Tiger dream meaning

Tiger In Dream

A tiger in a dream carries a spiritual message. As human beings we are unique and this dream raises important questions, if you have had a tiger dream it can indicate that you need to look within.

Why are tigers who are threatened routinely not traumatized? The dream of a tiger is about how you can spiritually grow yourself to become immune to traumatic events in daily life. Think about your life for a moment. Imagine a life free of fears, crazy demands, and above all else free from dissatisfaction. The tiger has appeared to help you move forward into a journey that is free from the stress and pressures of the world. The tiger appears in dreams when you know secretly you have negative energy within but you hold the internal wisdom to heal yourself. If you have been going through a storm or trauma recently then the tiger appearing can be an assurance that you can fight to the end and truly get what you want.

Tigers in dreams can often represent your enemies

Think of the person you most detest, mix in the worst characteristics of anyone else you know and you have a fair idea of your own dream tiger. This frequently appears in dreams whereby an image of a tiger indicates that you are feeling disliked in waking life, and you will now have the spiritual force to move forward. 

The interpretation of the dream would tend to vary as per the context of the dream and the feelings that you have associated with the appearance of the tiger. The dream of the tiger indicates our communications of the unconscious mind, and we can gain guidance and advice from our dreams. Dreaming is not a matter that we are normally receptive to so I am glad to share with you the key meanings of dreaming of a tiger.

Seeing a tiger in dreams could mean:

  • Letting go of the trauma and the energy within your human body
  • Taming of harnessing situations in waking life
  • Letting go of toxic people in waking life - we all need to do this
  • Understanding that you need time alone at times
  • Being open to people’s opinion
  • Be connected to an enemy
  • Indicate that you need to fight for your passions in life

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What is the ancient (1930s) dream meaning of a tiger?

Older dream books are a great source to understand the older meaning of seeing this symbol in your dream. A tiger appears in a dream it is about your efforts to control your own instincts. There are times when the spiritual message might be destructive and threatening but in most cases, tigers in the dream do denote releasing bad events that happen and approach life with wisdom, strong emotions, strength, and resilience to fight difficulties that you come across in life. The older books see the tiger as a negative person entering your life.

What is the spiritual message of a dream of a tiger?

There is a deep biological knowledge of how to understand your own instincts and actions. These is called dramatic symptoms. Fight and flight are often normal responses to a traumatic experience. If you are trying to run or fight someone in waking life it can mean that you must make sure you do not “freeze” yourself and tangle the web of myths about trauma. 

Often, when we go into trauma we move into turbulence within our body, much like a tornado. The four-legged tiger seems to have an internal survival mechanism and energy which makes sure they do not lose life force. Trauma is normally stored in our body and this is connected to how we all learn to deal with and heal traumatic events. There are primitive biological responses when we face a difficult time. 

When the tiger avoids predators it will run away and shake off the effects of this trauma, there is no evidence the tiger will have any lasting effect. As human beings, we often have a “frozen event” where negative energy is often stuck inside our bodies. We can release this energy, just like the tiger does. This dream, in my spiritual opinion, is about releasing this energy. Learning from the trauma and moving on.

If you have had a traumatic event then this equals shock to the system. It can play in our minds like a movie reel and often with it comes dreams such as being worried or attacked by tigers. When trauma is trapped inside we try to make some sense of this. You can release this trauma by hugging yourself and tapping on both arms at least 20 times. The dream is about letting you know that you need to release this negative energy. If you feel the tension inside your body then make sure that you address this. Negative energy naturally surrounds our bodies. Our emotions are unbalanced when we have encountered a problem and this can lead to not handling stress as well as we need. Our inner resources needed to unlock the traumatic energy. 

Tiger in dreams mean spiritually you need time to relax

Tigers are normally solitary in nature and they are often connected to visual signals. The males often have territorial behaviors and the size of the tiger varies depending on the country. The social system is important to look at when looking at the tiger. They can come across loneliness and be hunted by lions. Tigers are active at night and this can indicate that you will become more creative in the night hours. When the animal then appears in your dream, it is a reminder to you that you need to have that time away. Get away from any problems by being at home and relaxing. 

