Dream Of Losing Shoes

lost shoe in dream

Dream Of Losing Shoes

What have you lost? Lost shoes in dreams are about change, change must be long-lasting and consistent in order to have any real value. All of us have experienced changes for a time, but then felt disappointed and let down in the end. If we think of the fairytale Cinderella she lost her slipper. This was a direct symbol or desire of a relationship with the Prince. Therefore, dreams of lost shoes can often mean that you're fearing change. Don't fear it. This is an exciting dream that let's you know change will be coming if your on the right road. You have the power within you to make that change. To take that path. To move forward in your life. Just kick off your shoes and go barefoot --- it does not matter what you look like it is what is within that counts. Change is coming today. And you are the master of that change.

Many people try to change but feel fearful and anxious because they aren't sure the changes will last. This is evident in someone who wants to start dieting but puts off doing so because he knows that any pain he experiences to make the change will only bring him a temporary reward. I have been following what I consider the right changes for lasting transformation all my life. If you truly want to make a difference and not lose -- you have to first raise your standards. People often ask me how my life changed for the better. I will share how. I changed the way I treated myself. I wrote down everything I wouldn't accept in my life, as well as all the things I couldn't tolerate and all the things which I wanted to be. That is what this dream is all about. What do you really want? Raise your standards!

It’s a funny feeling losing a shoe, as John Lennon suggested you can imagine there is no heaven you could never really imagine not having any shoes. Sometimes in waking life we end up getting a torch and looking underneath the sofa for our shoes and still can’t find either or just the one. If you dream of lost shoes or misplacing your shoes in a dream then this suggests you need to focus on your attitude and direction in life. Now is time!

What is the general meaning of a dream of lost shoes?

Footwear featured in dreams is often connected to us as people. How many times have you lost something: job, relationship, money and it has been for the greater good? This dream of "loss" could mean you're feeling you need to turn a page. Without moving forward we get stuck in life. Everything on social media seems focused on defining how great we all are --- remember most of the time it is just not real. The dream of lost shoes is remembering sometimes we need to transform. Our individual identity and a strong desire for personal fulfillment is important at the moment. At the same time, however, our ultimate goal in life is to be in a prolonged, happy relationship with ourselves. There is a notion that we are separate from one another as human beings -but were also together in a relationship or partnership with a lover, just like a pair of shoes. People want to feel fulfilled and gain a rewarding relationship where both needs are met. However there is a balance where we want to have our own individual passions and hobbies - but also keep a healthy relationship going.

In my opinion, sometimes dreaming of lost shoes is directly connected to our high levels of uncertainty in relationships if this is featured in your life right now. Perhaps you are grabbing onto something with a partner and you're trying to hold onto it tight as a form of safety. A lot of the time we often turn back to old familiar rules and apply our past experiences to our current situations. This helps serves us to reassure when things aren't so certain. We each have an image of a normal healthy relationship in our heads and we desperately try to achieve that particular relationship dynamic which is why you are dreaming that the shoes are lost.

I feel that when we dream of losing shoes we need to turn to that old fairytale: the Elves and the Shoemaker fairy tale, where two hardworking shoemakers are blessed one night after they donate their last leather to make shoes for some elves who come knocking at their door. In short, this folktale is often used to explain that honesty is always the best policy - no matter how hard times may seem. It implies that if you remain true to yourself and keep giving when there's nothing left to give then good luck will eventually come your way. 

I also feel this dream could signify something more literal – like what have you recently lost or had taken away from you? What was standing between you and success or fulfillment? It might represent a stepping stone on your path of achieving something important in life. This could relate to an aspect related to dedication or even courage within yourself. 

In any case, dreams of losing shoes may serve as both warnings and encouragements along life’s journey; reminding us not only of our shortcomings but also of our strengths which lie deep in us. So I am asking you: what are your strengths?

What does it mean to have no shoes on in the dream?

