A biker in one’s dream is a positive omen. It denotes success in moving on in life.

Whenever you are feeling frustrated or lonely or want to do something new, you are drawn towards the power of a motorbike and you see the symbol of a motorbike in your dreams.

The motorbike always conveys an image of individual power and sleekness. Though it may be less fast than a car but it is a symbol of independence which all people crave for.

If you dream of riding a motorbike in your dreams then this denotes that you are craving for adventure and freedom from the humdrum of daily life.

Popular dreams

  • You are the biker.
  • A biker is riding a bike near you.
  • You see a biker riding on a motorbike.
  • You are involved in a motorbike accident.
  • You are riding a bike alone.
  • A biker dies.

Positive changes are afoot

  • If you are riding the motorbike.
  • If you see the road ahead to be clear of any potholes or people.
  • If you see that you are easily able to pass others walking on the road.
  • If you find an empty road ahead of you.
  • You are the biker.
  • The biker is not in an accident.

Detailed dream interpretation

You are feeling rebellious and want to challenge the road, if one’s dreams of a biker. These challenges might take you to places which are risk prone and where you have never been before. This signifies that you are fed up with the monotony you are encountering in your daily life and want to take risks which you have not yet been taken before. You want to feel the wind in your face as you drive the motorbike as you break free from all your real life bindings.

If you find yourself riding a motorbike on an empty road in your dream then it means that you are not bothered about a fast paced lifestyle. You feel sure of yourself and you wish to achieve success and recognition in life without having to work too hard for it.

To drive a motorbike on a road where you find people who are walking means that you are pursuing your own goals in waking life. A biker in an accident denotes that the goals in your life are achievable but other people may get in the way. The symbolism of a “biker” means that you are not distracted by the thought that others may not like the way you are working and that does not stop you from going ahead with your ambitions.

For cars whizzing past the biker in a dream means that you are feeling unsure of yourself and you are also feeling uncomfortable due to the dangers around you. If you find yourself involved in a biker accident then you might be harboring a fear of getting hurt emotionally or physically.

If you see yourself as the pillion rider it means that you trust the person driving the bike absolutely and you are sure that person is going to help you in your work in real life. Seeing somebody else riding on a motorbike in your dreams means that you are worried about the well being of the person whom you are seeing driving the motorbike. To not know the biker in the dream is a sign of future success.

Feelings that you may have encountered in your dream about a biker

Loneliness, daring, adventurous, free, contented, happy, fearful, unsure, worried.

By Flo Saul
Sep 15, 2013