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Dream Of Holding Hands Meaning

Many people have contacted me about having peculiar dreams of holding hands. 

Hands spiritually in dreams can be used to convey a variety of messages. You could see yourself holding hands of a child, friend, partner, or even someone you don't know in the dream. In addition to showing devotion, friendship, protection, support, and connection, the symbol of hands can also be used to express support. People who care deeply for each other often hold hands as a gesture of closeness. This dream is a sign that you may feel alone, but also that you always have someone by your side.

What does the dream of holding hands mean?

Holding hands symbolizes a bond between two people and their life stories or lessons in this world. In times of need, it signifies support, comfort, and a connection between them. Holding hands is a reminder that no matter how hard things may get, you are never truly alone if you have someone there who cares for and supports you. It is also a reminder that two people can always be together even if they are apart, as the physical connection of their hands symbolizes the emotional connection between them. 

Holding hands is an inseparable and powerful gesture that carries a lot of meaning.  By holding hands in the dream world two people can show their love and commitment to each other in a way that is comforting and reassuring. No matter how far apart they may be, the bond between them will always remain strong. Holding hands is a symbol of strength, unity, and understanding that speaks volumes about the relationship between two people.  So no matter what life throws at you, remember that someone is always there to hold your hand and be with you through the journey.  That’s the energy story or lesson behind a dream of holding hands. 

Most notably this is a dream of attachment with others --- as holding hands is similar to relationships around you. In the past month, I have had several dreams of people holding hands. So what does this mean? I am going to explain. However, to correctly interpret the dream, we need to remember every minor detail. In researching this dream meaning I read a number of scientific studies. Physical holding hands is connected to bonding between two people. And, correlated with relationship satisfaction. Ironically, this dream is connected to feeling rather intense in relationships. If you dream of holding a child's hand this is a dream that is focused on protecting a loved one. 

I now wish to look back into dream interpretation history. In the 1930s, the famous dream psychologist (Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung) dedicated their life to understanding dreams. They spent time in therapy with people to help them decode what their dreams mean. Dreams of hands in general signify how we connect with others and relationships, according to Jung and Freud. Such a dream represents the connections you have with people in your life. Celebs and influencers take many photos of holding hands with children, this seems to be a trend. On Thursday, Beyonce posted a picture of them holding hands with her child. I think we are programmed to hold hands to show love.

From a dream psychology point of view - ask these questions:

  • Did you dream about your own hands?
  • Who were you holding hands with in your dream?
  • How were you feeling in your dream?

As I mentioned earlier, hands symbolize communication and relationships. In dream books, the symbol of hands stands for authority, protection, hate, and justice. To dream of holding someone’s hands and it is someone that you don’t like indicates that you might be too scared to ask for someone’s assistance or help. If you dream about holding someone's left hand, it symbolizes your feminine side and elegance, however, if you dream about someone holding your right hand, it signifies your masculine side and attractive features. Right hands in dreams may also indicate an important decision that you’ve recently made. I do think that seeing a “right hand” indicates that you have made the “right” decision. I hope that makes sense. Dreaming of holding hands with someone who has passed on indicates that you do not wish to lose ”touch” with them in this life.

What is the biblical meaning of holding hands in a dream? 

Depending on the context, holding hands in a dream can mean several things in the Bible. It is generally regarded as a sign of faithfulness and commitment to God and one another. Unity and fellowship between believers and non-believers may also be symbolized by this symbol. God's protection, comfort, strength, guidance, and support can be symbolized by holding hands. In marriage, family, and friendship relationships, it can also be a sign of trust and commitment. Some people hold hands to symbolize coming together to work towards a common goal or purpose between people of different beliefs. 

The Bible mentions holding hands in several different contexts. Genesis 24:9-10 describes Abraham's servant swearing a loyalty oath under Abraham's thigh. Luke 22:14 describes Jesus sharing a meal with His disciples and holding their hands as He prays for them. Psalm 133:1 extols the benefits of living in harmony and unity with one another. Holding hands is also mentioned in Isaiah 41:13, Job 29:10, and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. As a sign of strength and protection from God, holding hands signifies unity in this scripture.

