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Did you dream of doors, windows and buildings rattling with quavering sound? Maybe even the shreds of terrified people haunted your dream. Yes, dreaming about an earthquake can be worrying, the aftershock of this dream can make you think about what it means.

In Greek mythology an earthquake was often believed to be a sign that god was restless, it is spiritually connected to an expression of anger. In reality, earthquakes occur due to geological phenomena. Earthquakes happen when there is a hidden force that breaks within the ground, and a million earthquakes happen every year and every few minutes, but they are too weak to notice. Dreaming of an earthquake can indicate that you are undergoing a detachment or a chaotic time in life. The earths crust is divided into six plates and they float over a liquid, moving over and over again. Sometimes these plates colloid and the pressure creates an earthquake.

What does is the dream interpretation of an earthquake?

Experiencing vibration or earthquake dynamics in a dream indicates that you are having a number of thoughts, emotions and actions at the moment. Normally, an earthquake appears when pressure exceeds one’s own perceived ability to cope. Every one of us is unique and our genetic predispositions means that we can suffer or cope with stress. The earthquake, in my opinion, can indicate a new change.

The dream is not always negative though. One persons pressure to achieve is another person’s stress. It could also mean that you are appropriately challenged and excited about achieving a goal. The key to managing what is coming your way is balancing your life and workload. To predict an earthquake in a dream can indicate that you will be prepared about a new opportunity in the future. The intensity of the earthquake is also important to consider. If the earthquake is of high intensity and damage is done indicates how a situation can turn for the better. I like to think of the wheel of fortune, when the earthquake appears in your dream it can mean that you are unsure of the way forward, but in the end everything will work out well.

At first glance, the image of an earthquake or a disaster could relate to a premonitory dream about a possible earthy catastrophe, for real. The dream may be influenced by recent events, or it could be a media influence. But if we look deeper, we can think (in Freudian terms) that an earthquake may be the omen for sentimental or erotic connections with the conjugal life, and maybe with a certain change, which is expected.

Also, if we take into account the broader view of another psychoanalyst, Jung, we might think that the earthquake could be an allusion to personal transformation: strong emotions are illustrated by the symbolism of the disaster. The solution to the problem would be an inner understanding to reach the inner self-fulfillment. Inner clarification involves a complete and conscious participation in the transformation that the self is subjected to. If that explanation will not be realized, the dreamer will remain closed, locked inside himself or herself.

Considering all these connotations and linking them to your personal life, we hope you will find the true meanings that the dream of an earthquake suggests to you through powerful images. Only the dreamer has, after all, the key to his dreams. This dream will eventually force you to make a decision of some kind. Being worried by this event in your dream means that something is out of your control, and it is time to take the reins and begin the change that you need.

Generally, an earthquake and any natural disaster in your dream could be the omen of achievements. For people in love, dreaming of a disaster means that soon the bells will ring for a wedding. To dream of an earthquake or any other situation that turns into a disaster suggests that you might get hurt if you do not pay attention to the actions you do.

If the earthquake in your dream lasts for a long time, this is the sign of worries about a friend’s health. However, if the earthquake is short, it means you are nervous and irritable. Seeing people under the debris of buildings collapsed in an earthquake suggests bad news from somebody far away. Witnessing a disaster generated by an earthquake could also indicate that you will complete some important actions, but it can also be the omen of poverty and a big change in your life.

The dream of an earthquake is connected to a subconscious fear that induces its own consciousness. You are warned about sudden changes, which will throw off the rhythm of your life. After you have dreamed about an earthquake, you should rely on your courage, and to some degree to make small changes, maybe even start from the beginning all over again. Sometimes, an earthquake indicates a change of character, which, in fact, you do not understand, and that should be interpreted correctly.

An earthquake in your dream is the sign of big change, and that you could receive bad news from someone living abroad. To dream anything about an earthquake is a sign that you could lose some of your business deals or even your job, but you will overcome these difficulties.

What does it mean to see destruction due to an earthquake?

Earthquakes can ravage both life and natural resources, additionally people loose homes and lives. Those earthquakes high on the Richter scale, say on quake magnitude of 7 or higher is normally considered a severe earthquake. The destruction from a dream point of view is connected to protecting what is yours. It means that you need to think about protecting your possessions. If you notice destruction from an earthquake, it can also indicate that you are feeling insecure.

In 1930's dream dictionaries, an earthquake in your dream is the omen of a relocation or social transformation. To dream anything about earthquakes is a sign that you could lose your business or job, but that you will overcome these difficulties. Surprisingly, in the Eastern tradition, an earthquake is not bad dream, as it predicts a victory. You could also receive news. Instead, both the Persians, and Westerners believe that this dream foretells a sudden change, large and unexpected.