Tigers in dreams are connected to our fear and egos

Tigers represent innocence. There is a certain integrity in our whole bodies and the energy that reflects that is important, the tiger represents our own state of innocence in life. Is it true that we hold strength in life and as spiritual being, we are much awake? A million years ago our body is simply the integrity of memory. The nature of our bodies is that everything we touch physically absorbs energy. As you grow, the tiger is associated with your own fear and ego. 

Tigers in dreams represent your internal energy and physical power

In animal symbolism, the tiger can indicate the spiritual message of physical power and energy. This is all about energy for you. Be it positive or negative. It is an animal that is extremely agile. When it happens to show up in your dreams, then it becomes a representation of quickness and energy. It is reminding you to develop your physical power, improving your energy levels so that you become successful. If you are feeling positive right now it denotes that you are a sensuous person and swift in your actions and feelings.

Tigers in dreams indicate that events will be unpredictable

Tigers are known to be quite unpredictable and this is a theme in this dream. It is impossible to predict what they will do next. The tiger represents real-life situations that are triggering emotions such as rage, anger, anguish, and frustration. Think about the universe, its labyrinth of perplexing things. We never know what is going to happen, our routines change and one-day things may turn out differently. Being predictable is great, but the tiger means that you do not know what is coming. The world is not in our control and there are actions and choices that we do not know. This is the lure of unpredictability. Sometimes we can feel we are rotating in the middle of space. If you are not a risk-taker then this dream is about a voyage of discovery. Learn about things that might just happen, every decision that you make may influence you just like the tiger we never know what they will do next.

Tigers in dreams can indicate a person will get angry with you

Based on research the tiger can get angry and show off, pence, and unexpectedly attack. These traits are basically how you might feel your existence is going. The concept of being angry can come across in a dream. Yes, tigers in dreams can be able to hold meanings that are negative. Seeing a tiger in a dream can symbolize a threat in real life. As the tigers are known to be aggressive and fierce, it shows up in your dreams to reflect the aggressive and violent state of your mind. It could be that you are holding onto anger over something or someone and you are not able to control it.

Tigers in dreams are signs that you need to be in control

Tigers that are appearing in your dreams are to let you know that, it is time to control your agitated and aggressive feelings and take charge of your negative thoughts. You are threatened and overpowered by your own emotions and if not controlled, it might challenge your relationships, career, and your life goals.

What is the dream symbolism of a tiger in a dream?

The tiger is a spiritual animal and has come to you in your sleep for a reason, to release trauma. Seeing a tiger means you can pinpoint to the tiger's inner ferociousness, its courage to protect its cub, and the command and authority that a tiger possesses. Our dreams fall into our unconscious mind, dreams usually focus on a problem or question in your life. 

What is the biblical meaning of a tiger in a dream?

There is no mention of the tiger in the bible. To see a tiger biblically can indicate that you need to catch your prey. In Genesis 1:21 it states that animals are good and James 3:7 talks about taming animals and that we as human beings should be tamed. Job 35:11 states that "..teaches us more than he teaches the beasts of the earth." it is all about taming your inner animal from a biblical perspective. As I have said before the dream about tigers is associated with our inner trauma and taming this.

Is the dream about a tiger good or bad?

In my view, the dream of a tiger is good in all ways. The reason is that it is now time to release yourself from all the enslavements. There is a hidden force at work whereby you need to face your strong emotions. When you come across a dream when you are frightened of a tiger, it denotes something vicious, ferocious, and brave is about to happen. It can symbolize your own persona or the imminent danger that is about to come. Perhaps you are expecting an unfortunate event and you are preparing for ways to handle it. Dreaming of seeing a tiger can mean you have been rather anxious about what is about to happen so that you tend to carry over that emotion to your dreams.

