Dreams Of Golf

Dreams Of Golf

Golf Dream Meaning

In life, when you experience worry or stress it is sometimes hard to relax. Golf has so many anxiety-reducing benefits that it is not surprising that you dream of golf when you need to promote well-being and less stress in life. Whatever occurred in your dream (even a dream that featured golf turned out to be a nightmare) can give us a clue as to what it means.

For a while I kept seeing someone playing golf in my dream, I also had a dream I was playing golf myself which led me to research the meaning. To dream of watching or playing golf often symbolizes a pleasant experience (in most of the dream books I have read) and indicates the need to relax. There are things in life that will make you feel safe and content. Alternatively, your dream may be suggesting that you’re wasting your time on something less important while ignoring the actual problems in your life. Often, when I interpret dreams I turn to Sigmund Freud, now, he believed that we often dream of hobbies when we need to escape reality. Such a dream, for example, if you are putting balls - might also denote your personal drive to succeed or even a goal. Perhaps you’re focused on accomplishing something that’s of high importance to you. And, dreams of not being able to hit a golf ball indicate that you cannot see your target in life.

What does it mean to dream of golf?

I read some interesting occult books from the 1930s that included a few interesting dream meanings so here goes! To dream of not being able to find the tee or that you are unable to play golf (or tee up) indicates that you are going to get a shot at something in life. Seeing the clubhouse in a dream can indicate that your communication needs to improve. Visiting the driving range in a dream is symbolic of practicing in life. It normally means you are feeling frustrated. If you do play golf in real life then it is common to dream of the game. It normally means that you want to play but you are finding external family demands prevent you from getting on the course. If the ball automatically moves in a dream or bounces then this can indicate that you need to listen to your inner voice.

Have you heard of the story of Micheal Rock? The story of Micheal Rock is one of true success, living out his dream and inspiring many along the way, so I must mention this story when we look into your golf dream as it carries a message. Michael was always interested in golf from an early age but never dreamed that one day he would become a professional player. Despite not having a wealthy background like other golf players he coached others. Just your average coach.

At 19 years old, Michael managed to win his first club tournament which made everyone take notice of this young golfer. With every shot, it seemed as though Micheal had an extra secret magic that no one else could reach. He quickly became known for making incredible shots such as hole-in-ones - something very rare in golf - but what made him extremely popular was that despite being successful he remained humble and funny, which charmed all those around him. As time went on Micheal's talent began to shine through even more brightly, eventually becoming ranked among the top stars in the world! After several victories across different tournaments, everyone expected Micheal to be crowned World Champion at the finals...and that’s exactly what happened! In perhaps one of the most memorable sports moments ever seen; Michael achieved an unheard-of hat rick while winning the championship title! 

Despite now being a household name amongst golf fans everywhere there are still some people who have never heard about this amazing man called Michel Rock, but without any doubt, his story is quite inspirational and remarkable for a human being wishing to pursue their dreams no matter their odds or circumstances! To put it simply Micheal Rock is just like your normal bloke except far more talented and I mention this in this dream meaning because it might carry a message for you --- you can get that hole in one if you put your mind to it.

What does it mean to have a recurring golf dream?

If you have a recurring golf dream it denotes your stress and anxiety and the need to relax more. Maybe you are too focused and obsessed with something in life. Perhaps it’s a goal or a plan that you want to realize badly but you need to practice more in order to do it. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, your dream is reflecting of an obsession. You’re definitely under a lot of stress lately. Alternatively, a recurring golf dream might represent your high level of consciousness.

If you’re watching a golf tournament during your dream, it means you’re not focusing on details that are important but see what you want to see. I don’t want to freak you out but this could mean that you just “don’t get” someone. If you’re the one playing golf in your dream but can’t hold the club, it means that you lack self-confidence. The key message here is to focus on realizing your goals in the future. Everything is possible if you just believe in yourself and of course - practice more.

Same goes for golf dreams in which you couldn’t swing the club or felt unable to do it. It easy hard to sometimes believe in our abilities and talents. These lead us to the path of success. Alternatively, such dreams reflect your anxiety and stress.

If you took playing golf seriously in your dream, it might represent your drive and inner motivation. You won’t stop until you accomplish what you’ve imagined. Stop wasting your time talking about your dreams. And start investing it in taking more action. You are headed in the right direction. If you won at golf in your dream state, it symbolizes a recent victory or something you will accomplish in the near future with enough practice and preparation. Expect an invitation to a celebration or some sort of event that you will actually enjoy. If you saw a golf curse in the dream, it represents a symbol of free will and freedom. If you’re feeling trapped in a toxic relationship or stuck at a current job, it will all end soon. Something’s still holding you back but you will find the strength to put an end to whatever making you miserable and wasting your time for nothing. If you were riding a golf cart, it reveals your laziness. You lack ambition and motivation.