Therefore, we can conclude that the biblical meaning of holding hands in a dream is that it indicates faithfulness to God and unity with others in life. When I read Luke 22:14 it also indicates trust and commitment to each other in relationships such as marriage, family and close friendships. Additionally, it can refer to the coming together of different people or beliefs for a common purpose from a biblical perspective.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with someone you like?

If you had a dream about holding hands with someone you like (maybe a potential boyfriend), it denotes the connection, affection, and adoration that you have for that person. However, your dream may also represent inner anxiety. Holding hands in your dream with someone you like simply denotes your feelings for a specific person and how you expect them to react to your gestures and love. It symbolizes your inner emotions about someone with whom you want to connect on a deeper level or start a relationship. If you like the person you are holding hands with this indicates happiness in life. It is a great omen for a relationship.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with a man?

To dream of a man holding your hand indicates that you are trying to hide from someone important in life. A man holding you're hand is a sign that you need to think about masculine properties and how you connect with others. There are so many things that look good on the outside, but can be troublesome on the inside. One of my friends was a functional alcohol addict. It would be hard to believe he was a functional alcoholic. He managed to live a normal life and not have anyone find out about his addiction. Holding hands is about connection, but also a warning to not assume that someone is perfect.

This dream is about facing challenges. If you want to live happy and fulfilled life, it is important that you work on your inner self as well as your outer world. A dream in which someone is holding hands can represent this inner feeling and that a strong connection between two people is needed. Intimacy, loyalty, and trust can also be represented by the man who you are holding hands with in the dream. It could be a sign that you need to connect with someone else in your life if the people in your dream are unfamiliar to you. Maybe it's time to reconnect with a male friend or family member. Another possibility is that if the people in your dream are people you know well, it represents an urge to focus on your relationship with them. Often, I feel these dreams happen when you need to express your feelings to them or spend some quality time with others. Holding hands with an unknown man in a dream can also symbolize the beginning of a new relationship or journey. It could indicate that you are ready to start something meaningful and exciting with someone special. In addition, think of where you are in the dream, therefore, holding hands with someone in a dark or unknown place can symbolize fear and insecurity. 

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with your ex-partner?

Many people have contacted me about dreaming of holding an ex-partner's hand. This can indicate that you wish to have their connection again in life alternatively it can mean that they are thinking of you. 

The dream of holding an ex partners hand is about how you are processing this past relationship. And, yes, this is never easy, dreaming about ex-partners can be challenging, but it's important to process our own feelings. When thinking about past relationships, it's easy to get stuck in negative thoughts and feelings, but we also need to learn from them. 

The best way to reflect on ex-partners is to write down the positive experiences, lessons, and attributes you gained from them. Consider how your ex-partner has impacted your growth as a person. By doing so, you will be able to see the good that came out of past relationships, regardless of how they ended. You can also consider how you can move forward after an ex-partner. Rather than dwelling on the past, consider what qualities you are looking for in a partner.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with someone you know?

Holding hands with someone you care about in waking life might symbolize your wishes in life. And, as I have mentioned I connected to how you connect with others. There is not a single definition of love that people can actually agree on. A user e-mailed me the following question: Does holding hands in a dream mean I love someone? My answer is that: Ironically, discussions about what love often result in disagreement. We don’t really know what love is! There is obviously something special in people's relationships. Dreaming of holding somebody's hand is often connected to our own commitment which consists of two parts. One short-term and also one long-term desire. Depending on who is in the dream it can often result in the fact that you love this particular person.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with a girlfriend?

dreaming of holding hands with your current girlfriend is a romantic style dream. It indicates that there may be an intense emotional draw. Although commitment is not always essential such a dream can suggest that you will be involved with this partner on a compassionate level.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with someone you don’t know?