What is my advice from a dream of a tiger?

My advice is to let things happen, there is no reason to worry about something inevitable. Things happen because of the decisions we made in the past, so next time gather enough wisdom before making a decision. Because you are here the dream can be decoded, and you can see the whole picture. As time goes by over the next few weeks you will see your unconscious beliefs and how they are affecting your life goals. This is an “awakening” dream where all the problems that have hindered your life are about to shine.

The symbolism of the tiger stands for military prowess, fearlessness, and strength. In the majority of the cultures, as well as religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, the tigers are vehicles utilized by different deities.  Psychologically, the animals are bestial impulses and are a representation of an object which scares you and that is the meaning which the tiger dream needs clarification. It is vital to understand the significance of such dreams in your own waking life. If the tiger was aggressive in the dream this can be connected to your own victim enclosure. For example, that you have yourself become destructive in your own growth.

What is the older dream meaning of seeing a tiger?

In many older dream books, the meaning of tigers spiritually are connected to our own internal attributes, these include boldness, strength, courage, and being loyal. We need to consider the size, the animal is large, powerful, and yet agile and skillful. You may find that the animal instincts of a tiger are important to you right now. Trying to find some refuge from the tiger in the dream by hiding, building fences or protecting yourself is connected to your own internal cravings in daily life. This dream is about struggling with your own internal animal instincts. Knowledge is power remember. The majority of people would be in agreement that the tigers are the mightiest and the strongest animals found in the feline family.

What does being attacked by a tiger in a dream mean?

If you dream of being attacked by a tiger means you are attentively thinking about how to get what you want in the future. If you are harmed or killed by the tiger in the dream then something difficult will happen due to other people, this represents that you will need to guide others to the full range of their personalities. This is because of some poor decisions in the past that you made. Freud saw all journeys in the dream world as either departing or departure. The question here is, where are you going? The tiger has rendered your own anima internally and that you project this animal in your waking life.

What does the tiger dream mean for males?

The tiger is also a representation of our internal anima in dreams for males. The anima is the feminine aspect of a male's psyche. His psyche is traditionally feminine and this naturally encapsulates his thoughts, feelings, moods, and ability for love. The anima is often referred to as the soul. A person who has a healthy relationship with their anima can be quite soulful. When a man for instance projects his anima onto women and expects them to live up to it, it can spell disaster. This is a common tendency that starts in childhood and continues throughout one's life. This man will never be content with women that he attempts to make his mates, lovers, mother figures. A woman cannot live up to the ideal of anima, and she shouldn't try.

If the anima within is misunderstood, they can cause confusion and problems in relationships. Married men often dream of falling in love with their ideal female, and believe it is a sign that they are subconsciously looking for someone else. In many older books, the anima is more than a dream character. It's a reconnection. Characters in dreams such as tigers are derived from the deepest parts of the human psyche. They are independent of the ego, in dream psychology tigers are archetypes. They are the result of a lifetime of experience. Men can express anger in dreams or dreams by saying "I am angry" To make it easier for you to subconsciously identify the symbolism related to tigers. Dreams of tigers can be used as emotional outlets. If you feel angry, your dreams can help you express this pent-up love and anger. It is better to let it out.

The promise of the most meaningful relationship in a man's lifetime is the main attraction of a mate. He can marry his dream woman. As a male grows through his life, he is more animal-friendly. He becomes a perfect lover when he is a teenager. He becomes a man when he reaches his teen years. Anima and femininity mature with him, and with this awakening come dreams such as tigers.

