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I am so glad you are here and you have found me! So, you had a dream of being told off or telling someone else off? Well, the ancient dream dictionaries this is known as the word "admonish" I am going to retain the old-fashioned term, due to the fact it appears in many older dream dictionaries.

Admonish in dreams means telling another they have done something that is not right in a dream. Did you dream of admonishing? A dream of this nature is positive. So what does admonishing mean from a dream perspective? Or it can mean that you provide advice. Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Flo, for years I had puzzling dreams about is telling people what to do. In fact, this would appear about terminating something in life. It is important of how the to admonish occurred in your dream. Did you feel rejected? Or was it for the greater good? Did the person who you told something to happy about it?

So here is the key areas of what “admonish” means in dreams according to old dream dictionaries. To admonish someone in a dream, can take many forms this could be due to bad behavior. To admonish a person in the dream means that one’s fortune and favor will be challenged in the future. To hit or beat someone with a stick in your dreams (yes, this sounds painful!) means that the person will fail to achieve his or her goals in life.  

Sometimes, though I have to do smile at some of these older dream interpretations. However, dreaming is subjective and indeed some of these ancient meanings may have hidden or secret meaning in life.

Admonish can appear in many ways in dreams. It can appear in dreams when you tell something a set of friends do not want to here. This happened to me when I was not invited to a social event in the waking world and you dream of that feeling of “I should have said something,” Or you admonish and you do not get a job you go for in a dream, you get the sack in a dream, or this dream makes you basically feel left feeling “rejected” in the dream state. 

Ok, here are some dreams users have sent in did you have any of these dreams?

Abolished your child in the dream. Been abolished by others in a dream. Abolished people in your dream. Put an end to something in one’s dream. Lost a job. Yes, I am going to cover all of these dream areas below. So let’s crack on!

Being abolished in a dream can lead us to feel that there is something not quite right about our current lifestyle. Many people admonish others in life on a daily basis. You may not notice this. It could be subconsciously someone decides to sit by another person on the bus for instance due to the fact that you push away in the queue,  and they spoke to you about it.  Yes, this is just an example so don’t worry! Why is this important? 

According to dream psychology Freud - we normally pick up dreams through the subconscious signals that we get in waking life. What I’m trying to say here is perhaps you experienced some minor admonishment in waking life which resulted in you feeling worried in the dream state?  The best thing to do is to think about the different experiences you’ve had the previous day did you feel annoyed in any way?

Detailed dream interpretation  

Let’s move on to the ancient dream dictionary meanings. Some of these are quite ambiguous however most are rather interesting! As the dream suggests you dream of telling someone they are doing something wrong in a dream. This can be the effect of feeling left out of society or a group of people. Being told off in one’s dream means that others will be feeling worried about you. This dream can take different interpretations depending on the nature of that dream. When you have a dream that you are telling your child off indicates you need to be more caring. The funniest dream interpretation I came across in my research was that beating a person or animal with a staff means that you will find life hard. Oh, I thought!

What does it mean if people are telling you off in a dream?

Oh no! To be told off in a dream can often result in feeling worried upon waking! If people are admonishing you in the dream it means feelings of anger and hostility in waking life. On the other hand, if you are doing the admonishing may also suggest ­ that you are bottling up your emotions. To be worried in one’s dream means that it is time to express yourself before you lose control in your waking life.

What does it mean if you are telling someone off in a dream?

To tell someone off in a dream denotes that you will have power in life, to admonish someone in a job means you may want to retain an aspect of your life. This may refer to a situ­ation you are finding difficult to resolve or negative aspects of your character that you would like to replace with positive qualities. To admonish your child for doing something bad and irresponsible means that worry is on the cards. I do hope you liked this dream meaning and don’t forget to visit our tarot page. Being told off in a dream can be worrying but it is normally just a reflection of our subconscious day to day activities! Blessings, Flo x

Positive changes are afoot if 

You have a dream that you are being told off by your boss at work and the Manager in a position of authority, this dream is positive. It means that your Manager may actually give you a raise and maybe a promotion that will enable you to gain further promotions in the future. If you have a dream that you are being admonished by someone who gets angry, perhaps your parents - it means that you will be able to pay back future debts.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of admonishing:

Angry, irritated, anxious, nervous.

By Florance Saul
Mar 22, 2013