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A forest is featured in your dream. You are wondering, walking, running ,skipping or talking to others in a forest.

When you find yourself walking through a forest, this symbolizes that you are trying to hold onto something which has been lost. The reason your subconscious mind moves through landscapes in your dream generally means that you are feeling unsettled and insecure. In regards to the spiritual meaning of this dream, a forest often symbolizes spiritual enlightenment as your soul is entering areas that have yet to be explored. It is important to recognize that you should be working towards what you want from life.

Ancient dream dictionaries outline that if you are lost in the forest, it generally indicates that uncertainty is focused on your lover.

If it takes a long time to walk through the forest, it means that you are trying to embrace a problem and find a swift solution. The key to this dream is to become wiser and better at situations that you encounter. Dream theorists believe that this dream is associated with business affairs. If you are in a forest and you can see around you lots of greenery, this denotes that happiness and success in your dealings will occur in the near future.

In your dream may be you may have

  • Wandered through a forest.
  • Found yourself suddenly lost in a forest.
  • Been chased in a forest.
  • Looked at trees in a forest.
  • Been walking in a forest.
  • Met somebody you did not know, and had a conversation.
  • Entered a cave or witnessed a beautiful stream in the forest.
  • Encountered an attack in the forest.
  • Found yourself entering areas of the forest that have never been explored.
  • Dreamed of a group of trees.
  • Seen a small wood.
  • Felt as if you were in a maze.
  • Found a house in the forest.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Within your dream you are able to understand your emotional self.
  • While in the woods, you meet somebody along the way who was able to help you.
  • The ground of the forest was covered in moss.
  • The forest was featured in a fairy tale.
  • Within the forest, you are able to meet somebody of authority who gives you advice.
  • The dream was pleasant and you were left content.
  • You are able to explore and touch areas of the forest.
  • During your dream you felt you were one with nature.
  • The main feature of the forest was the beautiful greenery and the trees.
  • You encountered a forest fire.
  • The dream was so vivid that you are able to still see the greenery within the forest.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Lately you have been feeling lost and unable to find any type of direction in regards to your career.
  • You are going through a difficult time in your life at the moment, and this dream is an indication that you need to try recognizing your inner resources in order to explore what is important in your life.
  • If you are a man, you may be acting as a hero in the face of oppression. It is important to consider that this dream could represent the significance of what is really important to us.
  • You will find that you are having some difficulty in regards to an event.
  • Domestic problems may have surfaced in particular quarrels with a close family relative.

Detailed dream interpretation

Your general feeling while you are in the forest is also an important characteristic of this dream interpretation. If you are cold, tired and feel unwell, it is likely you will need to or be forced to make a decision on a journey in the near future.

If you are a writer, this dream foretells you will find much appreciation from society.

If you notice the height of trees or an exceptionally tall tree, this is a happy symbolism and predicts success, but only after a time of hard work.

If in your dream you see a burning, raging forest fire, this is a symbol of success and great things to come in your life shortly. If you are being chased in a forest and you are trying to hide from your pursuer, this dream indicates that you have been finding it difficult to be able to communicate with somebody important.

If the forest is in a foreign place or country that you are unaware of, this dream is an indication that your desire in life is closer to you then you imagine. It is important to be aware that you must have the patience in order to see through the desires and exciting times which lie ahead.

If you see a Fountain within the forest, this indicates that you may feel some frustration in the future. If it is daylight in your dream, then this promises hope for tomorrow.

To see the sun beaming through the trees indicates that you are going to be able to resolve a long-standing problem. If you can see bluebells in your dream or blossoms, this indicates you may have a broken friendship which is causing you problems either now or in the future.

If the forest suddenly turns into the jungle, you are being warned to stop getting yourself involved in financial pickles. If the forest is on an island, this means you can expect some exciting times in the near future.

To dream of seeing yourself within the forest indicates that you will encounter success in love. If however, the hedge is of a prickly nature, you are going to have a rival that you will need to take on in the future.

If in your dream you encounter the sensation of being taller than the forest or extremely small, you are likely to encounter some embarrassment in the future. If we look back to ancient dream books in fairy tales, we often see the forest is associated with negativity, specifically in the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. The result of this is that the forest in general is a place to hide.

Lots of TV dramas and movies always highlight dangerous encounters associated with the forest, such as bears, tigers or witches. If you examine the psychological elements of this dream, you discover that you need to come to terms with your own true self. The trees may be an obstacle in your way. Have you been acting narrow minded? It is enlightening you to have this dream, as it is a sure sign you need to come to terms with your own nature in life.

The seasons are also important. If you find that the forest is covered in dead leaves and it is autumn, this means a relationship or something important to you will come to an end.

If it is windy, the dream means that you have to rely on your own internal resources. If you are a man, it is likely you are trying to hide some feelings you have inside, and you have been acting quite sensitive over the past month.

In spiritual terms the forest is a place of a testing ground often featured in meditation. The answers to your innermost desires can sometimes come through consultation with the forest. This dream provides you with the ability to sense and feel what is truly going on in your lives.

If somebody is following you in the forest or woods, it is likely that you need to be aware of something that happened in the past ant it is likely to have it again in the future. If the person is behind you in the dream, you need to look at the way you approached situations in the past, and find the strength to approach the new situations with a positive force. In conclusion, this dream is an emotional wake-up call telling that you need to start understanding your intuition and your hidden thoughts in order to succeed in your life.

1930s forest dream meanings

  • The forest is a symbol of meditation, and this dream is telling you to slow down as you are stressed out.
  • The forest hides your true feelings and if you encounter trees and greenery in dreams, you may be holding back a secret from a loved one.
  • If animals are lurking in the forest, this indicates that you have multiple different paths you could take in order to improve your lives.
  • If you make a mistake in a forest and you are unable to get out because of a maze, you are likely to lose something that is important to you.
  • If you are alone and frightened in your dream, it signifies that somebody is going to break a promise made to you.
  • Many ancient dream interpreters found the forest indicates trouble and sorrow, but this is an old fashioned interpretation.

1920s forest dream meanings

  • If you are hiding in a forest, you are likely to encounter a secret.
  • If you are lost in a forest, this indicates that you are unlikely to be able to express your feelings in the future, which will lead to the wrong path in life.
  • This dream means your soul is entering places it has never been to.
  • If you are unable to find the correct direction in the forest, you have been doubting your own abilities.
  • To dream of a forest at night time or in darkness suggests it is important to understand that negative situations that have surfaced over the last two months will soon have a resolution.
  • If you are roaming in a forest, this predicts a happy and content life. If you are a single person in the waking life and not yet married, this dream symbolizes that you are going to meet a partner and have more than two children.
  • If you are already married, this dream is a sign that you are likely to encounter inheritance in the near future.
  • If you dream of a forest, you may feel one with nature or will do shortly.
  • In waking life there are many times you feel lost, rejected, borate all confused.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a forest

Confusion. Limitations. Ability. Proficiency. Realization. Understanding. Subconscious mind. Negative feelings. Fear. Recognition. Initiatives. Practical. Followed. Enjoyment. Enchanting. Having faith in your own ability. Emotional. Ready to take on a journey. Frightening. Sensitivity. Lost.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012