Holding hands with an unknown person in a dream is a sign of uncertainty. This may reflect your desire to meet new people, explore and take risks, but also your fear of doing so. An insecure or insecure feeling might also be represented by this dream. Conversely, it could be a sign that you are ready to find a new romantic relationship and seek the intimacy, comfort, and connection that go along with it. Whatever this dream may be showing you about yourself, it is important to remember that taking risks can lead to growth, connection, and happiness. Reach out and take advantage of the opportunity to find love despite any uncertainty or fear you may have. Take a chance, trust your instincts, and see what happens. You never know who you might meet!

If you were holding hands with an unknown male, it denotes that you’re ready and open for a new relationship. Or it might suggest that you lack excitement and fun in your personal life. Maybe you’re thinking of changing some part of your life.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with a women?

If you were holding hands with a female it represents the trust and confidence you are feeling in life. You have a strong relationship because you connect with this person on a deeper level. You’re feeling grateful for knowing them and being friends with this person. Your dream might also denote your anxiety. Do you often worry about losing your best friend? If yes, it’s why you’re having these dreams. It’s like you want them to know that you will never leave forever and lose “touch”.

As I mentioned before, holding hands, reflects your inner sense, emotional state, and romantic relations. If you’re dreaming about holding hands over and over again, you might feel a bit lonely in your waking life. I am sorry to say!

If you are not dating or in a partnership, it can mean that you wish to connect with someone. Remember! You have nothing to lose if you go out and date. Also, it’s important that you realize you don’t need someone ELSE to be happy. Self-love and self-confidence will help you find true love.

When you dream about holding hands, there are questions that can help you interpret your dream. Ask yourself: “Did something important happened yesterday?”, “Did I hold hands with someone yesterday or saw other people holding hands and felt lonely?”, “Do I really want to hold hands with someone in waking life?”.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with a friend?

If you are a female and you were holding hands with a friend in your dream, you’re probably grateful for having this person in your life. It’s one of those rare friends who have your back, no matter what. Your connection is strong. 
Your strong connection and bond can be symbolized by holding hands with a friend in a dream. As well as seeking support, comfort, and reassurance from them. It might be a dream that encourages you to nurture the relationship and let your friend know how much you value them. You may also need help in some area of your life and should reach out for assistance. Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it and appreciate the relationships in your life. A strong support system can provide you with comfort and reassurance throughout your life when you build strong bonds with others.  
The dream might symbolize feeling betrayed or threatened by your friend if it felt negative. There could be a rift in the relationship and you need to take steps to repair it before it worsens. Communication is key to resolving any issues with your friends quickly, so you need to communicate openly and honestly with them. Don't let any misunderstandings or negative feelings fester and worsen. 
The dream of holding hands with a friend can also represent teamwork and collaboration. It may suggest that you work together on something or create a plan to achieve a common goal. Putting yourself in a team mindset is the key to overcoming any challenges in life. Take advantage of the strengths of those around you and don't be afraid to ask for help. And, remember that this dream could signal that working together can make any task much easier and more enjoyable. 
Accordingly, dreaming that you are holding hands with an old friend can symbolize the strength of your connection, seeking support and assistance, or working together. No matter what the dream symbolizes, the life lesson is to value and nurture your relationships with others and don't be afraid to ask for help when needed. Creating strong bonds will provide comfort and security throughout your life when you do this. 
Understanding the context of a dream and your own associations with the friend in question can be helpful in understanding its true meaning. When you feel confused or overwhelmed by a dream, try reflecting on it and figuring out what it could mean.

What does it mean to dream of people holding hands?

Dreaming of holding hands with a number of people, or you see others holding each other's hands can represent teamwork in life. The dream could feature holding hands with your partner, friend, or even family members. The dream about holding hands with many people in a circle can suggest the circle of life. In that, we need to sometimes go round and round to find the answer. If you are holding hands with women (may women) this indicates that you should not limit yourself to a small circle of friends. Instead, allow yourself to learn from people from all walks of life. This will make you a better person in the long term.

