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Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert is known as the great American idol superstar who was able to achieve his dreams of becoming a superstar even though he was never crowned the idol but he is still a superstar in his singing career. When you have a dream of Adam Lambert, the dream can suggest that you are working hard towards fulfilling your dreams.

It means that you are following what makes you happy and gives you excitement in life.



When you have a dream about him then it means that you are following his steps by following passionately what you want to achieve in life.


Dreaming of Adam Lambert can also show that you may have been hoping that Adam Lambert would emerge a winner.  May be you have been contemplating over it for quite a long time but you ended up getting very disappointed when he never ended up getting crowned as an idol.

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In your dream you may have…



  • Seen Adam Lambert smiling at you broadly in your dream. This is an indication that you will have good and concerned friends who will be able to help you to achieve your dreams in your life. These friends may have been very distant to you or you may have been ignoring them and not taking their friendship seriously but when you have such a dream, your friends may turn to be helpful to you.
  • Seen Adam Lambert which means that you are actually working extra hard towards achieving your goals such that nothing in this world can be able to deter you from getting what you want in life.


Positive changes are afoot if...


  • You have a dream that you are attending Adam Lambert’s concerts with some of your friends and the dream is consistent. 
  • You marry this person in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation…


At times dreaming about a celebrity or a superstar can mean that you need good friends in life.   Such dreams of the celebrities like Adam Lambert can also mean that you are trying to achieve your goals and you are looking up to them as a source of motivation because of what they have achieved so far in their lives.

Dreaming about Adam Lambert can also mean that you have become fond of him and you like him so much such that you are actually thinking about him in a dream state. Whatever you watch in TV during the day may automatically go into your subconscious mind, and you dream about it.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Adam Lambert...

Happy, joyful, excitement, anxious.


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