The best way to animate the anima in dreams is through the roles they play. Dreams can also be identified by a sense of close familiarity with what is going on in life. Recurring dream tigers appearing will give them a sense of security. If you are male, keep a journal of your dreams to help you remember their appearances. The form and appearance of the tiger depend on how it is responded to within the dream. Maybe you do not stop to think about what's missing from life. The deep and meaningful relationship that you have with yourself is what's missing. Tiger dreams for men often appear when there is an unbalanced, depressed, and sometimes sexy state of affairs. He can be a tortured person with his inner self, which can lead to worrying unnecessarily. A man who is in this kind of predicament is considered to have questioned his purpose in many cultures if the dream of tigers is negative in any way.

What does it mean to dream for Tiger attacking somebody?

The first question is whether you know the person in the dream. Who has been attacked by the tiger? Is it somebody unknown? This is a dream about your own spiritual development and releasing the negative energies from within. The dream in so many words is about embracing your inner tiger, for your own spiritual progress. When we dream of other people, especially in a negative context it is normally a manifestation of our own inner fears and difficulties in regards to the relationship.

If the tiger in a dream attacks your partner then this could suggest that there is going to be little spiritual progress in regards to the relationship. Ideally, after having this dream it is important to look at the relationship and see if this is something you actually want. For the tiger to attack a family member it can suggest that you need to change your everyday habits to include special times for your family for enjoyment and social happiness. A dream whereby you see a tiger attacking a friend can indicate that there will be special times for contemplation. if you notice the tiger attacking people that you do not know in waking life this is connected to your development calls, including your need to embrace the courage and strength from within. In essence, the spiritual path often calls for us to face our own destiny.a

What does it mean to dream of a black and orange (Bengal) tiger?

There are around 4,000 tigers in the wild, and this consists of 9 subspecies. They are endangered. This tiger is the most common tiger that we see with the black stripes known as the Bengal tiger. This is a lovely-looking (most popular) tiger that weighs 660 pounds on average. The Siberian tiger (black and orange) in dreams represents your own masculine features and how you cope and deal with fear. Often, these tigers live in colder climates and snowy places. In dreams seeing a tiger in the snow can indicate that you will protect someone in the future who is being cold-hearted. Generally, black and orange tiger dreams are symbolic of glory and pride which is a common dream focus. The Bengal tiger in many cultures is a pure representation of strong willpower, your wild personality. Symbolically speaking, this is an animal that signifies domination, potentiality, and power.

In the symbolism tigers that are black and orange is a representation of your power to win in life. It also denotes going through a set of circumstances that are unpredictable with that inner "fighting" instinct.  Alternatively, the tiger is repressed female characteristics. Neglect of seeing what this dream really means leads to stress in various ways, or not coping too well with the stress.

When dreaming about the back and orange tiger we must look at the colors in this dream. Black is about encountering the problems in life and removing any negative energies - in order to be able to accomplish the goals which you are currently working towards. Symbolically, tigers in the dream are a representation of moving towards your true goals in life.

What does it mean to dream of a white tiger?

I remember when I first saw a white tiger at a zoo and I remember feeling a complete connection with the white beast. Spiritually, the white tiger indicates that you have so much to carry out in waking life, which of course is positive!

White tigers are due to a genetic mutation called leucism. The white coat is a problem in the wild due to the fact it does not provide the tiger with camouflage. The white tiger indicates spiritual purity. During your waking life, if you are terrified about a problem happening or that you have been suppressing your inner thoughts, the white tiger often appears. My advice here is to remain open, courageous as well as brave, and you will be able to see through any obvious adversity. 

The dream meaning of a white tiger can be symbolic of someone severe or harsh. The white tigers appearing in the dream are symbolic of something which frightens you in real life. What do dreams regarding tiger hunting mean? It is a sign that you are terrified regarding someone or something, probably an upcoming exam or a presentation, or an encounter with a superior at your place of work. The animal vitality in the dreamer, either in its body is connected to our own instinctive cravings for emotional connection. The tigers are powerful and fierce. 

What does killing a tiger mean in your dream?

Tigers are predators and they are often known to rip off our face or limbs. There are many news stories of tigers attacking man. In fact, there are about 50-250 people who are killed by tigers each year. Dreaming of being killed by a tiger can indicate that you are being dragged through an emotional time. 

