Telephone Not Working

Telephone Not Working

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Telephones are our number one means of communication.

We communicate because we want messages of our inner self to be known. It is indeed annoying to know that we have a malfunctioning or a not functioning telephone. We may not be worrying of our telephones in reality because they are working perfectly well.

But we can have dreams of using a telephone that is not working and they don't usually represent technical difficulties with your phone in the waking world. Dreaming of this should not be undervalued because it is telling us something especially when it comes to relationship whether relationship with a friend, an ex-lover or relationship with anyone. Usually the non working phone will refer to communication breakdown or feeling distant. Sometimes it can indicate a need for help but not being heard.

Telephone in our dreams signifies communication. Dreaming of the telephone tells us how we are being receptive or how open we are to information around us. It can tell if we do have problems in communication in our life and how to fix those problems. The person you are trying to contact to in your dream is vital to its interpretation.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen or heard the telephone.
  • Been disconnected every time you dial the number.
  • Difficulty hearing the person on the other line.
  • Hear the voice of the person on the other line but it is unclear or breaking up.
  • Needed to make a call but the phone lines have been disconnected.
  • Wanted to call someone but your phone wasn't working.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Your dream of seeing or hearing the telephone gives rise to pleasant and satisfying feelings about being able to connect to somebody.
  • The dream supports you to go reach out and communicate your feelings.
  • It associates you with having that capability being a good conversationalist, thus awakening that energy of being strong in confrontations.
  • It strengthens you as a communicator and is telling you that you are at least ready for confrontations.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams about telephones are understood to represent communication in our life. The telephone is usually perceived as a connection or link between the person in your dream and you. This can be a connection of friends and family or your deeper longing to connect with someone.

To see and hear the telephone ring signifies that we are receptive to the knowledge and information that is about to be uncovered. It can also mean that you are ready for any confrontations that may occur in your life. But then this can also mean that you have to confront a current issue in your life.

A dream about a telephone which is always being disconnected after you dial for several times means that you want to restore lost relationship with the person you want to contact to. For instance, if you and your best friend had a conflict, you may want to restore your friendship with her when you dreamed that you are trying hard to contact her. Another is when you are trying to contact your ex-lover, which means that you want to retrieve the relationship you had with him or her. This dream also signifies what you feel in the life and that is you feel like they are not interested and that is what makes you afraid. Also disconnection can mean that you are feeling distant and not able to connect to a friend or family member.

To dream that you have difficulty hearing the person on the other line over the telephone points out that you are the center of some kind of a malicious or hateful gossip. This also means that you may not be listening hard enough to what they are trying to tell you. Someone may be trying to tell you something that you do not wish to hear so replaying it in your dream you may be struggling to hear what it is about.

When the voice of the person on the other line is broken or unclear it means that the person who is calling you may be far away from you and you may not always see eye to eye. Broken and unclear voices are said to be someone trying to reach out to you but because of past betrayals they are not coming in as clear to you because you are not allowing them back in.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a television

Satisfaction, worry, fear, irritation, frustration, annoyance. scared, hurt

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013