Accordian dream meanings

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Dreaming of an accordion foretells that you will have immediate progress in life. A musical instrument is often marked as a tribute to someone in waking life.

In the same manner, when you dream of hearing a number of accordion players then this suggests that you will have great fun and excitement ahead of you. Dreaming of hearing the accordion playing wonderful music foretells of future amusement, joy, and happiness. If you are experiencing a particular feeling of sadness, then the music in one's dream is away to express one's feelings. In essence, the accordion is representative of your feelings. To dream about enjoying the music of the accordion represents that you will soon have music and excitement in your life. Maybe you're going to go out on the town!

Quick meaning of dreaming of an accordion

  • Seen an accordion playing indicates great luck.
  • Heard the sound of multiple accordions this indicates the signs of possible excitement and fun.
  • A girl playing accordion shows one's success in finding love.
  • An accordion out of tune represents the troubles and difficulties of life and love.
  • Especially, for a girl. If you played the accordion then it means that you are going to be gifted with self-confidence.
  • To break an accordion means that you have the ability to go after new things, ways, methods and technologies that other failed to explore.

Detailed dream interpretation

Music, on the whole, has a vast influence on the lives of people. This is normally positive. Thus, in a dream of an accordion hearing the music is a positive dream. The music is a medium to communicate and understand the difference between people. Every musical instrument has its own language. A dream in which you are playing accordion represents that you will as I have detailed above means great luck, but also that you will take risks and try new things will amuse you. Life is about taking risks and you need to learn from your own successes or failures. Playing the accordion in one's dream indicates that you have gained the adequate self-confidence to overcome your hesitation's in life - and it is time to try something new. In a dream, if a girl is playing the accordion this foretells that she is going to have her wishes come true. She will find her love and end her quest of search for love. The accordion is quite an old-fashioned instrument, it was invented back in 1822 and originates from Germany. The spiritual meaning of an accordion is connected to how we are perceived in life. Some people find the music quite annoying this can suggest that the pitch of the music is a direct association how you're feeling quite stressed in life.

If the accordion is out of tune then the dream interprets that one will suffer. If you are female and already engaged to a man then this dream means someone will affect your relations with him. In old dream books, you will bear trouble and difficulties that will you feeling depressed and in a worrying state of mind. If you're playing a musical instrument as well as the accordion in your dream, or hear lovely music, this might suggest that you're demonstrating your creativeness in life. Should you play well, or even the music sounds discordant, this might suggest the opposite. Accordions may also represent intercourse or perhaps sexual frustration according to Freud. I do hope you enjoy this dream interpretation, please don't forget to review my other parts of the website in order to understand your future. Flo x

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You dream of hearing multiple accordions = this dream shows a driving excitement.
  • To dream that you hear the sound of an accordion playing in a church, this means you will have happiness and joy in life.
  • To learn how to play the accordion means positive self-confidence and the ability to explore new things.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of the accordion

Love, joy, happiness, inner-peace, satisfaction, progress, calmness, amusement, sadness, hopeless, frustration

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013