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Fox Dream Meaning

The cunning of foxes is one of their most prominent symbols in our world. Think about it for a moment. Foxes are known to outsmart their predators and opponents --- so ask yourself: who is trying to outsmart you? There is also an association between foxes and trickery and deceit in many cultures which I feel could indicate the core of your dream.

Many fairy tales portray foxes as evil villains who trick the innocent. The fox is also often depicted as a clever and resourceful animal that assists the protagonist in overcoming obstacles in other stories. Foxes have long been associated with cunning and cleverness, regardless of how they are depicted. Good luck and prosperity are also associated with them in many cultures. Maybe in the dream, the fox was approaching you rapidly, or the fox was attacking you? By facing the dream interpretation of a fox head on we can acknowledge what this wonderful creature means to your life through your dream.

What is Freud's dream theory of seeing a fox?

Let's now look at the psychology of your dream. Freud had the theory that dreams have two levels, one that manifests the day-to-day symbols that we see, this can include encounters we have. The other theory is that dreams are hidden desires, hopes, and fears. Using Freud theory I can conclude that the fox in a dream may result in you feeling a hidden wisdom in life, especially if the fox attacked you in the dream.

What does the official Carl Jung theory on seeing a fox in a dream mean?

If we apply the Jungian psychology of this dream it will give us clues as to what this dream means. Jung proposed that the conscious mind reveals our hidden expressions in life. Jung did not believe in spiritual dream interpretation he believed that our mind applies symbolism in various components of the dream state. He referred to these as archetypal symbols. So the fox, in essence, is a symbol and this dream is a reflection of something you have seen or experienced in waking life. So, if you saw the fox dashing around in your dream or humans on horseback or even a fox attacking you, then according to his theory we can assume this is related to an experience in waking life due to the famous Jung as theory. Now let's turn to the spiritual meaning.

What does it mean to chase a fox in the dream or be chased by a fox?

The "chased" dream is well documented and much research has been placed on this dream symbolism. Your subconscious mind is giving you a clue that you are trying to avoid a situation namely a personal problem in waking life. The fact the fox is connected to dishonesty (from a spiritual perspective) can indicate you're trying to avoid specifically "somebody" in waking life. Now try not to do is to avoid emotions in the future.

What are the spiritual meanings of having a dream of foxes?

Here is a summary of ancient dream meanings in the books I researched. Let's first deal with the spiritual side of this dream. If you see a fox passing by you, it means you have possible enemies that you are not yet aware of. The dream foretells a successful outcome only if the fox is dead. A fox is a negative sign in a dream, it is considered the symbol of abomination, lies, and deceptions. If a girl or a woman dreams of a fox, it means an exposed secret, or that another woman does not fully trust her. The dream focus is also associated with the breaking up of relationships. This is especially associated with single-sex relationships so would apply to friends or family. A fox that is being chased which appears in the dreams of women can show that there is a rival in love. To hear the fox's scream in a dream warns you of danger coming your way. You need to consider changing your residence or the company you spend time with temporarily.

What does it mean to dream of a fox?

A fox is normally a sly creature, if this appeared in your dream then there will be an offense that is committed by someone sly. The actual details regarding the dream should be interpreted with the other elements of the dream. A fox is a negative sign in a dream. It is considered the symbol of abomination, lies, and deceptions. If a girl or a woman dreams of a fox, it means that someone is following her in secret, or that another woman or another person thinks about her in a negative way. What about the spiritual theory of a fox in your dream from the 1930s? Having read over twenty spiritual dream books mainly from the 1930’s I have bought them together with key reasons why you would have such a dream. So here goes, when the fox appears in dreams it means we are looking for resources in life. Spiritually the fox indicates intelligence, cunning, concealment, and above all wisdom. These are just some ancient spiritual associations that we must turn to when decoding the dream of a fox spiritually, there are more spiritual interpretations if you scroll below.

What does it mean to dream of fox hunting?

I'm intrigued by these types of dreams. For many years I have seen much opposition against foxhunting in the media. In the United Kingdom foxhunting was a popular sport and was banned in 2004. So what does seeing a foxhunt meaning a dream? The hunting part of the dream can, in fact, can mean that you are feeling other people around you have high expectations and you are hunting for answers in life. Does witnessing the hunt make you feel uncomfortable? The dream itself can be translated into how you feel. Put simply, maybe you are feeling that you are "hunting for a purpose in life. Explore for now how the hunting in your dream from an emotional perspective, by thinking about who you are and your own self-perception.

What does a fox attack mean in a dream?