What does dreaming about holding hands with someone who is dead?

In my view, dreaming about holding hands with someone who has passed on is a sign of wanting to be more real and connected with someone in your life. It is usually thought to represent the desire for intimacy or union on both an emotional and physical level. You may have found you are holding hands with a relative or a friend who has passed over.

I know this dream may feel “crazy” but holding hands with a deceased partner implies a romantic relationship as well as friendship, so it may mean that you have been feeling lonely lately and need some kind of companionship. It could also suggest that you are looking for an escape from reality – something that makes you feel comforted, secure and understood.

To dream of holding hands with a grandfather or grandmother can signify a wish to become more emotionally honest with those around you. If there are things in your life which have made it difficult for you to express yourself honestly then this dream could be telling you that now is the time to give it a try.

Dreaming of holding hands with a parent who has passed over shows complexity in relationships; it can mean (in my view) that even though communication might be hard between two people, they will still remain close together due to a bond - whether emotional or physical. I also feel that the “mother” or “father” featured in a dream can signify that there is a link between the spirit and you. Therefore if this dream occurs when one feels disconnected or isolated within current relationships then perhaps its time to take notice and start thinking ‘is my current status quo what I truly want?’

What does it mean to dream of holding a husband or wife's hand?

If you dreamed about holding hands with your spouse in your dream, it represents your emotional state. You either feel trapped and lonely, or you feel grateful for having her or him in your life. Your dream might denote your anxiety over losing this person. If you fear of losing your loved one, it might result in dreaming about holding hands with them in order to let them know that you don’t ever want to let go and lose “touch”.

If you dreamed about holding hands with children, it means that you miss spending time with yourself. The moment has come when you have to learn how to reject other people more often and say “yes” to yourself and what your soul wants. Awaken the child inside.

If you’re single and you dreamed about holding hands with someone, it suggests falling in love very soon. Luck will follow you around and you will acquire new skills and wisdom.

What does a dream of holding hands mean in Chinese culture?

In Chinese culture, dreaming about holding hands with someone reflects love, affection, and relationship. However, if you were holding hands with your ex in the dream it can indicate that you miss the companionship. Generally, in china dreams such as these can suggest deep affection and trust between two people. It could mean that you feel emotionally connected to someone. I also feel that there could be more underlying messages based on how the dream develops.

What is the Islamic dream meaning of holding hands?

In Islamic culture, holding hands in dreams stands for partnership, marriage, contract, meeting with someone, stagnation, and compromise. However, it also symbolizes worry and difficulties. If you dreamed about holding hands with an enemy, it reflects your kind heart and the ability to forgive. Instead of defeating your enemy without thinking, you would try and talk about your issues.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with family members?

If you dreamed about holding hands with someone from your family, it suggests that you lack love and attention. Are you feeling neglected and ignored by someone close? This dream might also reflect how you treat your family.

This dream can also indicate that you are looking for guidance from somebody more experienced than yourself; usually associated with seeking wisdom from those older then ourselves––elders pass down information they have accumulated throughout their life experiences and we draw upon these lessons when facing difficult decisions and challenges in different stages of our lives according to your own thoughts in life.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with children or your child - Son/or daughter?

As parents, we hold our child's hands. To protect them against dangers such as cars or water. I have had nightmares where my daughter's hand has slipped and she has come to danger. If you dreamed about holding hands with your child, it denotes the great love you have for your child.

Seeing your children  (your own son or daughter) is connected to how we manifest our inner thoughts and feelings in symbolic ways, so the interpretation will depend largely on who was involved in the dream and how you felt while dreaming. When imagining holding hands with a child—your own child or not—it may be indicative of your desire for parental protection; either from yourself as a parent wanting to protect their child or needing safety from another entity through parental guidance.

What does it mean to shake hands in a dream?

If you dreamed about shaking hands with someone, it reveals that you will encounter a self-centered person. However, in order to feel fully complete and fulfilled, you have to let people know the real you and express your emotions.