If you scream in pain or the tiger was trying to pull you then this can indicate that you will face an attack in waking life. If you are encountering a bloody battle with a tiger, or that the tiger is charging at you then this can suggest that you need to be aware of others in life. The world is unpredictable, just like tigers. We can experience grief and anger in our everyday life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by tragic events then this dream is common. The images we see in our dreams are about our inner anxieties and the good news is you can control anything. You are in charge. If you're having a difficult time managing your thoughts or emotions then the tiger can be seen as aggressive in the dream. 

What does it mean to dream of a tigress protecting its cubs?

Tigers often have cubs only after three months. In this litter, there will be seven cubs. The cubs appearing in your dream indicate that it is time to move to a safe place. Seeing a tigress who is pregnant indicates that you are going to be more careful going forward in life. Tiger cubs are also born blind. This is important as it is a spiritual message that you need to see where you are going in life. Cubs always follow their mothers out of the den and do not hunt at a few months old. The dream is about being independent of others, if you see the cubs or the tigress with the cubs is a positive spiritual message.

What is it mean if you dream of a tiger hunting?

Tigers often spend a considerable amount of time attempting to catch prey in the wild. The energy required for stalking and looking for their prey often takes usually at least eight attempts. Tigers are committed to ensuring that they do not lose a large amount of energy when they are looking for their next feed. In dreams, to see tigers hunting for prey illustrates that you need to protect your territory.

If you see a tiger spray marking and warning other animals of their presence can suggest that you may crave the stimulation of sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. If you think of your mind in the physical world our own energy also flows down our backs. Just like hunting the prey, our energy flows down as it drains the energy away from our spiritual center within. It is important to make sure that your spiritual energies are grounded if you had a dream of tiger hunting. The hunting actions of the Tiger are generally connected to ensuring that purified energy flow throughout your spiritual centers, often referred to as our chakras. Our chakras consist of the root, sacral, solar, heart, crown, brow, and throat.  I have a whole section about the different elements of the chakras here. The hunting action of the tiger within the dream indicates that your energy needs to flow and purify your own aura, which will in turn regenerate your own body.

What does it mean to dream of running away from a tiger?

Running away from a tiger in a dream is accepting the unknown in life. It is about a decision to influence another. Running in dreams can suggest that you need to learn to cope with a problem. The tiger is there as a source of strength and power. Remember that the tiger is dangerous. Are you running away from something dangerous?

What does it mean to see a tiger in your home?

Dreaming of the tiger in your home and inside your house is symbolic of aspects of you, your inner potency, and your strength. Our home appears in a dream when it is connected to our inner self. Because of their ferocity tigers can sometimes represent people in life that are going to cause issues, if you see one in your house it could represent anger. Resentment and anger suppressed can also lead to a tiger in your dreams. Tiger dreams can follow after you have had an argument that is ferocious or lost your temper with a loved one. The dreams of tigers in your house can be a representation of your ego. It could be that you are territorial just like the tiger. 

To dream of the tiger in the home can also mean that your home is filled with energy that is disharmonious. This is true of the energies found in everyone's home which has been due to divorce. Negative energy can therefore be left by the former owners and it is important if you have recently moved, and dream of anything adverse in the home that you need to do a property clearing. 

What does it mean to dream of a caged tiger?

If you have watched the Netflix documentary “the tiger king” then you are aware of the drama behind caging and captive tigers in the world. There are about 5k captive tigers and only 3k in the wild. Dreaming of a caged tiger is about your own feelings not being let out. The cage is about holding your anger. There is loose regulation on the tigers being caged and there are stricter rules that have been put in place. In the bible, if we turn to Romans 12:2 it says "we have to accept what is good in life" the dream of a tiger in a cage can mean that you need your whole armor of God to fight a problem in life. You are protecting yourself if you see tigers in cages during a dream. If they are suddenly let out of the cage this can indicate arguments but you have the internal drive to overcome anything.

