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One must consider the attributes of a thread for us to be able to relate them on the walking life.

Thread is a delicate stuff, put a small force into it and it will snap. The thread is a symbol of patience on real life, perhaps you are experiencing so much stress and you are at the limit of your patience. Dreaming about thread is a reminder that we must keep our string of patience long.

Dreams concerning thread

  • Dreaming about threads.
  • Broken threads.
  • A red thread.
  • A knotted thread.
  • A windings of thread.

Quick interpretation of dreams concerning thread

  • Remain patient.
  • Is a sign of a broken bond.
  • A sign of relationship that would last forever.
  • Unfortunate things concerning love.
  • Misunderstanding on a relationship will be cleared.

Detailed Interpretation on dreams about thread

To dream about a yarn denotes that you are on the verge of breaking down; it is a constant advice that we should endure a bit more and things will just pass. Threads are also a sign of a complicated life, if you see a tangled thread, this means that your life is in chaos. It is your subconscious mind warning you that you must fix your life.

Dreaming about a broken thread is an admonition that we are going to suffer due to someone close to us. Thread can be a symbol of bond with friends and families, and seeing it on your dreaming snapping is an indication that your bond will undergo a certain trial. Seeing a broken thread is not a good sign for any relationship, there is a chance that you are losing your faith and trust on your partner or friend that is why you tend to carry those emotions on your dreams. Suspicions are arising, perhaps due to a recent event that happened to both of you. Again communication is still the best way to clear things up.

A red thread is an indication of true love, a love that will last a lifetime. A red thread is a part of a tradition of so many countries that denotes the meaning of forever. It is a type of relationship that is represented by the bonds of souls.

A knotted thread on the other hand is a suggestion that your relationship with your loved ones will go under a difficult trial. The good news is this type of problem can still be resolved, but you must be careful on untying the knot to avoid breaking the bonds. Take baby steps on resolving things to avoid inflicting a deeper wound on each other. Be careful on the words that you speak, they cause a greater harm to someone, wounds that are caused by words can take a longer time to heal compare to real wounds.

Windings of thread mean that disagreement about relationship. There is a probability that both of you are refusing to listen to each other but you want to clear things up. Solution is just simple, give each other 5 minutes to explain each other’s side without the other party interrupting, and continue on doing this type of conversation until you understand each other’s point of view.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a thread

Patience, endurance, love, hate, disgust, faithlessness, doubt, misery.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013