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Being lost in a dream can be somewhat unsettling. The sheer panic of not knowing where you are can leave you in the morning confused and perplexed.

I spent quite a bit of time in trying to understand the dream that appears to be somewhat popular. Many people have emailed me because they were lost in the dream they are unable to find a home. Alternatively, they have lost something of value. Feeling lost can present how you deal with yourself in the world, your own feelings and the support network around you. It may symbolize that your unconscious mind may demand attention. Often, we have these types of dreams when we are being threatened that our control is being taken away from us. In fact, there are so many diverse dreams that involve “being lost” the quickest way for you to learn about your dream is to scroll down this meaning.

I’m Flo and for the last several decades I have been studying dream psychology, but also the spiritual meaning of dreams. I think we can all recall having a dream where we are anxiously searching for something and are confused. Dreaming of searching for a lost item, or not being able to find your way back home, unable to find your purse, wallet, school, office or locker all popular dreams. Dreaming of losing something is generally connected to our own inner insecurities. There is a lot of disinformation about this dream that I have read online so I hope this gives you some clarity. Often, in many ancient dream dictionaries being lost can predict that you are trying to search for answers to a certain difficulty a problem in waking life. The most prevalent meaning that I came across is that being lost all feeling lost an object or person in your dream is directly associated to your own comforts.

Many people have contacted me with dreams of being lost at work or school. This has left them in the morning feeling somewhat insecure. In this respect, feeling lost indicates that there is something important in your life you don’t feel will remain. From a spiritual perspective, dreams of being lost can represent a specific situation and that decisions do need to be made. The actual details of the dream or equally important. Dreaming of being lost in a car can indicate that there are different goals and targets that need to be decided. If you find yourself lost in a foreign country I will help you unlock the true meaning of being lost in a dream.

What is the dream psychology interpretation of being lost in a dream?

In some dream psychology work such as in the book of Eric Ackroyd, dreaming of losing something can suggest new change or beginning. It can also be associated with letting yourself learn more about your life what you fear. It is important to understand if you need to review any hidden feelings, especially connected to the theme in the dream. In dream psychology, I like to think that this lost feeling in one's dream illustrates what Sigmund Freud ruled called our own "defense mechanisms.” According to many of Sigmund Freud books, our dreams can involve areas of tension that must be in control in order to not disrupt or damage our own psyche. dreams sometimes representation that your subconscious mind may have encountered condensation, it is a dream psychology term whereby your mind takes bits of information that you remember in waking life latent content which represents the manifest content in the dream state. Therefore, if you are encountering being lost in a dream can signify that you feel a sense of loss in life. It could be the fact that you are not able to experience fulfilling relationships or this dream is telling you that there is a difficult period of time in the near future. That is a dream psychology perspective of being lost.

What does the feeling of loss during the dream mean?

The first thing I’m going to ask is if you’re feeling worried or anxious in waking life? If you are, then finding yourself in a strange place and unable to get home or losing an item can indicate that you are searching for the answers to improve your life. I’ve had many different types of dreams over the years involved the feeling of being lost. For example losing purses, wallets, bags, pets and even my child! I’m saying here is a dream feeling lost generally indicates their own anxieties in life. Many people have contacted me if they have had a dream about repetitive loss. For example, I remember being contacted by a user who constantly dreamed of lost objects - night after night. this is quite common when we are under stress, lots feeling the dream can symbolize your own emotions. Leave your emotions are threatening the well-being would some part of you that is being repressed. Dreams sometimes brings up from the past, if you think about what you’ve actually lost in the dream this can help you understand how the object relates to.

What does it mean to dream of searching for something?

