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An earthquake in your dream is the omen of a relocation or social transformation. To dream anything about earthquakes is a sign that you could lose your business or job, but that you will overcome these difficulties.

Surprisingly, in the Eastern tradition, an earthquake is not bad dream, as it predicts a victory. You could also receive news. Instead, both the Persians, and Westerners believe that this dream foretells a sudden change, large and unexpected.



In your dream you may have…


  • You see an earthquake.
  • You are in an earthquake.
  • You hear about an earthquake.
  • Building collapsing during an earthquake.
  • People dying in an earthquake.
  • People under the debris of buildings collapsed in an earthquake.


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Positive changes are afoot if...


  • Get out of a difficult situation.
  • Make some changes in your life.
  • Pay attention to the actions you do.
  • Make order in your life.
  • Do not set unachievable goals.
  • Try to make better progress.
  • Express yourself better.


Detailed dream interpretation...



At first glance, the image of an earthquake or a disaster could relate to a premonitory dream about a possible earthy catastrophe, for real. The dream may be influenced by recent events, or it could be a media influence. But if we look deeper, we can think (in Freudian terms) that an earthquake may be the omen for sentimental or erotic connections with the conjugal life, and maybe with a certain change, which is expected.


Also, if we take into account the broader view of another psychoanalyst, Jung, we might think that the earthquake could be an allusion to personal transformation: strong emotions are illustrated by the symbolism of the disaster. The solution to the problem would be an inner understanding to reach the inner self-fulfillment. Inner clarification involves a complete and conscious participation in the transformation that the self is subjected to. If that explanation will not be realized, the dreamer will remain closed, locked inside himself or herself.


Considering all these connotations and linking them to your personal life, we hope you will find the true meanings that the dream of an earthquake suggests to you through powerful images. Only the dreamer has, after all, the key to his dreams...


This dream will eventually force you to make a decision of some kind. Being worried by this event in your dream means that something is out of your control, and it is time to take the reins and begin the change that you need.


Generally, an earthquake and any natural disaster in your dream could be the omen of achievements. For people in love, dreaming of a disaster means that soon the bells will ring for a wedding. To dream of an earthquake or any other situation that turns into a disaster suggests that you might get hurt if you do not pay attention to the actions you do.



If the earthquake in your dream lasts for a long time, this is the sign of worries about a friend’s health. However, if the earthquake is short, it means you are nervous and irritable. Seeing people under the debris of buildings collapsed in an earthquake suggests bad news from somebody far away. Witnessing a disaster generated by an earthquake could also indicate that you will complete some important actions, but it can also be the omen of poverty and a big change in your life.


The dream of an earthquake is connected to a subconscious fear that induces its own consciousness. You are warned about sudden changes, which will throw off the rhythm of your life. After you have dreamed about an earthquake, you should rely on your courage, and to some degree to make small changes, maybe even start from the beginning all over again. Sometimes, an earthquake indicates a change of character, which, in fact, you do not understand, and that should be interpreted correctly.


An earthquake in your dream is the sign of big change, and that you could receive bad news from someone living abroad. To dream anything about an earthquake is a sign that you could lose some of your business deals or even your job, but you will overcome these difficulties.



Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an earthquake...

Scared. Astonished. Terrified. Unhappy. Bewildered. Sad. Upset. Surprised. Worried. Anxious. Afraid. Insecure.

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