What does running away from an earthquake in a dream mean?

To run away from casualties to safety indicates an event will have a profound affect on you. Stress is in our biology. Our body is able to deal with the dangers in life and survive. Think of an athlete who will be running a race, the adrenaline and the fact that he is ready no-matter what. In our everyday lives, in our modern world we have to deal with many events. Seeing the ground open with cracks (of the earthquake) indicates that we need to be more adaptive and prevent problems from happening. When a person makes a life change this dream sometimes appears. We could in essence fear an earthquake, the psychological interpretation of this dream indicates that earthquakes is like difficulties that we have in life.

What is the spiritual meaning of earthquake?

The earth that we feel is normally solid but sometimes in dreams the earth moves. In a clear, unforgettable dream the earthquake can leave us feeling somewhat confused and worried about the future, spiritually. The hazards or aftershocks of the earthquake such as a huge sea wave known as a tsunami can appear in our dream world. In my research, dreaming of an earthquake normally implies that you have experienced some difficulties in waking life. An earthquake in dream is about how we deal with external problems and our own mental state. To dream of an earthquake can be unpleasant, terrifying and very uncomfortable. However, you shouldn't panic because it’s not usually a prediction!

Earthquakes happen all the time and we’re constantly reminded of this. If you live in a country that encounters many earthquakes it’s possible that this is why you have experienced a dream of an earthquake, this is a Freud theory, that dreams are just transitions of things in real life. Normally, an earthquake appears in a dream when you’re going through a difficult period or have been worried about a certain aspect of life.

Your current mental health can (9 times out of 10) reflect your dream. For example, if you’re going through a divorce, or recently broke up with someone, or lost your job, or had an argument with someone you loved this can appear in your dream. And, it might result in a dream of an earthquake.

An earthquake leaves serious consequences and possible casualties. Meaning, it’s a disaster that no one wants to witness, spiritually and earthquake can mean you have been fighting against the tide for a while now.

Earthquake dreams can occur if you’re under pressure or a lot of stress in your waking life. How were you feeling during your dream? Were you terrified, sad, or depressed, it’s possible that you feel the same way in your waking life too.

What is the biblical meaning of an earthquake?

According to the Bible, dreaming of earthquake symbolizes a destruction, warning or an accident. Meaning, you’re being warned about a possible accident or destruction and you need to be careful whom you trust. Perhaps you have a “Judah” in your circle of friends.

What does being in a building and experiencing an earthquake in a dream mean?

If you were in a building in a dream and noticed an earthquake it means that you will experience something a situation that will have a profound effect on you as a person. It’s possible that you are trying to get away from responsibility in your waking life. Or you may be trying to find what has “caused” you problems and you don’t want to face the consequences. Either way, if you are feeling scared, trapped or endangered in a building your dream, it’s possible that you feel the same way in your waking life as well. Alternatively, your dream represents your emotional state. Perhaps you’re running away from feelings you don’t want to face?

What does it mean to feel the earthquake in your dream?

To see or feel an earthquake in a dream and this is vivid symbolizes the loss of stability or “shake-up”. Perhaps you’ve broken up with someone recently. Or you’re facing a divorce. Or you’ve lost your job. Either way, experiencing an earthquake in your dream state reflects the difficulties you’re currently facing in your waking life. If you felt the earthquake in the dream, it signifies your emotional state. It could point to feeling overwhelmed in waking life. Perhaps you are feeling insecure? Alternatively, to feel the earthquake in a dream means that you’re having a difficult time. Or maybe you met someone special who sweeps you off your feet.

What does it mean to drive away from an earthquake? Driving away from an earthquake in your dream reflects your desire to drive away from problems or responsibility in your waking life. If you’re looking for a quick solution to issues, it might be the reason for encountering this dream. Alternatively, you might feel trapped or lost in your current living place and you want to get away. Maybe it’s time for moving. Positively, the dream reflects your resourcefulness and readiness.

Is the dream a future prediction?

As I mentioned earlier, dreaming of an earthquake doesn’t predict a future event. However, you might be dreaming of an earthquake if you live in a place where it commonly occurs. You’re probably afraid it will happen again. Alternatively, to witness an earthquake in your dream symbolizes your own emotional state and reveals how you feel at the moment. Maybe you’re experiencing a challenging period? Or you’re going through problems affecting you in a negative way.

What does it mean to see cracks on the ground during your dream?

To see cracks on the ground during your dream foretells an upcoming disaster in waking life. Maybe you’ll put an end to a problem. I do feel this dream means “change.” If you’re experiencing difficulties at work, school, college, or with a family member, it might also be the reason why you’re seeing cracks on the ground in a dream. The ground stands for stability, firmness, and fertility. And seeing cracks on the ground in your dream signifies the loss of stability or losing something you thought you’d never lose. Positively, your dream signifies new opportunities and new beginnings.