Searching for something in a dream is quite interesting. Obviously, you have lost item or person and your seeking the return. From a dream psychology perspective, in my view, such a dream may represent a fear which is around you at the moment. Perhaps you are feeling anxiety about the job or there is a situation that you just can’t understand? To frantically see yourself searching for a lost object may symbolize the quest for love. If the search is positive - and you find the item then this can suggest a transfer of your energies. In the many dream psychology books, I have reviewed searching or seeking an object in a dream connected to our own sexual, work or love life. It could also suggest possible material successes if you are young. I will provide the sources of my books at the end of this article. Searching for something from a spiritual perspective indicates you are looking for answers in life. You may not notice right now, but answers will come with time.

What is it me to dream about being lost in the mall?

Being lost in the mall can suggest that you need a period of calm in your life. Malls are notoriously busy places, I can remember as a child being frightened of losing my mother in the mall. In dreams, a mall represents material attainment, wealth, prosperity, and your own security. Such a dream could mean that you are worried about losing something.

What does it mean to dream of trying to get home but you can’t?

Being lost and not able to get home can indicate a new beginning - alternatively not being able to get home at all is a message from your own conscious mind that needs to acknowledge “change” in life. Our home in our dream signifies a place we feel comfortable. It can indicate your attitudes and feelings. Houses from a psychology perspective are symbolic of the greater tomorrow and a sense of self and well-being. In dream psychology, the house represents our own unconscious identity. The house could take the shape of an apartment. Many dreamers have contacted me about not being able to reach an old home they used to live in which can imply that you regret some past mistakes. If you are finally able to return home is connected to how you are developing moment. Not being able to get back to your home is a reflection that was questioning your own identity. Perhaps you are about to embark on a life-changing process in life? This dream can create challenge inside our psyche, depending on the fact you are able to eventually return home we wake up feeling lost.

What does it mean to dream of being lost in a hotel?

The hotel is obviously a temporary living accommodation in the dream world it relates to searching for something in real life. The hotel is associated with your own ambitions and characteristics in life. Being lost in a fine hotel can be associated with the need for wealth development. Being lost in a large, tall hotel can signify you are having career worries. Perhaps you don’t feel that you’re taken seriously or appreciated where you are? The steps in a hotel or lift represent our inner challenges.

What does it mean to dream of being lost in school?

Being lost at school is quite an interesting dream. This can occur if you are currently school or alternatively you’re an adult and left school a long time ago. Not being able to find a classroom is rather common. It represents that there are certain anxieties at work in your that must be addressed. If you are not able to find a locker in a dream this can represent that you need focus in life to work out the best direction. Walking to school in your dream and not knowing the way can imply a feeling of mistrust with others.

What does it mean to dream about somebody you know been lost?

Losing a loved one a dream is quite common, dreaming that your daughter goes missing or you can’t find your son, is a worrying dream. You may even, the next day worry about their own well-being. Dreaming of your child lost in some books represents your own inner child - It’s all about your anxieties. Dreaming of losing your child can indicate that you are feeling overburdened or worried about things at the moment. Perhaps it could even represent an area of your life which is going to change, but for the better. This dream is associated with vulnerability and feelings that we develop in life when we are going through a difficult time.

What does it mean to search for something lost in the dream?

The dream of losing something can imply that you are searching for a new start. If the search had a positive outcome it could be associated with the fact that you need to think about phases in life. From a dream psychology perspective, the “search” is connected to the beginning and end in our mind.

What does it mean to dream of being lost in the desert in a dream?

Lost in the desert represents our own internal feelings that we lock away. As a desert is boundless, it can be associated with a situation in waking life that results in a lack of empathy. Feeling lost in the desert in a dream indicates you are finding endless problems in situations. Are you? Deserts are not only hot places but also supposed to be extremely harsh. The temperature can change from incredibly hot to incredibly cold in a very short space of time. Additionally, the desert holds little water and there are many different animals that you may encounter. The desert symbol in dreams is also connected to our own internal solitude can represent the isolation needed in order to find the answers in life.

What does it mean to be lost at sea in a dream?

