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A dream that involves some kind of achievement in your life could suggest that there will be a positive outcome from a risk you want to take in real life.

What your dream is trying to tell you is to take a risk without hesitation. It could also indicate that you will get a job offer in the future. If so, you should accept or take action and build your own business going forward. You know you can do it. You are just worried about the future.


Dream details...

  • You won in your dream.
  • You passed exams in the dream.
  • You were offered a job in your dream.
  • You achieved the position of president in your dream.
  • You gained a medal in your dream.

Achievement dream meaning…

If you won something in your dream, it could imply that you are afraid of losing something or someone that’s valuable to you. It could also indicate that you should take a break before you make an important decision related to your career or school. This decision could change your entire life for better, only if you make the right one. Listen to your heart, is what your dream is trying to tell you, and victory will be inevitable.

Passed exam in a dream

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If you passed exams in your dream, it could indicate that you are currently under stress and pressure from your relatives, friends or from your inner self. Exams don’t prove or measure your intelligence and you should remember that this dream is sometimes accurant due to being associated with stress in waking life. Your dream is telling you to remain calm and believe that everything will work out because things in life are going to be positive in the future.

Offered a job in a dream

If you dream that you were offered a job in your dream, it’s possible that you are not satisfied with your career advancement or work place and you feel trapped. If you don’t depend on your job financially, and if you don’t do what you love – leave. That’s what your dream is trying to tell you.

To become president in a dream


If you dream that you became a president in your dream, it could suggest that you feel like you need to take over the control of your life and advise others to do the same. We all know what is best for us, and we should live the way we want and feel. Your dream is encouraging you to make the first step and live your life the way you want to - and encourage others to follow your actions.

Other meanings...

The spirit world can touch us through our dream state and this can help us advance spiritually. If you dream of achieving anything positive this indicates that spirit is trying to give you a “well done” pat on the back. You have achieved some spiritual goal if you dream of succeeding in the dream. In a psychological sense, this might be a message that could cause greater fulfilment and enjoyment.

Mystical Interpretation of seeing yourself as a president or ruler in your dream is associated with good luck in love, friendships and partnerships. Such dreams mean you will get an inheritance and when you see yourself as president of the white house, you'll be wealthy.

You gained a medal in your dream: It could suggest that you need to stop asking for improvement in order to get something complete. It could also indicate that you are in need of recognition for something you have worked hard on. Lower your expectations in order to avoid disappointment.


You saw someone achieve in your dream: It could foretell that you will achieve something yourself in waking life - this will work only if you let someone close to you to help you out. It could also mean that you need to stop envying people and start working on improving yourself in life.

You are preparing or practicing to win something you want: It could mean that you need to focus better on stuff you think that doesn't matter. The devil is in the details. If you don’t observe and work on the details, they could ruin your entire effort/work.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of achievement…

Happiness. Joy. Freedom. Alive. Victorious. Excitement. Fear.


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