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Neighborhood dreams indicate a need to be around others or a sense of belonging.

When you see a neighborhood in your dream you may want to focus on the social, interpersonal, and enjoyable sides of life. Being at a neighborhood block party or surrounded by people from your neighborhood is an indicator that you need friends or you are seeking to connect with people. When the dream is more focused on the relationships between people of your neighborhood or talking and being social it is a time that you may want to be focusing more on social and interpersonal aspects of your life.


In this dream you may have...

  • Seen your own neighborhood.
  • Had a party in your neighborhood.
  • Connected with people in the community.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You socialized with people in your neighborhood.

Detailed dream meaning...

When your dream is of a neighborhood that you do not know and you are lost it is representative of a lack of direction in your life. Often when we dream of unfamiliar places it is a sign that the direction that we are on is also not a good one or that there is no clear destination. Consider ways that you can bring focus or personal meaning to your life.

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Revisiting a neighborhood that is from your past can be a good sign about people coming back into your life or someone from your past visiting. Sometimes it can also be a sign for you to go back to the basics in your life or a desire to start over.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • Seeking companionship.
  • Wanting to make friends.
  • Needing support or advice from others.
  • Feeling disconnected.

 Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a neighborhood…

 Reminiscent. Familiarity. Hope. Longing. Lost. Confused. Scared. Worried. Determined. Curious.


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