Water Bottle

Water Bottle

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A water bottle is a receptacle which allows us to have a personal, portable supply of water on hand.

We tend to think of water bottles as being made of plastic, glass or metal and being particular to the modern era; however, flasks, skins, leather bottles, crockery and even leaves have been used throughout history to store and transport water. Although water can often signify emotional well-being, in dreams of water bottles, the water signifies renewal, sustenance, salvation, and new beginnings.

Detailed dream meaning

Having or using a water bottle in your dreams suggests that you need to be prepared to be self-reliant. You will need to have a certain measure of emotional insight in order to get through a time in which you find yourself at a low moment and need to be replenished.

To dream of buying a full bottle of water signifies that you have a support system in place that will help you to get through some personal crisis. This dream is an indication that you may need to have a good chat with friends in order to work out a plan of action. If you have found an empty water bottle in your dream, it indicates that your support system is either lacking or that you require more help with a problem than the people around you can provide. You need to find someone who has the resources to pour into you to help you. This dream suggests that you should seek some kind of counseling or be mentoring from an outside source.

Dreaming of sharing a water bottle with someone else references a deep friendship with a person with whom you feel you can share anything. This dream is alerting you to the value of this relationship and may signify that you need to reconnect with that person.

Filling a water bottle for a person who is known to you in a dream implies that you are in the role of a mentor or support for that person. If the bottle fills easily and without complication, then you feel well equipped to help the person. On the other hand, if you experience difficulty filling the bottle because, for example, there is a hole in the bottom of the bottle, then this suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by the other person's level of financial or emotional need. Dreaming of filling a water bottle for yourself signifies your need to be prepared for the future. It may be an indication that you need to make financial investments or otherwise prepare a nest egg in order to be able to survive a crisis. Dreaming of filling a water bottle could also refer to a return to school or receiving some kind of training and may indicate that you are ready to move forward with your life.

Dreaming of owning a water bottle made of precious materials indicates that your self-reliance is extremely valuable to you. On the one hand this dream could be a reassurance that you are a capable person who has more than ample emotional resources to survive whatever problem or crisis you are facing; on the other hand, particularly if the precious materials make the bottle too heavy to carry, the dream suggests that your stubborn pride is getting in the way of your finding the help that you need.

To dream of leaving behind or losing a water bottle suggests that you have experienced a major loss which has left you feeling insecure and uncertain about your ability to fend for yourself. Your self-esteem is at a low point and you need to take some time to discover and indulge in activities which refresh and renew you.

A dream in which you steal a water bottle signifies that you are feeling guilty for some indiscretion which hurt someone else. Some causes of this kind of dream could are having an affair, spreading a rumor, claiming credit for someone else's labor or engaging in some other kind of underhanded activity.

Dreaming of having a water bottle in a desert or owning a never emptying water bottle signifies that even when every resource around you seems to have dried up, you still have valuable personal skills upon which you can rely.

In this dream you may have

  • Purchased a water bottle.
  • Drank from a water bottle.
  • Shared a water bottle with someone else.
  • Used a water bottle in a desert.
  • Poured out a water bottle.
  • Filled a water bottle for yourself or someone else.
  • Owned a water bottle made of precious materials.
  • Abandoned or lost a water bottle.
  • Stolen a water bottle.
  • Found an empty water bottle.
  • Owned a never emptying water bottle.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your thirst is quenched.
  • You find a full water bottle in a time of need.
  • Your water bottle is always full. You own a jewel-encrusted water bottle.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A divorce, the death of something in life, foreclosure.
  • Counseling.
  • An affair.
  • Missing a friend.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of water bottle

Capability. Self-Assurance. Independence. Apprehension. Self-Reliance. Confidence. Bewilderment. Emptiness. Thirst. Confusion. Yearning. Insecurity. Security. Loss.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012