Backstroke dream meaning

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Swimming in dreams is very much associated with our emotions.

This is due to water being present within the dream state. A backstroke is a swimming style where one swims on the back with their arms lifted out of the water in a circular backward motion while the legs are extended and kicking. When you dream of performing the backstroke, it has a symbolic meaning that, though you feel about something, you are unable to confront your feelings and act upon them.

In the dream

  • You are the one swimming the backstroke.
  • Others are swimming in the backstroke position.
  • A child is swimming the backstroke.
  • You watch a swimming competition and the swimmers are performing on their backs.
  • A familiar person is employing the backstroke.
  • A strange person is performing a backstroke.
  • You see a famous swimmer.
  • You see a swimming pool.

Detailed dream interpretation

Swimming backstroke indicates that your attitude is somewhat comfortable. There have been many negative situations that you had to encounter. Additionally, ancient dream dictionaries denote that dreaming of the backstroke foretells that there are situations that you are not certain about. Generally, the dream indicates that you are going to find it easy to get through a difficult time. In a more negative light, the backstroke can also represent an uncertain time in life. It can suggest that you have been feeling lazy and unable to carry out the tasks that are required to succeed in life.

When you see yourself swimming in the backstroke position in your dream it can suggest that there are feelings you hold for someone, but you tend to suppress them and it is making you uncomfortable. Express your feelings freely and let other people know what you are feeling. If you feel deeply about someone you know then this is a positive dream. Keep your feelings secret for now.

To see a famous swimmer in your dream suggests that in both practical and emotional situations you are likely to take on the burdens of others. To get in the water and be unable to swim the backstroke indicates that you will struggle to keep a relationship going. If you find it hard to approach someone then you may dream of winning a medal for swimming. The advice is that you need to trust others more.

If a familiar person is the one carrying out a backstroke, it implies that a person whom you know very well has intimate feelings for you. It seems someone is finding it hard to approach you if you cannot carry out a backstroke.

If you are swimming the backstroke in the sea in your dream then someone around you wants to express their emotions. They might feel shy to admit, but give them time and they will definitely come out of the shell and express themselves to you.

A strange person swimming in a backstroke position in your dream foretells that you are preoccupied with many things in your life. Intimacy is the last thing on your mind. There is nothing wrong with you; when the time comes to love, you will fall in love; at the moment, you are looking for finances to set a strong foundation so that, you and your future lover will have a comfortable life. Don’t rush into anything.

Feelings associated with your dream

Intimacy, worry, uncomfortable, love and enjoying the swimming.

By Florance Saul
Jun 12, 2017