To actually “know” the person holding hands with you in the dream can symbolize a deeper connection with the person involved, or may represent two parts of yourself being united. Remember, holding hands can mean physical touch, comfort, security, and warmth — all important aspects of relationships that our subconscious often yearns for.

For some people, dreaming of hands being held together signifies the feeling that something is deep down inside them that they have been keeping closed off to the world. When I looked into my dream books these suggest that if you find yourself holding someone's hand in a dream who is much older than you - such as a grandparent - then this could mean an inner need for acceptance and respect from others around them. It could also relate to feelings of arrogance if it was another person’s hand you were holding; perhaps your ego has become too strong recently and needs reigning in.

I also feel our dreams offer so much more meaning than first meets the eye! To see hands held together speak volumes about how we think and feel in real life - if the fingers are locked even intertwine tightly this dream can showcase your own insecurity in life.

What does it mean to see a dream of someone holding your hand tightly?

Ahhh… this is an interesting dream, when you dream of someone holding your hand tightly, this dream can represent either a longing and desire for support or connection from someone in your waking life, or on a more spiritual level as a release from something we are unaware of. In other words, when all channels of communication seem closed in the outer world, there is still an inner awareness that can act through dreams as a representation of our subconscious thoughts and feelings.

It’s important to understand that this dream normally indicates that “something lies deep” that has been unsaid, this could be associated with security or finally finding peace after being immersed in chaos.

It isn’t just romantic relationships that are enriched by lovely expressions like holding hands - sometimes platonic friendships are connected to this too. There are some movies where friends simply hold each other’s hands out of kindness or solidarity - such as Forrest Gump when Forrest takes young Jenny Curran into town. Holding hands provides us with an intimate way to express feelings that cannot be articulated through words alone since actions often speak louder than speech itself!

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with a dead person?

I can’t deny that dreams of holding hands with a dead person have a unique and sometimes confusing meaning, especially if it is a relative or a partner. The true interpretation of this type of dream largely depends on how you felt during it, as well as any other images or sensations experienced during the dream— so pay attention to even small details. For example, if you were scared to hold their hand then it could mean that when someone close passes away you start to question your own mortality; whereas if instead there was a feeling of comfort—it could suggest that even though this person is no longer physically with us, they remain an important presence in our subconscious mind.

I want you to know that although it’s not always easy trying to make sense out of something like these kinds of dreams—it does provide an understanding of life's complexity - especially regarding the “yin yang” aspect where both joy and sadness come together.

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with a man?

If you know the man in the dream then this dream can suggest deeper issues or desires with someone in your life. Seeing casual physical contact (like shaking hands!) can indicate that you are trying to find something important in life. But if it was about something more intimate—like an embrace or kiss—then there may be some unresolved feelings inside of you around you. 

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with a girl?

I fully understand the appeal of wanting to know what the foggiest this dream could mean, to see yourself of holding hands with a girl. If this is someone you know in real life and this girl is someone important to you then it can represent closeness, belonging, connection or even security in this particular relationship. If in your dream you are holding hands with a little girl or maybe your child it is a sign of the inner child and is a reminder to take time out for self-care and practice gentle self-love.

If you find yourself dreaming over and over again about holding hands with a girl then ask yourself how is this dream making me feel? What am I needing right now? And how can I move forward in my life feeling more supported by both myself and my environment?

I want to recap that dreams hold so much power in terms of helping us to trust our intuition if someone has ghosted you or just been a bit distant then “holding hands with someone” can indicate that you might find that you are struggling with a female from the past. This could be a love connection or a family member (someone close to you) which has gone wrong.

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with a stranger?

When activated our third eye can help us see things that we need to, when you hold hands with a stranger in the dream this could be a way of communicating with your subconscious, activating that third eye. Therefore, when you dream of holding hands with a stranger, it can be seen as an expression of a need for connection to the spiritual world. 

