Waterfall Dream Meaning

A waterfall occurs at a point where the flow of a river has eroded its way through the underlying rock to make a vertical flow.

In dreams, therefore, a waterfall signifies a dramatic point of shift and change in your life where the material aspects of your life remain the same, but your approach to life and your understanding of self undergoes a radical transformation. Rivers in your dreams are representative of your emotional and spiritual pathway and your ability to go with the flow. As the rivers travel over waterfalls, they do not change their content, merely their direction. As a consequence, a waterfall in a dream symbolizes a dramatic overflow of emotion and a subsequent change in identity.

What does it mean to dream of a waterfall?

To dream of falling over a waterfall signifies that you are caught up in a dramatic change of perception which will lead to new emotional awareness which has the potential to change your life. Watching friends or loved ones fall over a waterfall indicates the physical or emotional distance from those that you love. The dream is alerting you that action needs to be taken to avoid having the connection between you severed. Watching strangers fall over a waterfall implies that there is some level of dissonance between where you are in your life and where you would like to be. You feel as though others are passing you by and leaving you behind because they are willing to brave challenges that frighten and overwhelm you.

Standing beneath a waterfall, when it is a positive experience, signifies renewal and cleansing. It can also reflect the beginning of a new romantic relationship and an outpouring of sexual desire. Dreaming of being inundated by a waterfall implies that you have more problems crashing down on you than you can handle. Negative behaviors and connections that you thought you had buried in your past may be engulfing you.

The interpretation of dreams in which you are traveling over a waterfall in a floating object depends greatly on the object in which you find yourself in the dream. If you find yourself in a canoe, boat, or other conventional vehicle used to navigate water, then this is an indication that you are prepared to brave the rush and have spent some time and energy in self-reflection. If, however, you find yourself falling over a waterfall in a non-floating object or an unconventional vehicle, then this indicates that you are being swept along by circumstances and emotions that may be out of your control. Pay attention to the type of object you are in because this provides you with an understanding of which area of your life requires your attention.

Dreaming of swinging out over a waterfall on a vine or walking along the edge of a waterfall without becoming swept up in its fervor both signify that you are taking stock of a torrent of emotions and trying to decide how to carry on. In the case of the vine, you may be experiencing an upwelling of creative energy, but you are not yet ready to let go and take the plunge in a new direction. Dreaming of trying to climb up a waterfall against the current signifies that you are in conflict with yourself and the world around you. Your stubbornness and fear are causing you to react in self-destructive ways. Persisting with this attitude will lead to your being dragged under by your own negative emotions.

To dream you are being rescued from going over a waterfall means that you are allowing distractions to prevent you from getting on with your life. You are wasting your energy focusing on trivial details rather than being willing to face the intense change ahead that would move your life forward. Dreaming of rescuing someone before s/he goes over a waterfall implies that you feel as though the world around you is moving too fast and you want to seize control. This may express itself in an overly overbearing or confrontational manner in your interactions with co-workers, friends, family, and associates.

In this dream you may have

  • Fallen over a waterfall.
  • Seen family, friends or loved ones fall over a waterfall.
  • Watched strangers fall over a waterfall.
  • Tried to climb up a waterfall.
  • Stood beneath a waterfall Traveled over a waterfall in a barrel, boat, canoe or another floating object.
  • Traveled over a waterfall in a bed, at your desk or by means or some other non-floating object.
  • Swung out over a waterfall on a vine.
  • Rescued someone before s/he plummeted over a waterfall.
  • Been rescued from going over a waterfall.
  • Seen or taken pictures of a waterfall.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You travel safely over a waterfall in a boat.
  • You were being caressed gently by a waterfall.
  • You experience joy and exhilaration in the waterfall.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A change in career.
  • Cooling off of an affair.
  • New creative project or assignment.
  • Becoming engaged or married.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Waterfall

Disdain. Exuberance. Daring. Spunk. Cowardice. Stagnation. Passivity. Introspective. Engulfed. Submerged. Encompassed. Optimistic. Buoyant. Serene.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012