What’s the interpretation of a golf ball dream?

To see a white golf ball indicates a decision needs to be reached in regards to goals. A rich guy with an expensive golf set who’s a part of some luxurious golf club together with his perfect wife and two lovely kids, often hits our screens when the open is on. You get the picture, right? Because of the way golf is presented on TV, most people assume that golf is a sport for wealthy people. So, if you have such a dream, it might reflect your wish you had something you want but don’t if you get my drift. However, there’s a big chance to get what you want if you try harder.

Golf dreams have a different meaning. And most depend on your own flow of thoughts in waking life. For example, no matter the gender, if you dream of a golf ball being put in a hole, or putting the golf ball in a hole yourself, it foretells your poor relationships.

It’s most likely that you miss passion in your life. Your desire is increased and this is why you’re having such dreams. Your dream state might also foretell an interesting person walking into your life. Because you lack passion and adventure, he or she will attract your attention immediately. I have known golf dreams to also mean that there is a struggle ahead.

If you dream of a golf ball it might also signify wealth and prosperity coming on your way. Alternatively, a golf ball in dreams might represent small insignificant things that you care about too much.

What’s the interpretation of а golf hole in one dream?

If you’re dreaming of landing a hole in one, it’s a representation of a strong friendship or connection you have with a specific person in your life. It might also signify imagination and ideas in life. However, on the negative side, it symbolizes the emptiness you feel deep inside your soul.

What does it signify to dream of mini golf?

To dream of mini golf reveals your ability to handle problems. To see yourself on a crazy golf course can mean you will achieve your aims but the rewards will be small. Try to reduce problems into smaller ones and solve one at a time. To dream of playing mini golf might also represent the smaller problems you’re dealing with.

What does it mean to dream that you can't hit a golf ball?

If you can’t hit a golf ball in your dream, it denotes your lack of self-confidence in waking life. It also represents a side of you that’s critical about everything you do, even when you accomplish something, at times in life we all think we can do things better. This dream means you need to prepare yourself for the future better. Alternatively, if you see someone who cannot hit the ball in your dream this reflects a lack of preparation or poor planning. If you want to realize a certain goal or finish a certain task successfully, you have to prepare yourself better and invest time and effort into planning your moves.

What does it mean to dream that you can’t swing a golf club?

To dream that you’re not able to swing a golf club or you don’t have enough strength or knowledge to do symbolizes the same exact thing as not being able to hit a golf ball. It’s a representation that you need to believe in yourself more.

What’s the general meaning of golf in dreams?

Another thing I haven’t mentioned so far is that golf in dreams is also a reflection of sexual drive, business problems, and high aspirations like the one of being very rich in the future. So, if you play golf in your dream, you’re probably trying to find a solution. Or you lack sex in your life. If you thrive to become rich and successful in waking life, it’s also possible to have golf dreams constantly. If you were playing golf with friends in your dreams, it denotes your influence over people in waking life. Playing golf with your work colleagues or business partners in the dream reflects the time and effort you’re putting into a project that you want it to succeed.

If you’re playing golf with someone from the opposite gender, an unknown person or someone you know in waking life, it represents your hidden desires. If you hit someone with a golf club in your dream, it reflects your manipulation over someone. Or someone trying to manipulate you to get money out of you.

If you’re playing golf alone in the dream, it foreshadows your social status and public image. Everyone thinks of you as a hard-working person without a social life. It’s not far from the truth but you don’t mind because you’re aware of the real values in life. If you’re playing golf with someone from your family, it means that you’re currently working or planning to work on improving your relationship with this person in life. If you feel discomfort while playing golf, you’re pretending to be something you’re not. Dreaming of a golf cart can mean you want to go somewhere in life and you need to focus your efforts. To dream of a lovely golf course generally is positive, the nicer the scenery the more positive the dream.

Advice from the golf dream:

We sometimes get overwhelmed when we need to accomplish everything at once. But it’s not possible. Give yourself time. Allow yourself to fail in order to learn how to do the things you want to accomplish even better next time. And you’re not one of those people who gives up easily, right?

By Florance Saul
Oct 27, 2018