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A back is the rear side of something, be it a human being, an animal, or just anything, inspection or direct it faces or moves.

Many times is this word used to mean that, someone is carrying a lot of stress and thoughts in their lives? It suggests that one is having a lot to deal with in life that which they cannot handle.

In the dream

  • You are going backward.
  • See someone’s naked back in a dream.
  • Breaking your back in your dream.
  • Someone telling you to “watch your back”
  • People walking with backs towards you.
  • To be stabbed in the back.
  • See your own back (body part)
  • People turning their backs on you.
  • Seeing yourself back at school.
  • Seeing something back to front.
  • Seeing someone’s bum (backside)
  • Seeing the back of a door.
  • Seeing the back door in a dream.
  • Getting back with an ex-partner in a dream.
  • Someone you know is showing you their back
  • A stranger is showing you their back

Detailed dream interpretation

A situation whereby, you see your own back implies that you have a lot of things to handle in your waking life that you are feeling stressed. In your waking life, make sure you delegate to free some time for yourself.

If you are going backward in a dream this indicates your subconscious mind. The advice of this dream is to know yourself better. You are greatly valued today but you must be appreciated more. If you dream everything seems backward or out of the ordinary this can suggest a change of circumstances. Notably, you might receive some difficult news that will come forward.

To dream of someone's naked back suggests that you are going to travel and eventually settle in a foreign country. To break your back in the dream can be a quite distressing experience. It predicts the loss of a friend or possibly escaping a serious incident.

If people are walking backward in your dream then under no circumstances trust other people. This is symbolic and indicates that other people are going to cause you some difficulties. If someone in your dream is telling you to watch your back and this indicates that you are eventually going to find success and prosperity.

To be stabbed in the back is a prediction that somebody is going to talk about you. This could be either positive or negative. If people are turning their backs on you in your dream then this indicates that you are comfortable in your current life. To see yourself back at school suggests that you need to be more honest and sincere with other people. If you see yourself at school again then this denotes acquaintances that will give you important advice.

If you see something back to front or put your clothes on back to front it means a surprise at home. It can also indicate that your partner will be faithful. To see a backdoor in your dream indicates that you are going to have many different goals in life. It can also foretell marriage. If the back door is closed in your dream than this primarily means that there are opportunities which will seem difficult to reach. An open back door in your dream indicates success and prosperity. Please note that this dream is associated with the back door as opposed to a more general "door" interpretation. If you see someone's backside in a dream then this is an unlucky omen and foretells domestic quarrels or complex. If you are getting back with an ex-partner in a dream but you are not in real life then this could be a possible prediction, nevertheless it indicates a significance in your current relationships in life.

It could mean that you are feeling slightly lost in the relationship and you need the help of others to understand how you are feeling. Someone you know has their back turned in your dream indicates that there will be an impending event. Perhaps you will be passionate. A new love that you will suddenly experience maybe on the cards. If a stranger is showing you their back then this indicates that need to be more firm in the face of adversity.

To win at a game and “break the bank” suggests that you will be able to re-energize yourself and handle new things in your life. Take the much-needed rest and see the difference it makes to your life.

If you see a familiar person turning their back on you. It suggests that you have hurt them - you need to approach them and ask them for forgiveness. You might have used a difficult word or offended them. Make sure that you ask for forgiveness so that you can continue being friends and working together.

A dream where you happen to see a stranger turning their back on you denotes that even though you have a lot to accomplish, make sure you do not hurt anyone in the process. Teach others the secret to survival and let them follow suit so that, they don’t exhaust themselves in the name of meeting their goals.

Feelings associated with your dream of a back

Obligated, hurt, energized, distressed and worried.

By Florance Saul
Jun 11, 2017