The Paintball

The Paintball

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A paintball dream is a positive sign that you are feeling competitive.

You are in the mood where you are ready to accept the challenges coming your way. You are thinking that as in a real life paintball game, you can get rid of your troubles by shooting them down.

But are you having dreams that you are being shot at with paintballs? Are you dreaming of being marked by the paintballs so that anybody can take advantage of you? Is there someone out there who wants to victimize you by shooting you with paintballs? This type of dream can take place due to the negative thoughts in your sub-conscious mind.

The various situations that can occur in the dream are

  • You have the paintball gun in your hand.
  • You are shooting at targets that appear out of nowhere.
  • You are able to dodge the paintballs being shot at you.
  • You consider the paintballs hitting you to be unimportant.
  • Unknown people are shooting paintballs at you.
  • Somebody known to you, to whom you have an aversion, is shooting at you.
  • The paintballs are hitting you all over your body.
  • You are getting messed up by the paintballs.

Some of the positive feelings which you may have are

  • You are able to achieve your goals.
  • You are able to overcome the designs of your enemies.

The dreams can be interpreted as

Playing paintball in real life is an enjoyable activity. In the dream you may find yourself running through a course in various situations. You may see yourself wearing costumes which look like a soldier’s fatigues. You may have a gun in your hand for shooting paintballs at the figures which pop up as you run the course. You may feel excited by the way you take on your adversaries.

You may dream of playing paintball for the excitement and flow of adrenalin it gives you. You may have the paintball dream as you are fun-loving and competitive. You may dream of playing paintball for the simple reason that you think you have the capability to compete in the game.

The satisfaction given by hitting your targets with the paintballs and being able to shoot them down in your dream, may give the feeling that you are unstoppable. Dreaming of playing paintball makes you feel that you can overcome any hurdles put in in your way. You have the dream of playing paintball because it satisfies your ego.

But on the flip side, you may have a great disliking for anything related to paintballs and paintballs are the best source for creating a mark on you. You may feel that by getting marked, you are forced under the spotlight, where you become the focus of all eyes. When you have a fear of being victimized by someone you dislike greatly, you may have a paintball dream. You may dream that the person is making a fool of you by shooting paintballs at you. You might feel ashamed to be marked by the paintballs, by your clothes being soiled.

If you are fun-loving and actually like to play paintball in real life, then the dream may be soothing to you. Whatever you are not able to achieve in real life, may seem achievable in a paintball dream.

Again, the revulsion created by the paintballs hitting you may cause you immense distress and you wake up with a greater loathing of the paintball and all those you have a disdain for.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013