I believe that the ocean is connected to our own emotions. In fact, throughout my whole website, I reiterate that water is a representation of how we connect with our emotions. Being lost at sea in a dream is associated with feeling your thoughts and emotions are not being taken seriously. There is a potential for personal growth and being lost at sea can indicate you are sewing your own seeds ready for growth materialize. To be on a boat that is lost can imply in future you communicate with others successfully.

What is the dream lore around being lost in a dream?

Here I am going to list the old-fashioned meaning of being lost or losing something in a dream. If you are lost in your dream according to ancient dream libraries it shows that you have a bright future. In my reading being lost in ancient folklore can represent a symbolic journey of life, and it can mean you are going to start new beginnings. Factors that need to be considered as well. I have a question. Are if you are happy or content in your dream? If you are simply lost from a relationship or situation, then this can mean you will be forced to make a choice in your life in the near future. Think about the future: is it clear, do you feel the weight of the future bearing down on you?

If you are dreaming of being lost, this shows that you need to think about your mind, especially when making decisions in the future. If you are undertaking a trek in a jungle and get lost, this can suggest that you may have worries about your ambitions in the future. If you are walking and you get lost, this means that you are feeling restricted. Running away from a situation can mean decisions are being made far away. Losing money is a contrary symbol, as it means you will be rich and prosperous. In general, losing something in a dream means you need to pay attention to the object you lost, as it might have a special significance. Being lost in your dream is the omen in the ancient gypsy folklore of a disease threatening you. I don’t really believe this, to be honest but thought I would include the interpretation. Dreaming of being lost can suggest acquiring a transient benefit, or that you could be cheated. Lost in a forest foretells a trip or a full spiritual life. It could also be the sign of poverty and misery. If in your dream you are lost, this means that your enemies will fade away. Being lost with another person indicates that you cannot obtain results in your waking life. If someone else is lost, this foretells poor enemies or useless isolation.

If in your dream you are on a field and get lost, you will receive news that you expect, but it can also be a sign of a funeral. Lost on a road means to gain or that you will be free of worries. If the road is straight, this means big earnings. If it is a countryside road, this means mishap. If you are lost in an orchard, this predicts a pleasant life, but if you are in a garden it means pure happiness. Roaming around lost suggests unpleasant moments.

Lost in a park means peace of mind. Lost on an island foretells tranquility in your real life. Lost on a mountain trail predicts good luck and good health while walking on the grass is the sign of being calm and content. If you see yourself lost in the sand, this suggests that you could be doubtful, but also jealous and suspicious. Lost in snow tells that you have initiative, enthusiasm, imagination, but also doubt. If you see yourself lost, this dream predicts love, special luck, and that your wishes will come true.

If you are lost while the weather is bad in your dream, this means that you are not going to accomplish your important decisions. The dream is a bad omen, and it means that you wallow in the happiness of others. Lost in a cemetery suggest true friendship. Lost items in a dream could portent trouble, but also that you will soon have a lot of work to do. If you lose a person, this means you have to be less selfish with that specific person in the waking life. In general dreams about something lost portend profit.

In your dream you may have

  • You are lost.
  • You find yourself suddenly lost in a forest.
  • An object is lost.
  • Lost people.
  • Lost items.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You do not isolate yourself.
  • Pay attention to your mind.
  • Accomplish your important decisions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of lost

Surprised. Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Admiring. Content. Happy. Upset. Tired. Indignant. I like to include many sources when writing my meanings. Each meaning takes a long time to write in order to provide the very best interpretation o this dream of being lost I have reviewed the following references: The Complete Dream Dictionary: A Bedside Guide to Knowing What Your Dreams Mean, Trish MacGregor, Rob MacGregor, Published by Adams Media Corporation (2005), Dictionary of Dreams - Pocket Reference, Published by Geddes & Grosset (1999), The Dream Dictionary, Published by Random House (1970), On Dreams (Dover Thrift Editions) Freud, Sigmund, Published by Dover Publications Inc. 2001-01-01 (2001)

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013