If you see yourself walking around barefoot this brings another dimension to the dream, this represents the character traits and your own self-perception. In some dreams dictionaries (old 1930s ones) lost shoes can point to the indication that you are losing control of a situation. If you see yourself walking barefooted looking for lost shoes it is an omen that you need to try to prepare for life ahead. Shoes have a 40,000-year history is hard to imagine a time before we actually had any shoes. Obviously, shoes were created as a practical venture to protect our own feet. Throughout modern years coloring, materials and design have changed and become a fashion accessory.

In the 18th century, for example, shoes were obviously very expensive and made of fabrics such as silk. During the 1800s it is when shoes started to change and by 1850 shoes were designed to bring comfort. The shoemaking process advanced in technology, and with it during the great depression in America black and brown shoes became quite prevalent. 

Is the dream of lost shoes good or bad?

To be worried about losing the shoes in your dream or that you are not completely dressed can suggest that you are not happy to continue in a “relationship” situation in waking life. If you think about the shoes as a symbol of what is right and what is wrong in your life they are an omen, if the shoes do not have any impact on the dream then this can suggest that you will avoid a difficult occasion with another.

What type of advice is this dream trying to give you?

The big problem with relationships is there is an idea of the right relationship or the best way of handling things. The implication of this of course would be that if you did something wrong then this would affect the other person, there is a focus on people who have the same level of attractiveness to each other. This dream could forecast possible conflict due to the fact you are looking for your footwear, it is a dream whereby you are thinking that there are questions in a possible “love” relationship and you are looking for answers. Many people are invested in various relationships and you have to ask yourself what is important to you if you have this particular dream - why did you have it?

Advice from a dream of lost shoes?

A brilliant piece of advice is to remember that “you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else.” We all need a solid foundation before embarking on understanding what we want in relationships. On reflection, however, it is often more complicated than just this phrase. It is very hard to love yourself entirely, we often see flaws in our own behavior. So if we have a fantastic relationship with ourselves it doesn't necessarily reflect that we going to have a similar relationship with another person - this is where the mismatch comes into play and the reason you have had this dream.

What does the psychological meaning of lost shoes in dreams mean?

In order to understand the psychological meaning of shoes in dreams, it is important to turn to Sigmund Freud, this famous dream psychiatrist who believed that shoes were a representation of the body. In his writings, he believed that most clothing was connected to sexual symbolism, but saying that all his dream meanings were connected to sex so I don’t take on the full meaning as being absolute. 

The general dream interpretation of lost shoes suggests the burning desire for something in waking life you can't have in regards to a relationship.  In older dream books the symbolism of losing a shoe is connected to a possible illness but this was post-1930s. There are many types of shoes that can feature in a dream: sneakers, boots, high heels, trainers, and sandals. We all buy shoes and wear them every day out of habit,  whether your shoe lover or not, the general interpretation of lost shoes indicates that there is part of our identity that we feel is lost, in connection with our relationships. I will now look at some specific details on your dream of lost shoes.

What does it mean for women to dream of a lost shoe?

If you are female and you dream of a lost shoe this dream could imply that you are feeling some discomfort associated with a relationship as I said above. Think about the types of shoes you have lost. Are they work in shoes, going out shoes, or just casual shoes? Once you understand the type of shoe - what is this trying to suggest to you? Each of our shoes provides us with a role and shoes, in general, suggest that you are struggling with a position in your life or a relationship - to uncover this think about the type of shoe you lost. Some dream books if you are a woman and you dream of a lost shoe can mean the direction that you're heading in a relationship is in some way flawed. The shoes themselves suggest your chosen way of life. Often, a dream of a lost shoe when things are shaky when you are hanging by a thread and trying to get through the day with a smiling face. Often people do not see the trauma that we are feeling underneath. A lost shoe for a woman can also indicate that you are being hard on yourself and you are imposing contradictory rules.

