Snake Bite Dreams

Snake Bite Dreams

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Snake bites in a dream are connected to a deceitful friend or family member.

Everybody dreams. Sometimes it is difficult to actually remember what a dream entails. Surprisingly, a dream of being bitten by a snake is extremely common. The snakebite itself indicates that there is somebody in your social circle or at work who should not be trusted. Some snake bite dreams will be very with vivid and we actually remember the dream itself but others have sketchy details.

Generally, we dream in color as opposed to black and white. Sometimes we can associate our dreams with a jigsaw puzzle. It is important to piece together the different elements of the snake bite dream in order to come up with the best interpretation. In essence, it's like our subconscious mind is creating images and pictures merged together in order to help us understand different situations in waking life. Generally, most people are not warmed to snakes and find them frightening. A snake bite is connected to gossiping, conflict or being stabbed in the back by somebody close to you. It also indicates that there is a veil of illusion that surrounds you. The enemy may not be clear but you must determine who your enemies are in waking life.

In your snake bite dream, you may have encountered any of the following. We will cover the meaning of the following dreams

  • The snake bites you in the dream.
  • The snake bites other people in the dream.
  • Many snakes bite you in the dream.
  • You see the snake chasing you before biting you in the dream.
  • The snake bites your right hand in the dream.
  • The snake bites your left hand in the dream.
  • The snake bites your body in the dream.
  • You are bitten by a snake on the neck in the dream.
  • A snake bites you on the back in the dream.
  • The snake that bit you is black and white.
  • The snake that bites you is not poisonous.
  • The snake was sucking and spitting at you.
  • The snake bit your thumb.
  • The snake bit inside your body.
  • The snake entered your mouth to bite you.
  • The snake bites your left leg.
  • The snake bites your right leg.
  • The snake bites your left foot.
  • The snake bites your right foot.
  • A snake was seen on a path before biting you.
  • The snake bites your child.
  • The snake bites your sister.
  • The snake bites your brother.
  • The snake bites your mother.
  • The snake bites your father.
  • The snake was small that bites you.
  • The snake was large that bit you.
  • You could see many snakes appear.
  • The snake that bites you was dark.

Detailed interpretation of a snake bite

There is somebody in your social circle that you should be aware of. This person could possibly try to gain a leadership position. "Who actually has the power", is a question you need to ask yourself after having this dream. It is also associated with somebody who has not been honest with you. In my experience, this dream normally occurs when there is a social conflict that you could perhaps be unaware of. Maybe somebody is having a party and you are not invited. Consequently, you have reached the end of a cycle in a friendship. Further involvement with a person in your current life can imply that this relationship will not give you what you want.

The snakebite itself is a suggestion that you need to look at your own boundaries in life. It could be that somebody close to you is changing their circumstances and in response to this they blame and judge you in life. This could be a possible friend or enemy who you should be aware of. Try not to fear being β€œtrue” to yourself. Generally, this type of dream occurs when we have friends and a social circle we don't particularly like. If you see others being bitten by a snake in your dream then this is a forewarning.

Snake bite dream meanings

  • The snakebite is associated with an enemy in your social circle.
  • The snakebite indicates that you fear change and the situation that is likely to strike is adverse.
  • The venom or poison from a snake is associated with the need for change.
  • In the Bible snakes are associated with temptation therefore it is important for you to try to embrace the changes that are coming your way.
  • To be bitten by a snake is a sign that life can be transformed for the better.

Detailed dream meaning of being bitten by a snake

As we've already concluded in the introduction a snakebite suggests that there is somebody in your social circle that is not to be trusted. This can result in a challenging or difficult relationship. This stream predicts that you are going to encounter some awkward moments, perhaps you will find out that you are not invited to an event or other friends meeting up behind your back. The snakebite dream can also be associated with family conflicts and rifts. There's a number of different emotions that could occur from having a dream of being bitten by snake. You may feel at work you're unable to maintain focus. You may have encountered a sleeping or eating snake in different waking life situations. Do not follow mystery trying to find meaning, it is not uncommon to avoid people, places or things that bring back negative memories. The snakebite dream itself indicates that you need to give yourself time and guidance in order to overcome any difficulties in life.

The snake bite by itself indicates that it is time to face up to the difficult relationships you have in life. Perhaps it's time to build the bridge back to life and create a structure in order to enjoy your daily living. If you experience pain, anguish or surprise at the snakebite in your dream, this can suggest that you are going to struggle with the capacity to express yourself, especially when it comes to a deceitful friend or family acquaintance. If the snake attacked you in the dream then this indicates the ability to help yourself. Even though we have already concluded that the snake bite is a negative dream, it is a reminder that you need to try to resolve the situation, don't allow the person in your waking life to paralyse you socially.