What does it mean to dream of tigers eating you?

Tigers shred or rip their prey to pieces. Thus, when you dream of a tiger hunting or attacking you, it denotes that you might be afraid of your emotions being shredded. The tiger eating you is an embodiment of power, freedom, protection, free spirit, optimism, and courage, strength, understanding, and intuition. It is a mighty animal that is a reflection of your subtle feelings and emotions of being restrained. I know this is not a positive dream but it is spiritually.

The tiger appears to be a ferocious and serious animal that represents deeper emotions. At times, in some folklore cultures, the tiger in your dream is a representation of a lack of control and uncertainty over situations in life. A tiger is an animal that is fearless which catches its prey (which is you) with precision and patience. That is why seeing the animal in your dream could be symbolic of perseverance and patience.

What does it mean to escape from a tiger in a dream?

Escaping a tiger in a dream is often connected to making sure you do not add anything difficult in your life at the moment. The Tiger symbolism as I have already outlined is about transformational events in life. If you are feeling danger worried about an up-and-coming problem in trying to escape the tiger often haunts our dreams.

Our thought processes are very powerful analytical devices, this serves our internal soul. We often only really feel a spiritual loss when our thought processes are not in control. Escaping the tiger is trying to remove ourselves from the negative energy and trauma from within. Escaping in dreams is often a characteristic of a runaway mind. In that, it often ignores the present. If you are never satisfied regarding where you are today then the dream of a tiger escaping alternatively that you escape from a tiger suggests that you need to look to the future. We are all human beings who often spend our lives looking towards a better outcome this dream suggests that you need to escape the realities of life and concentrate on the road ahead. Continually changing your mind can often lead to not understanding where you want to go.

What does it mean to see a tiger attacking another animal?

To dream of a tiger attacking a lion, dog, cat, dragon, another animal indicates that your animal instincts are in conflict. You need to ensure that things can happen and avoid being afraid of what went wrong. It could be time for relaxing and shedding the old ways of acting and thinking. Face your challenges without being fearful and achieve the goals in your ways that might be unique from the rest.

What does it mean to see a lion and a tiger in a dream?

Being a spirit animal, the tiger as a symbol in your dream denotes courage and power which I have already mentioned. The lion represents the king within ourselves. The higher state of well-being. Whenever you see a lion and a tiger in the dreams, it is a sign that you are missing your inner power and strength. Both animals are reminding you to be aware of the mental vitality and that you have to move on with determination and courage. A dream of lions and tigers fighting or attacking you carries a message that you need to be positive and hold bravery and strength. 

What does a nightmare in relation to a tiger mean?

Like any other dream, nightmares about tigers can be blood-freezing, teeth-chattering, and heart-thumping. Why is it that dreams can contain such frightening aspects when connected to animals like death, being eaten by the tiger, lions being aggressive, animals, and the stuff of pure horror?

Nightmares can be about fear. Dreams often provide us a clue to the fears, questions, and conflicts that you encounter in waking life. Fear is what holds you back in your life. Love is what propels you forward. Being frightened of the tiger in the dream can connect to your worries. Fears are the main cause of our worries and fears. Our dreams will show us our fears (in dream code), and give us new ways to overcome them. Your dream (as I have said is about trauma) this dream will show you that your fears disappear when you face them.

What does it mean to dream of an injured or poorly tiger?

This dream means that you need to show temperance and moderation in all areas of your life. You also need to be aware of how tempting temptation can be and learn to resist these in favor of responsibility and keeping your promises. Seeing a tiger hurt, poorly, bleeding, or unhealthy in a dream indicates you need adventure and freedom in life to cope with the responsibilities that are on you. Many tigers are injured in hunters' traps in the wild, if you dream of the tiger limping or poorly it can indicate that you need to focus on what you really want in life. Your world is your oyster.