It is so easy to have a judgemental attitude and it's very tempting to blame things on other people. It's rather like a pendulum swinging to one side of the extreme of becoming soft with people and also desperate for their approval. A dream of a lost shoe for a woman highlights a theme whereby we are trying to hold onto our styles is equally valuable with other people in our lives. Obviously, we are all impacted upon unequal valuing. We often dismiss the struggles and we often suffer in silence and this is the message of the dream.

What does it mean to dream of a lost shoe if you are a man?

If you are a man and you dream of lost shoes such as Oxford's and loafers this can mean or herald a new social situation. To dream of lost casual shoes such as sneakers or sandals then means your feeling outside your comfort zone. Think about shoes that you may use or wear for various functions and primarily the shoe is focused on comfort. I like to turn to the saying “being in someone's house shoes.” If you are male and dream of losing your shoes then it can indicate that you need to be more understanding of others. It could mean that you are working or giving effort to a relationship and not getting what you need in return. Such a dream can also indicate if you have lost some work shoes that you're taking for granted relationships. When we are hard on ourselves we sometimes don’t see what we do to others. We see the worst compared to other people and extract all our own flaws, the shoes are a clear representation of who you are and the fact that you need to maintain control over everything you do.

What does it mean when you lost one shoe in a dream?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose a shoe in a temple or somewhere where there was a sea of shoes? Is this a good omen in waking life? Losing one shoe only in a dream can point to an incomplete partnership. It also suggests moving on in some capacity from a bad relationship.

What does it mean when you find lost shoes in a dream?

Having your shoes stolen in a dream could be symbolic of your plans for the future or understanding something in your life will be taken away from you. It could suggest that you might have been expecting a career advancement and that is why you are dreaming about lost shoes.  Before you decide on the meaning of your lost shoe dream, it is important to put into consideration the type of shoes that you saw in your dream. If you have found only one shoe in the dream and both for the same foot this can often point to a mismatch in waking life. To dream of looking or searching for new shoes is a positive omen and is associated with a new direction in life.

Dreams of lost boots

Losing a pair of boots during the dream could symbolize that you are feeling somewhat indecisiveness in a relationship. Boots cover not only the foot but the ankle and some can cover the top lower calf. We often could be wearing boots with a heel or flat boots. Boots oversee design for walking through the snow, mud, or difficult terrain. You could have lost some waterproof boots or alternatively work boots. Boots have historically become the object of sexual attraction between people, especially latex and PVC boots. To lose your boots in a dream could signify that you feel there is an inner “incompleteness in intimate relationships.” 

If your boots are worn out or old in the dream - this can suggest that you are feeling a relationship is not serving you at the moment. To actually lose your boots (which you own in real life) is a strong indicator that you need to know yourself better. Sadly, having a great relationship with ourselves isn't normally a high priority in our culture. It's very easy that we are distracted with daily life, watching TV or looking at social media and we don't have time to meditate and focus on what we really want in life - that is your key message.

What does it denote have a dream of recently bought shoes?

A dream where you see recently bought shoes in waking life is a spiritual sign that you will be going on a trip or travel in the days to come.  It is something you have been looking forward to and when it happens. This is according to old dream lore. Learn whatever you can while on the trip and gather information that can help you to come up with a project that will make your life better. 

What does it indicate to have a dream of lost leather shoes?


reaming about leather shoes in your dream could be an indication of acquiring a new romantic relationship in the days to come. In my old dream books, this dream means it is time to socialize and go to parties because that is likely to be the place where you will get your partner. 

Dreaming about lost sneakers

Dreaming about sneakers could be an indication of being a sneaky person or some type of activity that is underhand according to older dream books. Do i think this is true? Not sure. Trainers (as I like to call them as I am from England) are all about training to become something important in waking life. Losing a pair of sneakers in a dream could also be a sign of the need to get out of some situations very fast in relation to a relationship.

Dreams of lost flat shoe 

A lost flat shoe in the dream could be a sign of balancing something in your life. Again, it takes on the same meaning that I have outlined above. That there is something “missing” in a relationship context as I have mentioned before. Lost sandals are symbolic of comfort and slippers are a sign of feeling comfortable or making mistakes if you cannot find them.

