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Tiger Dream Meaning

What does a Tiger mean in your dream?

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When you come across a dream concerning a tiger, it is imperative for us to examine the tiger’s qualities before we can relate them into our walking life.

Some qualities of the tiger that we can pinpoint are its ferociousness, its courage to protect its cub, the command and authority that a tiger possessed.

Dreams concerning tigers

  • Dreaming about a cub.
  • A tigress protecting its cubs.
  • Being attacked by a tiger.
  • Killing a tiger.
  • Having a tiger as a pet.

Quick explanation of these dreams

  • A cub is a representation of a child, dreaming about it signifies that you are thinking of your kids.
  • A maternal instinct, telling you that your child is in need of protection.
  • You are scared of something.
  • It means you wanted to prove your worth.
  • Doing things far from normal.

Detailed explanation

When you come across a dream concerning a tiger, it denotes something vicious, ferocious and brave. It can symbolize your own persona or an imminent danger that is about to come. Perhaps you are expecting an unfortunate event and you are preparing for ways to handle it. You are too anxious about what is about to happen that you tend to carry over that emotion to your dreams. My advice is to let things happen, there is no reason to worry for something inevitable. Things happen because of the decisions we made in the past, so next time gather enough wisdom before making a decision.

A tigress protecting its cubs is a mirror of yourself, stating that you are prepared to risk your life just to protect your loved ones. You are willing to do what it takes just to make sure that your kids are safe. Basically you feel like your children’s safety is in jeopardy and you are feeling a level of anxiety. You think that your children are not yet capable of protecting themselves. A feeling like this is but normal, but then again one has to know when to let go. You cannot forever be the savior of your child, they have to stand against bullies and fight for themselves.

On the other hand, being attacked by a tiger means you are scared that something bad will happen due to the things that you’ve done. This is because of some bad decisions in the past that you did and it will definitely cause you some problems.

Killing a tiger means that you are feeling omnipotent at the moment, you feel so powerful that you feel like you can take anything at this very instance. I am not saying this is bad but a feeling like this can cause someone to be disliked by others, it is fine to feel powerful but remember to stay humble, the problem with people who are having this kind of feeling, is they tend to underestimate people on their surroundings, thus resulting to a power play and bullying.

Dreaming about having a tiger as a pet is an indication that there are things that you want to do that is far from your nature. You are longing to do something that is new to you and you want to boast about it. In my point of view, one must do everything she wants, as long as you are not causing any trouble to anyone.

Feelings you may have when you dream about a tiger

Courage, fear, powerful, omnipotent, bravery, awareness, anxiety.

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