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Many people have contacted me about having peculiar dreams of holding hands.

Most notably this is a dream of affection. In the past month, I have had several dreams of people holding hands. So what does this mean? I am going to explain. However, in order to correctly interpret the dream, we need to remember every minor detail. In researching this dream meaning I read a number of scientific studies. Physical affection except holding hands is connected to satisfaction. And, correlated with relationship satisfaction. Ironically, this dream is connected to feeling rather intense in relationships.

Looking back into dream interpretation history. In the 1930s, there were famous dream psychologists (Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung) who dedicated their time to understanding dreams. They spent time in therapy with people to help them decode what dreams mean. In dreams (hands in general) signify how we connect with others and relationships. They represent the connections you have with people in your life.

For example, ask these questions:

  • Did you dream about your own hands?
  • Who were you holding hands within your dream?
  • How were you feeling in your dream?

As I mentioned earlier, hands symbolize communication and relationships. In occult books, the symbol of hands stands for: authority, protection, hate, and justice. To dream of holding someone’s hands with someone that you don’t like indicates that you might be too scared to ask for someone’s assistance or help. If you had a dream about holding a left hand, it symbolizes your feminine side and elegance, however, if you had a dream about holding a right hand, it signifies your masculine side and attractive features. Right hands in dreams may also symbolize an important decision that you’ve recently made. I do think that seeing a “right hand” indicates that you have made the “right” decision. I hope that makes sense.

Holding hands in a dream might also have a romantic interpretation

If you had a dream about holding hands with someone, it denotes the connection, affection, and love that you have with that person. However, your dream may also represent inner anxiety. Dreaming of holding hands with someone who has passed on indicates that you do not wish to lose ”touch.”

Dreams about holding hands with someone you like:

Holding hands in your dream denotes your feelings for a specific person and how you expect them to react to your gestures and love. It symbolizes your inner emotions about someone with whom you want to connect on a deeper level or start a relationship with. If you like the person you are holding hands with this indicates happiness in life. It is a great omen!

Dream of a man holding my hand:

To dream of a man holding your hand indicates that you are trying to hide from someone important in life. A man holding you're had is a sign that you need to think about masculine properties and how you connect with others.

Dream of holding hands with your ex-partner:

many people have contacted me about dreaming of holding ex-lover's hand. This can indicate that you wish to have their connection again life alternatively it can mean that they are thinking of you.

Dreams of holding hands with someone you know:

Holding hands with someone you care about in waking life might symbolize your wishes in life. And, as I have mentioned I connected to how you connect with others. There is not a single definition of love which people can actually agree on.

A user e-mailed me the following question: Does holding hands in a dream mean I love someone? My answer is that: Ironically, discussions about what love often results in disagreement. We don’t really know what love is! There is obviously a passionate component in people's relationships. Dreaming of holding somebody's hand is often connected to our own commitment which consists of two parts. One short-term and also one long term desire. Depending on who is in the dream it can often result in the fact that you love this particular person.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with girlfriend:

dreaming of holding hands with your current girlfriend is a romantic style dream. It indicates that there may be an intense emotional attraction. Although commitment is not always essential such a dream can suggest that you will be involved with this partner on a compassionate level.

Dreams of holding hands with someone you don’t know:

If you were holding hands with an unknown person, it denotes that you’re ready and open for a new relationship. Or it might suggest that you lack excitement and fun in your personal life. Maybe you’re thinking of changing some part of your life.

Dreams of holding hands with a women:

If you were holding hands with a female it represents the trust and confidence you are feeling in life. You have a strong relationship because you connect with this person on a deeper level. You’re feeling grateful for knowing them and being friends with this person. Your dream might also denote your anxiety. Do you often worry about losing your best friend? If yes, it’s why you’re having these dreams. It’s like you want them to know that you will never leave forever and lose “touch”.

As I mentioned before, holding hands, reflects your inner sense, emotional state, and romantic relations. If you’re dreaming about holding hands over and over again, you might feel a bit lonely in waking life. I am sorry to say!

If you are not dating or in a partnership it can mean that you wish to connect with someone. Remember! You have nothing to lose if you go out and date. Also, it’s important that you realize you don’t need someone ELSE to be happy. Self-love and self-confidence will help you find true love.

When you dream about holding hands, there are questions that can help you interpret your dream. Ask yourself: “Did something important happened yesterday?”, “Did I hold hands with someone yesterday or saw other people holding hands and felt lonely?”, “Do I really want to hold hands with someone in waking life?”.

Dream of holding friends hand:

If you are a female and you were holding hands with a friend in your dream, you’re probably grateful for having this person in your life. It’s one of those rare friends who have your back, no matter what. Your connection is strong.

Dream of people holding hands:

If you dreamed of other people holding hands, it might denote your loneliness, lack of romance and depression. You’ve been wanting to find someone for a very long time. Your dream foretells finding someone that will match your standards and wishes. It will take some time and effort, but it’ll definitely happen for you, don’t you worry. In meanwhile, you can learn how to be happy with yourself and find out what you want to do with your life. Find out what makes you truly happy, except for relationships. Discover yourself.

Holding hands with wife or husband:

If you dreamed about holding hands with your spouse in your dream, it represents your emotional state. You either feel trapped and lonely, or you feel grateful for having her or him in your life. Your dream might denote your anxiety over losing this person. If you fear of losing your loved one, it might result in dreaming about holding hands with them in order to let them know that you don’t ever want to let go and lose “touch”.

If you dreamed about holding hands with children, it means that you miss spending time with yourself. The moment has come when you have to learn how to reject other people more often and say “yes” to yourself and what your soul wants. Awaken the child inside.

If you’re single and you dreamed about holding hands with someone, it suggests falling in love very soon. Luck will follow you around and you will acquire new skills and wisdom.

Chinese dream interpretation:

In Chinese culture, dreaming about holding hands with someone reflects love, affection, and relationship. However, if you were holding hands with your ex in the dream it can indicate that you miss the companionship.

Islamic dream interpretation:

In Islamic culture, holding hands in dreams stands for partnership, marriage, contract, meeting with someone, stagnation, and compromise. However, it also symbolizes worry and difficulties. If you dreamed about holding hands with an enemy, it reflects your kind heart and the ability to forgive. Instead of defeating your enemy without thinking, you would try and talk about your issues.

Dreams about holding hands with family member:

If you dreamed about holding hands with someone from your family, it suggests that you lack love and attention. Are you feeling neglected and ignored by someone close? This dream might also reflect on how you treat your family.

Holding hands with your children:

As parents, we hold our child's hand. To protect them against dangers such as cars or water. I have had nightmares where my daughters hand has slipped and she has come to danger. If you dreamed about holding hands with your child, it denotes the great love you have with your child.

Shaking hands in dreams:

If you dreamed about shaking hands with someone, it reveals that you will encounter a self-centered person. However, in order to feel fully complete and fulfilled, you have to let people know the real you and express your emotions.

In summary, Holding hands with someone in your dream stands for deep affection, close bond, friendship, love and relationships. If you know the person you are holding hands with then this signifies quality time spent with someone you care about. If the dream was positive it symbolizes love. It also represents an interesting situation that will make you change your mind about your friends and enemies.

By Flo Saul
Feb 18, 2019