Dream of reversing shoes or on the wrong foot

Dreaming of reverse shoes if in your dream you have the wrong shoes on your feet it can often point to feeling confused and that you are uncomfortable in a situation in waking life.  

Biblical meaning of lost shoes in dreams

Lost shoes have a special symbolism when they appear in dreams. According to the Bible, shoes are associated with going beyond protecting feet and it’s all about a spiritual message to make life easier for the shoe wearer. They are connected to our inner focus and direction in life. In the Bible, shoes carry the symbolism of inner faith in God and one’s readiness to serve God. They can also represent a victory over the enemy due to being taken care of by God, in a nutshell, they are associated with humility and goals towards how we see God fits with our prayers being answered. 

Dreams of shoes can come in different forms; whether it is dirty shoes, wearing shoes, losing shoes, shoes in need to be on the proper path - walking without shoes can indicate wandering away from your real-life path. In ancient times, shoes were considered to be a source of power. Successful warriors were symbolized by shoes for instance.

Whenever you removed shoes from your feet in ancient times during the dream, the omen from older dream books is that shoes represent a transfer of power. It could also mean purging the impurities in the world before going before God. It was common to see priests removing their shoes and attending services barefooted. Believers too used to enter the sanctuary without shoes. 

Land ownership or having children was also symbolized by shoes. In ancient times, if you cast a shoe to someone, it was considered to be disrespectful.  Kings used to send their shoes to their subjects as a sign of dominion. You had to carry a shoe on your shoulder to show humility. In the bible shoes are mentioned many times, they were associated with the need for protecting human beings, if you are scurrying about trying to find your shoes in a dream it can indicate a loss of a relationship. 

In Bible times, a shoestring was symbolic of something invaluable and insignificant. Throwing shoes and not being able to find them is symbolic of a subordinate or slavery position. A sign of devotion was where you had to hand a shoe to someone. 

What does it mean to have a dream of lost black or brown shoes?

A dream about a lost black shoe could mean that you are currently surrounded by enemies according to old English lore. The advice of this dream is to avoid sharing any important information as it might be used against you.

What does it imply to have a dream of lost new shoes?

Having a dream where you lost new shoes could mean that, you are going to win some big money such as a lottery or just a huge prize. It is the right time to think about starting new projects because everything is going to work as per your plans and thus the message of this dream is not to give up hope as something “new” is coming into your life.

What could it denote have a dream concerning losing a high heel or stiletto shoe?

A dream about losing a high heel might be a sign that, you are currently having relationship problems with your partner. The dream could also represent having a complex relationship with someone who is not your romantic partner, but someone close or a family member. You will have it rough communicating or make progress in your relationship.

What could it indicate have a dream concerning muddy shoes?

Muddy shoes in your dream could be a sign that, someone whom you understand very well might lead you into an awkward situation in the near days. Both of you will find it tough to go through the situation. After the dream, you will need to be careful about your words and actions. Avoid being easily swayed around by your friends and family and ensure that you stick to your true life principles. 

What does it imply to have a dream of lost children's shoes?

Dreaming about losing children's shoes could be an indication of stories or gossip which hurt your reputation according to old dream lore. You will find it hard to come clean from them. They could have been caused by words or actions which were directed at someone and they weren’t okay and you are going to be punished for behaving badly. In case there will be a next time, ensure that you are careful with your actions and words. 

What does it denote have a dream concerning losing going out shoes?

Maybe you lost your shoes on a night out in your dream. Maybe you were walking around the streets without shoes trying to find them. A dream about lost going out shoes could mean that you are going to have some physical pleasures in the days to come. It is not necessarily something romantic as it could mean that you have finally decided to devote more time to exercise and losing some weight.  Enjoy this time and ensure that, you utilize it to make yourself happy. It might come after a tedious project. 

