Baby pram

Baby pram

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Seeing a baby in a pram or stroller is often a symbolization of fruitfulness and the attainment of goals. It is also pointing towards success in business.

Depending on the number of baby prams, it may also be indicative of the complexities in life. If you have kids of your own, the complexities may refer to your own family troubles. You may want to take a better look at how your family is doing. Letting go of a baby pram however is a bad sign. It signifies that you may lose or let go of good opportunities in the future. Be extra careful.

What is the dream meaning of a pram, stroller, and buggy?

Watching a baby pram (sometimes called a stroller) in your dreams is a symbolization that your goals are attainable. If the pram is out-of-reach, however, it may signify that you have to try a bit harder in order to achieve your goals. Do you have any goals you wish to achieve right now? Are you indecisive as to whether or not to try and reach for them? Don’t be! Now is the time to try and reach your goals. If you plan on starting a business, take positive steps to achieve this today. This dream tells us that time will not wait for anybody. Take every bone life throws at you. If you dream of buying a buggy or a pram this can mean a child is on the way in real life. This could be someone else that is having a baby or yourself.

Pushing a pram in your dreams means that you have achieved success in your waking life and are now flaunting it to the world. Congratulations on your success! A little pride and ego-boosting never hurt anyone. Just remember to keep things in check. You don’t want people to think that you’re a braggart. A little exercise in pride is always healthy.

It’s important to develop and maintain your self-confidence. It may however also be very annoying to other people if you do it too much. Don’t be too big-headed, it’ll be an easy target for anyone who wants to bring you down a peg or two!

If you are a man and you dream of pushing a pram, it shows you need to develop your sensitive side. A man is secure in his sexuality and shouldn’t be afraid to show a little gentleness here and there. After all, women love gentlemen.

This type of dream may also indicate that you are not paying your partner the attention he or she deserves. Or that you are being insensitive to a female character in your life. You may need to incorporate and practice feminine qualities, such as listening and comforting.

When you are surrounded or have come across several baby prams in your dream, it may indicate that your life is having too many problems recently. Relax a bit and have some time off. Rest should be just as important to you as being productive! Rest helps you reorganize yourself. It helps you think clearer.

If you feel as if you are overworked or stressed, the dream is a signal that this is the perfect opportunity to take a break. Do not be afraid or embarrassed by asking your employer to cut you a little slack if you feel unnaturally pressured. After all, you are also helping their business by keeping yourself, an employee, healthy. Getting sick and staying away from work for days will help no one, especially you! Just remember not to overdo it either.

Letting go of a baby pram, especially if it rolls downhill or into some other precarious situation, may signify your failure to do something. Don’t let failure trouble you so much. So don’t stress about it so much and just take it as a learning experience. Remember failure isn’t as scary or terrible as not getting up after you fail.

If you have been stressing over a recent mishap or error committed by you, take the appropriate action and move on. The dream may also indicate that you need to “let go” of the negative thoughts and energy that have been clouding you. Don’t worry too much about things you cannot change. Just accept them as failures, learn from them, and move on. Additionally, intentionally letting go of the baby pram means you have missed a good opportunity in business.

A baby is a symbol of a goal, and a baby pram or carrier is simply the way to carry and protect that goal. If you’ve had dreams about destroying a baby pram, you may want to re-examine how you treat your goals. Are you simply sabotaging yourself? Be careful and just focus on achieving and taking care of your goals.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream with a baby pram

Anxiety, Contentment, Depression, Femininity, Fear of failure, Pride, Satisfaction

In your dreams, you may have

  • Seen or pushed a baby pram.
  • Been pushing a baby pram through a crowd of people.
  • Been exposed to several baby prams.
  • Let go of a baby pram.
  • Destroyed a baby pram.

Positive changes are afoot

  • Pushing a baby pram may mean your peers will approve of something you do.
  • Crossing paths with a baby pram may mean a good opportunity lies ahead.
  • The overall dream was positive.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012