This symbolism of holding hands with someone you do not know could also point to our deeper longing for someone who understands us; someone without judgment or prejudice that we can open ourselves up to completely and know that we will be accepted regardless. It is these times that truly show us how wonderful human connection really is; this dream is associated with emotional sustenance.

I also believe that dreams are created by our own hidden thoughts or desires, seeing such a dream could mean anything from seeking closure due to unresolved issues regarding past relationships, to looking at new possibilities for companionship/friendship/love. A great thing I find about interpreting dreams about strangers is that they normally are connected to others around us, so the stranger in the dream has characteristics of someone else for example.

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with a friend?

If in your dream you are holding hands with a friend this dream can mean friendship and connection between two people. It may also represent your desire for a sense of finding someone that you can have fun with or have a laugh with and maybe you are missing out on having a laugh with friends.

Sometimes dreams of holding hands with friends in real life can signal that you are striving for something in life. If the dream includes a group of girls (i.e., what might be found on social media sites like TikTok or within a school), it could mean that togetherness is key for achieving goals or making progress. It may also be a dream that is connected to creative collaboration which often requires combining ideas from multiple sources to come up with something meaningful – similar to the ‘mean girl’ film concept. 

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with your boyfriend?

When you have a dream of holding hands with your boyfriend, it can mean many different things. It could be an indication of the strength and warmth in your relationship, or it could represent a sticky mess of relationships that you may have experienced in the past. In some cases, simply reflecting on this dream can give you insight into how you’re feeling about your relationship and help to uncover any underlying feelings or issues which may need addressing.

The change will depend upon the context and emotion involved in the dream itself - were you both happy? Anxious? Nervous? Or was there someone else involved who made you feel uncomfortable yet allured? Understanding these nuances is often necessary to get the best understanding of what this dream could be suggesting.

Understanding yourself better is often key when looking back at such dreams and determining how they make us feel about our current circumstances as well as any future ones too!

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with your crush?

If you dream of someone you like (your crush) then this can indicate you are connecting with them spiritually. Dreaming of holding hands with a crush can mean feelings or emotions are growing stronger each day. It could also be an indication that you both seem to be connected to one another and enjoy spending time together.

I also believe that if you have had a dream about an old crush or if you’re not in a committed relationship but find yourself dreaming about holding hands with a crush, it may indicate deeper feelings than just friendship or admiration for someone. In these cases, the dream can indicate a “situationship” (a term used for when two people have romantic feelings towards each other but they don't necessarily commit). As such, these dreams could represent your emotions in this partnership. I think everyone should strive for more moments where we feel we can freely express ourselves without boundaries.

What does it mean to dream of holding hands with your boss?

I’m sure you will agree that dreams can be highly symbolic and mysterious, holding hands with your boss could mean a lot of different things depending on the context and how it made you feel.

In general, dreaming about your work relationships could indicate that something happening or has happened at work which carries more significance than is obvious. It may point to an underlying anxiety or emotion that needs to be addressed or understood in order for you to move forward productively.

If this dream made you feel uncomfortable, then it’s likely indicative of feelings like anxiousness surrounding your boss's approval or expectations. This would only become even more pronounced if you already don't get along with them well and/or un-liked by them.

What does it mean to see a dream of holding hands with a celebrity?

Dreams of holding hands with a celebrity have symbolic meanings beyond what we see in them on the surface level, so it's important to truly think about why you dreamed of holding hands with a celebrity and “who” the celebrity was in the dream. I always feel that maybe there's an aspect of yourself that you should be paying more attention to in order for succeed or find happiness down your spiritual road. Sometimes our dream selves know the wisdom that our conscious minds don't; it just takes some effort and this dream has appeared because You need to figure out what your subconscious is trying to tell you in regards to this celebrity.


In summary, Holding hands with someone in your dream stands for deep affection, close bonds, friendship, love, and relationships. If you know the person you are holding hands with then this signifies quality time spent with someone you care about. If the dream was positive it symbolizes love. It also represents an interesting situation that will make you change your mind about your friends and enemies.

By Florance Saul
Feb 18, 2019