What does it indicate to have a dream concerning green shoes?

A dream about green shoes could mean that, in the days to come, you are going to be misunderstood by people who are very close to you. There is something that will happen and it will make them want you to feel bad. They will attack you for no apparent reason, just because they wrongly understood a certain situation. 

What does it mean to have a dream concerning lost slippers?

A dream about lost slippers could be an indication of war and a conflict currently happening in your life or it is going to happen in the near days. You might have war of words with someone close to you and which will end up breaking the current relationship you are enjoying. Take the dream as a warning and be careful with your words in the coming season to avoid losing friendship with a close friend. 

What does it indicate to have a dream concerning sandals?

Sandals in your dream could mean that you are loved by God regardless of straying away or being selfish in real life. You might be what the bible refers to as a prodigal son and God is welcoming you back home irrespective of what you have been doing in the past. Take this opportunity to reform and become a good person in life. Try to mend your ways.

What does it mean to have a dream concerning brand new shoes?

Brand new shoes in your dream could be a sign that you have self-confidence. Alternatively, the dream could mean that there is an interesting social event that will be happening in the near days. It might reveal your attitude which is very possessive towards what belongs to you. The dream could also be a sign of being successful in business. 

What does it mean to have a dream concerning an incomplete pair of shoes?

Incomplete pair of shoes in your dream could mean that you are losing direction and a sense of meaning in your life.  You followed some advice from your friends and now you are completely off track. You have been working on goals that are not beneficial to your life. after the dream, try to do a U-turn and start engaging in goals that you are capable of finishing and making your life better than it currently is. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you are going through relationship or marriage problems.

What does it imply to have a dream concerning not being able to find your shoes?

Being unable to find your shoes in the dream could be a sign that, there is something important to you which you are going to lose in the near days. Alternatively, it could be symbolic of the destruction of a part of your life due to a certain reason.

What does it mean to have a dream concerning someone stealing a pair of shoes from you?

Someone stealing a pair of shoes from you in the dream could be indicative of having marriage and relationship problems in your life at the moment.  They could have been caused by infidelity or lack of quality time with your family. After the dream, you will need to work towards making your relationship work. If you value your family or partner, sit down with them and talk things out.

What does it imply to have a dream concerning forgetting to wear shoes and not being able to find them?

Forgetting to wear shoes in your dream could be an indicator that, at the moment, you are worried about a relationship.  It could also denote that you are focused on trying to communicate with someone but you are having trouble doing so. Alternatively, the dream could be a sign that you have abandoned some projects or goals which you have been working on for a while.

What does it mean to have a dream of lost old shoes?

Old shoes in your dream could signify that you are going to be through difficulties and surprises in a relationship.  You might be surprised that, your partner has been keeping a certain secret from you for instance. Alternatively, it might be a sign that you are going to experience good relationships with friends and in a social context for example with your family.

What does it denote have a dream concerning selling your shoes?

Selling your shoes in the dream could be a sign that, if you work hard, there are some difficulties in your life which you will be able to easily overcome.  It is a promising dream that, you are destined for a brighter future full of happiness - so this is a great omen. All your problems will resolve is the message of this dream and eventually, you will be able to experience peace of mind.

What could it indicate have a dream concerning only one shoe?

Dreaming about only one shoe could mean that, there is someone who desires you very much. If you are a single, the dream is an indicator that, there is someone around you who finds you attractive. We all love to be attractive!

What does it imply to dream someone you know in real life has lost their shoes?

A dream where you look at a pair of shoes for someone else could be a representation of some direction of the path in your life which you are contemplating on taking in the days to come. This is a “warning” dream - you will need to be careful that you do not go in the wrong direction. If possible consult with your trusted friends if you have an important decision to make. But if you trust your intuition, then go by what it tells you.

What does it mean to have a dream of lost red shoes?

