Water Gun

Water Gun

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming of a water gun can be interpreted as a playful nature in waking life.

You are dealing with your life in a playful way. You are suppressing your emotions, therefore, you may think someone might get hurt if you show your true feelings. While the dream may be innocuous, there are likely deeper and more hostile feelings brewing in your day to day life.

When you come across a dream about water guns, it represents strong emotions that you’re expressing in a playful manner. Often these are representations of feelings that you wish to remain hidden or there is a feeling that you are unable to speak your mind in a given situation in your life. These feelings are likely heavier than you deem them to be and do need to be addressed before they get out of hand.

Detailed Explanation

When you dream of playing with your friends with a water gun, it means that you are having fun with your friends but at the same time, you are not expressing your true feeling towards them because you are afraid that you might hurt them. These feelings become repressed and can cause problems later down the line if you do not begin to address them now. This dream is a sign that you should take action but state your feelings in a careful way. Remember that if they are really your friends, they can understand when you convey your true emotions. Communication is the best foundation for friendship. It can also mean that you are expressing your anger in a playful way. In this case, people would find it hard to comprehend your true feelings. Do you want to be taken seriously? If so, do not be vague in expressing your sentiments.

To dream about buying a water gun means that you are looking for some excitement in your life, a time to unwind and a time to relax and enjoy with your family. You are having guilt about whether you are spending enough time with them or not. Take your family on a quick trip. Spend a few bucks and have fun! This can also be an indication that you are being too critical of a family member and are hiding your emotions. If you do not agree with something they are doing then it is best to be open about this.

First, start with being honest with yourself. Why are you feeling this way? Is it a true assessment of the other person or a personal issue that you are placing on them? If you feel that your feelings are valid then speak up and offer a solution. Be a part of the solution rather than causing problems.

Watching someone else play water gun means that you think they are a fraud, especially if those people in your dream are identifiable. A great example would be to see your circle of friends playing water guns with each other but intentionally leaving you out of the loop. This means that you feel shunned and an outcast in your group. Moreover, you believe that everyone in your group is kind of a hypocrite. This is also a sign that you are no longer happy with your friends and you have to find new ones. There’s no use in staying in a group when there’s no bond, to begin with. It's a great time to think about starting a new hobby or finding a new social circle. Perhaps you have nothing in common with the old friends but have been refusing to let go.

When someone hit you with a water gun, it means that you need a jerk to wake up. Start doing what you need to do. Stop procrastinating. It is probably your subconscious mind telling you that there is not enough time left. Do what you have to do and have no regrets. A water gun, in your waking life, is an instrument to play with and enjoy. In our dreams, it is a sign of suppressing our true emotions because we are afraid that we might damage a relationship. Be honest with your loved ones and especially with yourself; you can fool them but you cannot fool yourself. Remember, true friends can accept you for who you are. There is no reason to hide it behind a water gun.

Dreams concerning water guns

  • Playing with your friends with a water gun.
  • Buying a water gun.
  • You’re watching someone play a water gun.
  • Getting hit by a water gun.
  • Breaking a water gun and having liquid spill all over the place.

Quick Interpretation

  • It means that you are not showing your friends your real attitude or feelings.
  • You need a vacation.
  • There is someone or a group of people that you do not trust.
  • You need a push to be more productive.
  • You are taking issues in your life too seriously.

By Florance Saul
Mar 17, 2013