What does it mean to dream of a tiger sleeping?

To dream that the Tiger is sleeping in a dream is connected to allowing yourself to be vulnerable in life. The tiger after all is a supreme predator, the boss of the jungle. If you are seeing a number of tigers sleeping in a dream then this can suggest that you need to be cool in the face of stress and destruction. On average, tigers generally sleep around about 18 to 20 hours every day, therefore it is common in safaris and zoos to see tigers sleeping. They often sleep within shaded areas such as caves, rocky, sandy terrain. When you often see a tiger in a dream laying down there is still a sense of danger. The energy the tiger exerts when it's stalking or searching for prey can often in the wild be quite exhilarating. Her sleeping tiger often is connected to a hidden emotion inside. The energy that surrounds your body is very much like an electric circuit, the secret of releasing any negative energy is understanding how the tiger within can cope with the forward flow of energy from the spiritual to the physical.

What does a dream about a dead tiger mean?

In real life tigers are often poached and killed, we have all probably heard of the Sumatran tigers that are killed due to this method. It’s a very sad state. To see the body of a tiger in a dream is an omen that you need to release your negative energies. A dead cub in a dream can indicate that you are going to feel trapped in life. Also, think about how the tiger died. If this was a fight or they were trapped in a trap for instance then this indicates that you are going to face difficulties at work. Seeing a tiger caught in a hunter's trap or for someone to shoot a tiger in a dream is connected to your career. It is time to think about what will make you happy in life. The dead tiger is also symbolic of releasing trauma and represents new beginnings.

What does it mean to dream of the skin of a tiger?

Maybe you were wearing tiger skin or saw a rug made from a tiger? If you have a dream of the skin of a tiger, it denotes good social status, prosperity, and wealth. The skin of a tiger is symbolic of growth, power, influence, and royalty.


What does it mean to dream a tiger crosses your path?

This is quite an interesting dream, to cross your path the tiger is associated with inner strength and desire to make things happen in life. If the tiger was not a threat in any way and you simply saw the Tiger walking past you then this can indicate that you need to try to clear your mind. It's so easy for the random thoughts racing through our minds in daily life. The dream of a tiger walking past you can simply mean that you need to make sure you do not lose control of the thought processes that you have at the moment.

What do dreams about a friendly tiger mean?

Dreaming of having a friendly tiger is a positive omen. Think of the friendly tiger is symbolic of happiness, social interactions, boldness, and power. If the dementia of the tiger is friendly in your dream, it could mean that you have been able to accept your emotions the way they are. Have you become a friend to your inner child for instance? It is a dream which you need to accept the way you are.

What is the meaning of a tiger dream if pregnant? 

The change in hormones in the pregnancy can lead to “fear” based dreams of danger, don't worry this is natural and common. When we are pregnant often our dreams produce very vivid images. Dreaming of a tiger while pregnant is connected to our internal energy and dynamics. There has been a lot of scientific research to show that you dream more when carrying a baby. This is your brain's way of dealing with perhaps the fear of childbirth. If the tiger was presented in your dream, then it is important to understand what this can be from a spiritual perspective. Tigers can often be connected with our own developmental phase in childbearing. Regardless of how you feel about the tiger in a dream, it is normally associated with our own internal feelings about the energy from within.

Dreams themselves are often aware your subconscious mind communicates feelings that are hard to unravel in the waking world. Being pregnant and dreaming of a tiger attacking you illustrates that you are looking forward to coming to the end of your pregnancy in a waking life. It is a positive dream in that what you are working on and your baby will come to fruition with love.

What does a roaring tiger in a dream mean?