To see a fox attacking you in a dream is related to deception. If the fox is attacking you it can be a reflection of how something appears in life. If your dream of the fox attacking you from a Jungian perspective can be associated with your inner confidence. Think about the relationships that you have in your waking life. Perhaps you can explore those who are close to you: is someone telling you the whole truth? Is someone trying to conceal something from you? It could mean a minor deception. After all, foxes are associated with the thoughts and ideas of being sly. This dream can also point to a certain side of you - the sly side! Often these dreams occur when someone finds out other people are being dishonest. In reality, foxes are not sly but society has characterized them as this. Foxes do however have great instincts and are extremely skilled in life. In reality, the fox is the sky and normally travels in packs. The fox can just be a shadow of your own emotions. So, be wary of those around you.

What does it the dream interpretation of a fox in your house?

A fox in a house according to an ancient spiritual article in the London press in 1926 can indicate that you need to be aware of anybody entering the home that is untrustworthy. Spiritually, as we have already outlined in the beginning of this dream interpretation, the fox is associated with dishonesty. The fox was also considered to be somewhat psychic according to fortunetellers in the 1920s. Therefore, this animal could provide you with insight into life. The fact that the fox has a secret stash of food, especially in winter periods can indicate that you are going to hide something away in order to overcome the deception.

By seeing the fox in your house rather than woodland can suggest that dishonesty will enter your property. There are many feelings that can cause this dream such as worry. What I will say is to not be concerned too much about history or past events if the fox is in someone else's house in the dream. The house itself - generally from a psychic perspective represents different facets of your life. In Jung's terms, the house is a major archetype in dream symbolism and usually appears in dreams when something important needs to be noticed.

What does a fox running mean in a dream?

A fox running in a dream means you need to pay attention to rivals and competitors in waking life. In older dream books it states, you could have friends with a double character, or possible collaborators working on two fronts, lying, witting, and tricking you. It could also symbolize the risk of falling into the trap of impostors. You should be careful of who you make friends with and with whom you will do business.

What does it mean for a fox to bite you in a dream?

We've already defined that the foxes relate to somebody who is deceptive or sly in real life from a spiritual context. This leads to the question of what it means if the fox bites you in a dream. The fox biting you in a dream represents that you are going to suddenly understand this it is important for you to remain honorable. In my view, in the face of dishonesty, it is often easy to react in the same way. The bite indicates a "sudden" problem or issue with someone which you will overcome with time.

What does killing a fox mean in your dream?

Dreams may also be exaggerated, even killing the fox may turn into a nightmare but psychologically wise this is a call to action. If you have the same dream of killing the fox repetitively it may mean that your subconscious mind is trying to communicate a message to you. If killing the fox is disturbing in any way it can be related to how you feel about another person who is close to you in waking life. Killing the fox in a dream is associated with a greater awareness of those people around you, that can deceive you in life. Turning to the Freudian theory understanding one’s dreams will lead to us having a better relationship with our inner selves.

What are the dream meanings from the 1920s on fox dreams?

Some of these are rather confusing and after reading the older dream books I am not surely applicable in our modern world but it is important to include them here. A shedding fox or one with little fur means that you need to lift yourself off the ground and go for a new type of career. To be given a fox as a gift means that you may have a small problem with someone.

To play with a fox means that you may be the victim of a minor crime. To escape a fox is a positive omen. To go on a fox hunt, on horses suggests that you are looking for a new challenge in your life. Seeing a fox in your dream can mean that you are cheated in love, but also persecuted. Domesticating a fox tells that you are going to love an unworthy person, while a shedding fox means a casual acquaintance. If in your dream you kill a fox, this foretells unpleasant times, and you are going to discover new personality traits within. Hunting a fox refers to a person close to you. Receiving a fox from somebody suggests worries, insecurities, and that you are more cunning than your enemy.

What does a baby fox in your dream mean?

Firstly, what is a baby fox called? The official title of the baby fox is known as as kit, pup, or cub. Normally, we call a baby fox a “kit” because of its association with kittens. To see a baby fox in a dream in regard to its spiritual sense is concerned with dishonesty but on a smaller scale.

What does it mean to see a red fox in a dream?

In many dream meanings from ancient books denote that the red fox is connected to being sly. Learning more about this wonderful animal will also help in the dream interpretation. The fox itself is a member of the Canidae family, which includes wolves, jackals, and even coyotes. Foxes can be either be red or grey in color. And they are generally beautiful creatures.

As foxes are more active at night (known as an omnivore) this dream of a red fox may imply that there is a shadow of darkness or slyness from a spiritual perspective. Perhaps that is why in our modern world many cartoons, fairy tales, movies, and TV programs often show that the fox is always a villain.

In my childhood, I can remember reading many different books and fables where the fox ends up outwitting and eventually eating the characters, normally chickens! In today's world childhood books are much more user-friendly and do not end with death by a fox. This gives you an insight into how we truly believe the foxes betrayed in society. A gray fox in a dream can indicate a hidden area of your life that has not yet been discovered.

What is the occult dream interpretation of a fox dream?

