Ballerina dreams

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A female dancer in a ballet is referred to as a Ballerina.

These female dancers are normally appealing to the eye. To watch a ballet is connected to admiration.

Make sure you speak to people and admire their moves. So if you happen to see a ballerina in your dream, it means that you are admiring other people. This can be a friend or someone you have an intimate relationship with. To go to a theatre and watch a ballet it can mean that your love life is on the rocks.

In the dream, you may

  • Be dancing with the ballerina.
  • See someone you know dancing with a ballerina.
  • See a stranger dancing with a ballerina.
  • Be the ballerina.
  • See a ballerina in a jewelry box.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

A ballerina is connected to moving on in life. The ballerina can also be associated with “fixing” things that have gone wrong. The grace of a ballerina is associated with attaining something in life. It can also suggest feeling restricted in life. The ballerina is also associated with feeling worried about a situation. In a situation where you find yourself dancing with a ballerina in your dream, it suggests that you need an intervention as far as your love life is concerned.

To be the ballerina in the dream suggests you are having problems with someone whom you are intimate with and if the problems are not resolved you might call it quits. This friction could have been caused by unfaithfulness and thus is hard to handle because the trust has been challenged and just like a broken glass, once trust is broken, it becomes hard to mend. Try and involve other people who happen to be knowledgeable in matters concerning love and relationships so that they can intervene to save your relationship.

When you see someone you know dancing with a ballerina in your dream it suggests that your help is required in sorting out a difficult relationship. You have the experience required in order to make the right decision in a problem that is close to your heart.

To see a ballerina in a concert suggests that you will be reunited with an old friend and you will enjoy their company. Avoid Talking to people about difficult matters. Another, more ancient interpretation of a ballerina is that you are not able to live up to the reputation of others. Don't tell too many people about what you are doing as it might just mean that an otherwise delicate matter will explode. Try to work on helping yourself by meditation.

A ballerina in Freud's terms was associated with a problem in a love situation. This can lead to difficulties and a "cold-hearted" approach to your lover. Use your wisdom and intelligence to sort out this delicate matter.

A stranger dancing with a ballerina is a positive sign. It is associated with the "grace" needed to combat all the obstacles in your way. Watching a ballerina is a sign of contentment and emotional stability. Your friends and relatives are safe in terms of relationships. You are guarding your love life very well. Thus, there is no need to worry about breaking up with a loved one.

The advice of this dream if you lose your ballet shoes in the dream suggests - don't just sit there and wait for the day when things get out of hand. Start now by building strong relationships in life. Which will survive even in times when everything else isn't working. Go for picnics and adventures which will bring the two of you closer to each other and where you will sort out any tell-tale signs of breaking up.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Dancing, happiness, emotional problems. Mistrust, unfaithfulness, love, breakup, bonding and exploding.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017