If you dream of the intimidating Tigers roaring during a dream then this is all about communication. If you think about how we hear various sounds as human beings the frequency of Tiger sounds is around about 20 Hz. This is true also of various other animals such as whales, rhinoceroses, elephants, and bats. The sound of the roar in a dream can often cut through your subconscious mind.  From a scientific point of view, there was a study in a zoological park in Colombia, where they looked at the frequencies connected to the sounds of roaring Tigers. What is the purpose of the Tiger's roar? it is obviously there in order to make the tiger known. from a spiritual perspective, the Tiger rule is very similar to our internal power. Think about the energy that spirals around yourself. The idea is that this dream is about energy flow and communication. We all carry a sphere of energy that is essential for future spiritual development. Hearing the tiger roar in a dream, especially if it is a danger to yourself can indicate that it is important to communicate how you are feeling with loved ones.

What does it mean to dream of a tiger in a cave?

Seeing a tiger in a cave during a dream is connected to your internal self-doubt. Perhaps you are experiencing difficulties in life, this requires a deep-felt sense of perhaps fading youth all you're worried about your work. The cave itself is a translational experience, in spiritual terms, the cave indicates our own inner strength and resistance to change. You may find in the coming weeks consequences of actions may be a sudden desire to make a significant change in life. Such as changing careers, romantic entanglements, or even relationships with family members. The cave which holds a tiger in a dream indicates outside conditions and constraints. The cultural notion of a tiger is obviously that we need to discard usual behavior dangers before ourselves. As tigers generally sleep in caves, and they sleep as I've already mentioned around about 18 to 20 hours a day it can suggest that if you don't make any changes in your life then nothing will change unless you are committed in order to find what you truly want.

What does it mean to dream of baby tigers (cubs)

Tiger cubs are normally the most cutest bundle of fur. They climb, stalk and bounce in their play. If the dream of the baby tigers was positive then this dream is in connection with your family unit. Dreaming of baby tigers is generally positive. You can achieve great success if you conquer your inferiority complex, trust in your family enough is the advice and let them contribute to your dreams, and you are able to overcome your inferiority complex. If you dream of the mother tiger looking after the cubs this can be a sign that you may appear emotionally controlled and contained, This is due to a possible sensitive nature and intuitive abilities make you a highly sensitive and intuitive person. 

What does it mean to dream of other wild animals apart from the tiger?

Tigers often have emotional detachment when it comes to relationships. Therefore, if the tiger was tame in the dream this is important for your love life. Tigers often co-exist with other wild animals such as dogs, lions, leopards, bears, and also wolves. To see another animal in your dream alongside the tiger indicates that you may desire the fear which is stopping you from overcoming the trauma and controlling areas of your life. Tigers represent power and that you need to try to create success in your life. As we all grow as human beings it is important that we develop ourselves. The dream is saying to you to embrace your spirituality. 

What does it mean to dream of a tiger as a pet in the dream?

If the tiger was a source of enjoyment, comfort, or helped you relax then this is a positive dream. We are a world of animal lovers and this is an amazing dream meaning that the tiger indicates you are at peace with your trauma within. 

Conclusion of tiger dream

Understanding your tiger dream will help you to understand why your life is the way that it is. Understanding your dream will help you understand your thoughts, your beliefs, and the areas of life that are important to you. Making sense of your dreams will help you to understand that you can overcome energy, release your fears, understand your beliefs and how they shape your mind. This will allow you to see the potential to use this dream to improve your life. You can change the mountain, your life, and your path. Are you ready for the magic to happen? I hope I have shown you how you can crack the code and unwrap your tiger dream, so you can see clearly how you can deal with trauma. 

Common dreams regarding tigers

  • Dreaming about a cub.
  • A tigress protecting its cubs.
  • Being attacked by a tiger.
  • Killing a tiger.
  • Having a tiger as a pet.

A quick explanation of these dreams

  • A cub is a representation of a child, dreaming about it signifies that you are thinking of your kids.
  • A maternal instinct, telling you that your child is in need of protection.
  • You are scared of something.
  • It means you wanted to prove your worth.
  • Doing things far from normal.

Feelings you may have when you dream about a tiger

Courage, fear, power, omnipotent, bravery, awareness, anxiety.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013