Loosing your red shoes in the dream could imply that, you are being warned about talking too much in front of your new acquaintances. Red spiritually is connected to the color of arguments and conflict i’m afraid to say. The advice here is that you will need to know people better before you start revealing information concerning yourself.  They could be in your life just to extract some information from you.

What does it mean to have a dream concerning someone else wearing your lost shoes?

Dreaming about someone else wearing your lost shoes could mean that, in the near future, you are going to be faced with relationship or marriage challenges.  This could be your own doing or your partner’s. The dream should be taken as a warning that, in order to survive and ensure that your relationship stands, you will need to communicate.

What does it imply to have a dream of losing shoes inappropriate for the occasion?

Maybe you lost some muddy boots to attend a wedding. The shoe was not fitting with the scene in the dream. Lost shoes inappropriate for the occasion in your dream could mean that there are some situations in your life which you are not ready for.  It could be that someone is giving you extra responsibilities yet you are not ready to work on them as you are already overwhelmed. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are rejecting to conform to the expectations of those around you.

What does it mean to have a dream of receiving a lost pair of shoes as a gift?

Receiving a new pair of shoes as a gift or someone else shoes in your dream could mean that, in the near days, you are going to offer other people advice. You will feel generous at the moment and you will be involved in several charitable activities that will make it possible for those around you to benefit. Think about the “giving” element in the dream. Someone gave you lost shoes - in that the shoe represents the self. The advice here is to not forget you need to put yourself first always.

What does it mean to have a dream of lost work shoes?

Lost work shoes in your dream could be a sign that there are some changes that are about to happen in your life regarding your career. There is a possibility that you are going to move away or change your surrounding or jobs. The changes might be connected to relationships or people around you at work. 

Things are going to be different and you might be happy or disappointed along the way due to the changes. If at the moment you are happy in your work-related life, then the changes might make you question things, but if you are not, then rest assured that you are going to enjoy it.

What does it mean to have a dream of lost white shoes?

Dreaming about black shoes could signify that you are going to have some important changes happening in your life which will make everything different. Even though they were unexpected, the changes are going to make your life better than it currently is. 

On the other hand, the dream could denote that, there is an important event that is likely to happen in your life very soon that will make a great impact on you. You have to ensure that you don’t miss out on the event and ensure that you get to know new people who could become important in the near days.

What does it imply to have a dream concerning stolen shoes?

A dream about stolen shoes could mean that you are going to encounter some loss that will change your outlook on life completely. Maybe you have invested in a certain project heavily and it means that you will focus on things you are losing.  It could be an emotional or financial loss, but whatever the case, you are going to learn from it.  You will need to move forward with lesson learned and work on a different goal, differently.

What does it indicate to have a dream of losing worn out shoes?

A dream about lost worn out shoes could imply that, in the days to come, you are going to go for a trip to an unknown location. It could be something you have been planning for a while and now a chance will open up for you to go for the trip you have been yearning for.

What could it be indicating have a dream of lost shoes in water?

A dream about losing shoes in the sea, lake or pond could signify that your emotions are going into overdrive. 

What does it imply to have a dream concerning lost silver shoes?

Dreaming about lost silver shoes could denote that, there is a possible marriage in the near future that will come close to you. You don’t have to be the one getting married, but it could be linked to the wedding of someone who is close to you. White is also associated with protection and this dream can mean you are not feeling protected. Gold shoes denote material success and if this is "lost" in your dream it can signal that you may lose money so be on guard.

What does it imply to have a dream concerning shoes?

Dreaming about shoes generally implies that,  you are on a spiritual journey or someone you know is going to undertake to get closer to God.  When it happens, you will need to forget about your worldly involvement and start concentrating on your divine calling. Work towards developing your spirituality to a higher level.


Dreaming about lost shoes is very common since it is an item that we all use or someone close to us wears during the day. When you can’t find your footwear in a dream it can represent it as a sign that you need to change something in your life or change the path you are currently taking. They could also a representation of a spiritual path in your life, and that it is time to focus on your life for the better.

By Florance Saul
May 2, 2021