Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Mansions and palaces in your dream have a similar interpretation to houses. They predict increased exposure to more opportunity in life.

The great news is that this dream implies you have the potential for great things. To see yourself living in a mansion denotes that you should look at areas of your life that have not been developed or explored. There is a sense of working on a "project." Since a mansion is usually big, this project will therefore be rewarding. To dream of a large house indicates you will be fulfilled materially in life. This dream demonstrates one's potential in life.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a mansion.
  • The mansion was your home.
  • Found yourself in a palace.
  • Lived in a palace.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The mansion was your home.
  • You lived in the mansion.
  • You bought a mansion.
  • You could see a nice view of a mansion.
  • You looked out of a window of a mansion.
  • A library was in the mansion.

Detailed dream interpretation

To see a mansion in your dream signifies your own free spirit and how you feel about the material elements in life. Certain rooms in the house indicate a certain part of the psyche. Generally, the loft and upstairs symbolizes your own intellect, the downstairs of a mansion represents your hopes and dreams, the basement signifies the unconscious mind. To see an old mansion in your dream indicates that you need to rely on other people's opinions. You are ready to go forward in life to accomplish goals in the future. To buy a mansion suggests that finances in life will improve. To see a view from a mansion means people will be somewhat assertive. To see a library in the mansion denotes you have knowledge that you need to share with other people.

To see a white mansion indicates that you need to focus on yourself at the moment. To dream that you are washing a mansion (e.g. washing the floor) indicates you will want to clean out your thinking and eliminate outdated habits. You are seeking self-improvement. If the mansion is vacant, then it indicates emotions regarding your own self doubt. In the event the mansion is shifting or moving, it suggests that you have a number of problems changing your beliefs.

To see a classic, run-down mansion in your dream signifies your outdated beliefs. A problem in with your current lifestyle may end up with some outdated perceptions and emotions. To dream that a mansion doesn't have walls, represents the need for privateness. You feel that everyone is looking at what you are doing or perhaps they are trying to get involved in your business. For the mansion to be on top of a hill indicates - great things are coming your way.

To be on your own in a mansion, demonstrates that you will focus on new projects going forward. You have to acknowledge responsibilities and be more self-reliant. On the other hand, the mansion may signify that you want to change your life. This can also mean that you will move home soon. If you see an untidy and/or dilapidated mansion in your dream, then you are going to be given a gift from someone. To move into a mansion means a friend may end up struggling with psychological or perhaps emotional clutter. You need to offer advice to this person in waking life. To dream your mansion is ruined (by fire or floods) indicates your own problems in regard to your work.

To see a newly built mansion in your dream suggests that you might be moving into a brand new phase of life - or perhaps a fresh outlook in life. In case you are on holiday in your dream, the mansion symbolizes denial and insecurity. You are feeling left behind.

To dream that the mansion is robbed points to the feeling of invasion by others. It may mean a reference to a specific relationship or unique circumstances in life. On the other hand, it indicates negative, unconscious thoughts. There are some areas of your life that you have rejected.

To dream of a haunted mansion signifies incomplete company. Are you missing someone? To see a mansion that is derelict is related to your own years as a child. Maybe you have repressed circumstances as well as emotions. To dream a mansion that has lovely gardens indicates that you are not grounded. You're feeling uprooted and need to ground yourself through meditation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream

Suffering. Fear. Guilty. Scared. Not able to understand the events. Strange. Pleasure. Protected. Comforted. Loved. Appreciation. Fear of the future. Problems encountered leading to confusion.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012