If the snake bites other people in your dream this is associated with transformation. To see the snake chasing you before biting you in the dream indicates there is an enemy who is going to attack you in the near future. It implies that you are in the process of change or transformation. If you see many snakes bite you in the dream this can be associated with transition from one state of mind to another. It can suggest that something will commence soon. If the snake bites your body in the dream, this can indicate that you secretly want to end a situation in your life. This could be a possible job or relationship that you wish to move on from. If the snake that bit you and was black and white in color then this indicates you fear change. It can suggest that there are changes in circumstances which are blocking you from progressing in life.

If the snake bites you but is not poisonous in your dream but then this signifies that on the surface the dream may be terrifying but it is positive! This dream denotes an inspiring underlining key message that you will achieve your goals. If the snake is sucking or spitting at you in a dream it can suggest new beginnings and transformation. We have already learnt that the snake is associated with rebirth and implies changing circumstances. For the snake to suck you in a dream is a positive omen. If the snake bites both feet in the dream then this is associated with your outlook on life. Soon you will have all resources to hand but somebody will shock you. The bite itself indicates that you will encounter a shocking situation in waking life. Accept what life is and enjoy your sense of internal and external contentment. Try not to be shaken by a shocking situation in life.

If the snake bites inside your body then this can be associated with materialistic energy - it indicates your hidden energy levels. As we have already concluded the snake is very much focused on how we perceive male energy. Freud believed that the snake was representative of the male reproductive organ it can be associated with our sexual energy from within. If the snake is inside your body this can indicate that you are feeling frustrated sexually. If the snake enters your mouth to then bite you in the dream this can indicate that you need to watch out for falling in love. A relationship is heading in the love direction and this isn't necessarily what fate desires, it can also imply that you have an immature attitude towards others.

If the snake bites your left leg in the dream then this indicates that you have self-reliance, you need to stick to your personal beliefs. It can also represent an unexpected event or social gathering in the future. For the snake to bite your right leg is connected to a relationship issue where you feel like you are falling out of love with somebody. This could not only represent a lover but also friendship as well. Maybe you have moved on in your life and it is difficult to let go of past relationships. If the snake bites your left foot in the dream then this is connected to travel. You may want to visit a country or go on holiday in the near future. The left foot indicates the fate that we encounter in life when it comes to travel. In plain English this means that you are destined to travel to a certain country. The bite on the left foot can suggest that you perhaps need guidance in life. This guidance could be turning to somebody who will be able to give you advice on traveling. If the snake bites your right foot then this suggests that you will have a surprise sometime soon. The surprise is generally connected to relationships and even though the situation may not indirectly affect you, you'll be surprised to learn some important news.

If a snake is seen on a path before you in a dream then the snake bites you - this can suggest that you need to evaluate your fruits of labor, perhaps you have been working hard over the last few years and it is time for you to have a break. To dream that a snake bites children, babies or infants denotes inner energy. It is connected to your actions and feelings and also to the intentions of others. It can also signify that you have been acting immature lately, this may not be intentional and it is important to try to create a more positive outlook on life.

For a snake to bite your sister in the dream is traditionally seen as representative of ones negative feelings inside. The sister in the dream is connected to our female energy and our life. Thus, for the sister to be attacked by a snake indicates that your sister is likely to undertake a transformational new start in life. If the snake bites your brother it is related to sexual frustration. It indicates that you may be feeling some sexual frustration. If the snake bites your mother this indicates a possible conflict in the family. As a mother symbolism in our dreams is connected to care and also the true way forward it can suggest possible family rifts in life. A functional family has a contract of forgiveness between them and also letting go of difficult times. For the snake to appear to bite the father in a dream suggests overreactions and inappropriate behavior within the family unit. It is important that these behaviours are forgiven in an attempt to try to save the relationships within the family unit. Remember that everybody loves one another even in the face of adversity and conflict.

If the snake is small in the dream and it bites - this is a positive omen. It can suggest that deception will only be present for a short space of time. A small snake signifies long term success and happiness. The snake itself provides inspiration and direction in life. If the snake bites you and is dark in color is then this connected to the death card in the tarot deck. It generally means that there will be transformation and the process of change in life. This is positive in that you need to try to enjoy your life and see it as a journey. The darkness of the snake could be worrying some but it indicates that you need to learn acceptance as life has many different changes in store!

Snake bite to the right hand in a dream

If the snake bit you on the right hand in your dream it is a reminder that life is always better than it looks in times of difficulties. The right hand in the dream, can be connected to palmistry in that this is a hand that we make in life. Therefore, the person that is socially deceitful towards you (which is a general interpretation of a snakebite dream) will be somebody that you have created. They are not destined in your life. Therefore, in all fairness you deserve to be respected and cultivated in life. If the snakebite to the right hand is painful or sore then this suggests that you will suffer rejection from others.

Snake bite to the left hand in a dream

If the snakebite is to the left hand this is connected to the fact that the deception that you will encounter socially is meant to be. You need to acknowledge character traits of all those around you, this will allow you to abstain from arguments and conflicts.

By Florance Saul
Jul 3, 2017