What does it mean to die of an earthquake in your dream?

If you died of an earthquake in your dream, it’s possible that you will encounter an issue that will break you down but also bring a new opportunity for you. You know what people say. Every end is a new beginning. No matter how unpleasant the experience will be, you will learn something useful from it. Also, you’ll get a chance to start over. Losing doesn’t make you a loser. Giving up does. Alternatively, what you experience in the near future will take away everything you have at the moment to get everything you’ve ever wanted.

What does it mean to rescue someone from an earthquake?

If you rescued someone from an earthquake in your dream, it means that you’re worried about the safety of someone in your waking life. Alternatively, you could fear that something may happen to someone you love and you won’t be able to do anything about it. However, it could also mean that you’re secretly wishing to be recognized as a big hero who helps.

Negatively, to rescue someone from an earthquake in a dream means that you’re putting your life at risk to protect someone else. You’re a kind and thoughtful person who would do anything to protect others. But, sometimes you can’t make a difference between a person who manipulates you and someone who cares about you and needs your help. Your dream is warning you.

What does it mean to watch an earthquake in a dream?

If you watched an earthquake in your dream, it means that you’re currently observing how something is falling apart. Perhaps it’s your current relationship, marriage, career or friendship. Your dream also foretells misfortune coming on your way. Alternatively, your dream symbolizes your emotional state. You’re probably experiencing worry, depression and anxiety. However, once you overcome the stress, you’ll feel stronger than ever.

What does it mean to see dead bodies?

Seeing dead bodies or rescue workers in a dream can relate to the fact you need to feel like people can help you. Perhaps you’re feeling lost or hurt and you need someone to tell you that everything will be okay. In dreams this can symbolize the consequences of a challenge in life.

Folklore and earthquakes

Dreams of earthquakes sometimes make us wonder the spiritual meaning. Turning to folklore, around the world earthquakes mean different things to different cultures, legends and myths about earthquakes have occurred since ancient times, this is because people did not understand why this occurs, people had to create their own reasons and explain it in their own way. I like to include some folklore into my dream meanings simply because it provides a more detailed overview. As you can imagine, different cultures have different perspectives about earthquakes.

  • Indian culture: In ancient India, they believed that 8 mighty elephants were holding the planet upright. (mad right!) And if one elephant gets tired and moves, an earthquake occurs. In history, this is the first known record of an earthquake. Later on people believed the planet is underpinned by 4 elephants standing on the back of turtles, while the turtles were standing on snake hoods. When some of these animals moved or turned, it caused an earthquake.
  • Chine, Mongolia: The Mongolia people actually believed that the planet Earth was standing on the back of a giant frog. And when the frog moved, it caused earthquakes. Crazy, right?
  • Peru: People in Peru believed that whenever a God visited the planet in order to count the people, his footsteps were the reason for earthquakes.
  • Gabrielino Indians: They believed that the Great Spirit created land where turtles carried rivers and lakes on their backs. However, one day, the animals started arguing. Three of the turtles swam east while the other swam west. The planet cracked and they couldn't swim far due to their heavy baggage. So, they decide to reconcile. However, each time they argued, the planet started to shake.
  • Japan: In Japan it was believed that a giant catfish that lived in the mud at the bottom of the earth was the reason for the earthquakes. However, as long as their god, Kashima kept a big magical rock over the animal, the planet was still. Kashima was the one protecting the people.

According to the legend, the catfish was guarded by Kashima, the Japanese god who kept a big stone over the catfish. However, every time he let the stone fall, the catfish also known as Namazu caused chaos and earthquakes.

If you wonder why Japanese people actually believed that a catfish was the reason for earthquakes. They believed that earthquakes are the result of a gigantic catfish!

In our modern world these meanings of an earthquake are rather crazy but its worth thinking that in each case an animal was responsible for the earthquake. If we translate this into spiritual terms it could mean that someone you know is responsible for you feeling anxious.

In your dream you may have

  • You see an earthquake.
  • You are in an earthquake.
  • You hear about an earthquake.
  • Building collapsing during an earthquake.
  • People dying in an earthquake.
  • People under the debris of buildings collapsed in an earthquake.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Get out of a difficult situation.
  • Make some changes in your life.
  • Pay attention to the actions you do.
  • Make order in your life.
  • Do not set unachievable goals.
  • Try to make better progress.
  • Express yourself better.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of an earthquake

Scared. Astonished. Terrified. Unhappy. Bewildered. Sad. Upset. Surprised. Worried. Anxious. Afraid. Insecure.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012