I found the following in reference to seeing featuring a fox in one's dream in a magazine from the 1950s: A red fox refers to a rival in love. Seeing a red fox tells you that you will discover that a person close to you has done something to harm you. It could also mean that you will be deceived by women and that a secret haunts you. If you dream of a fox attacking chicken it suggests that you will suffer because of fake friends.

What does it mean to go fox hunting in a dream?

To dream that you are fox hunting on foot, or you see guns means that you will be invited to a good party pretty soon. Simply seeing a fox hunt on horses in your dream suggests there are people in your life that you should probably not trust fully. Now, a fox caught in a hunt indicates that there is someone around you that is sly or cunning and that you do not have trust in your life at the moment.

What does it mean to see yourself turn into a fox in a dream?

Turning into a fox in a dream spiritually can mean that you are going to be dishonest in the future. The fox itself as we already mentioned in the previous paragraph it spiritually related to slyness and a cunning person. The advice here is to perhaps think about how you act in life.

What does it mean to see a fox's tail in a dream?

If we turn to old superstitions of Fox's tail (which will help in this interpretation) the tails were generally pinned to the front door after a hunt for good luck. When I visited France this was a tradition. The tail is alternately put on a head of a horse in order to protect a horse from the evil eye. Additionally, the foxes were hung around a baby's neck in order to protect them.

Obviously, this is rather concerning the poor little fox! Therefore, in dreams, the spiritual meaning of Fox's tails indicates protection from others. To see a bushy fox's tail in the dream has been connected to having the drive and ambition in order to progress in life. Holding a fox's tail suggests money loss and stalking. If the fox in your dream has a bushy tail, it is a sign of a person you do not like. Old dream meanings denote that to see a tail hung on a door after a hunt indicates your partner is likely to cheat on you.

What does it mean to have a fight with a fox?

To fight a fox in your dream or alternatively to see foxes fighting when you sleep indicates you are going to be less reliant on others. I have read it means you will reform your goals effectively. As a dream of a fox represents (from a spiritual context) somebody in your life cannot be trusted. The good news is that seeing or fighting foxes can indicate that you are going to have healthy relationships going forward. I would highly recommend keeping a dream dictionary so that you can drawback if you have this dream again. Here is a meaning from an old dream dictionary: fighting with a fox in a dream means you will quarrel with a wicked enemy.

What does it mean to feed a fox in a dream?

Feeding a fox in a dream indicates that you are going to be feeding dishonesty to other people. This is the ancient spiritual interpretation of the dream. Perhaps you are unwittingly going to offer some guidance that may not prove to be true. That is my take on this dream.

What does it mean to play with a fox in a dream?

In ancient times playing with the fox equaled danger in life. If you are playing with one group of foxes in a dream then this could indicate that you have an idealized yourself and how you are perceived in life. From the pool of users that have e-mailed me about this dream, a lot of creative people often dream of playing with foxes. It can also signify success and ambition. This dream can also occur when you are suffering a great deal of stress in waking life means you need to be more light-hearted in daily undertakings. A pet fox in a dream can suggest that you will not take life too seriously! Did you know that every one of our dreams has a meaning?

Who am I?

My name is Flo and dreams are personal to me. During my life, many of my dreams have come true. Over the last two decades, I've dedicated my life to unraveling the spiritual side and psychological side of dreams. I have only dreamed of a fox once, it was roughly five years ago. I recall my body was engulfed in fog, frost covered the landscape and a single fox looked up at me, then sat back down on the tree stump to eat his meal.

Suddenly, the trees whispered to me and the fox rose up into the air and then vanished into the dark of the dawn sky. As you are reading my dream account - maybe you feel as if you are in the dream yourself. Foxes can occur in our dreams for all sorts of different reasons depending on the details depicted in the dream. If I do not cover your dream then leave me a comment. An added twist to my dream meanings is they are based on researching ancient psychic books in private subscription libraries in England.

Positive changes are afoot if

You are able to escape a fox. You have a pleasant experience seeing a fox.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a fox

Cheated. Upset. Hoaxed. Betrayed. Sad. Confused. Sly.

Thank you for reading and reaching the end of this article! Well done. I loved writing this and I am excited that you had this dream. Now, in conclusion, every dream is different. But it does reflect your personal life and foxes represent being dishonest spiritually. So heed this warning. Please take the time to visit other areas of my website also please like me on Facebook by clicking the button below - thank you so much. Flo x

Please note: Sources used when researching the dream of foxes: Your dreams and how to study them (psychic series, No 2) Published by New York (1920) and Hunches: Dreams and Their Meanings by Kenyon Jones (1938) and The Hermetic Publishers, A true record of my psychic dreams and visions (1919) Spiritual Foxes by Marshall Cavendish (date unknown)

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  • Heard a fox’s cry.
  • Killed a fox.
  • Had a fox attack you.
  • Hunted a fox.
  • Seen a fox with a bushy tail.
  • Fought with a fox.
  • Domesticated or tried to domesticate a fox.
  • Seen a shedding fox.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012