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There is a lot of pressure placed on the thought of a virgin.

Religions are based around virginal concepts and for some reason virgins are thought to be better or more pure. Because of this, a dream of a Virgin this normally is representative of an innocent time in the life or at least the understanding of something sacred, new or important. This could be a virgin beverage (one without alcohol) or a person who is a Virgin such as a young man or woman, or even could be referring to children, though that is far less likely.

It is usually when a person reaches a sexual age that they begin to be called a virgin. Virgins have long been a symbol of sacred gifts as well as wisdom, in fact Virgins used to be called upon to be the divine receivers for cities and villages. Some believed that virgins were the only people that could receive messages from the divine.

In this dream you may have...

  • Been a virgin.
  • Had sex with a virgin.
  • Been in a room full of virgins.
  • Been a virgin in ancient times.
  • Got a sacred message from a virgin.
  • Played cards with a virgin.
  • Found a home for a virgin.
  • Decided to have a home with a virgin.
  • Built a castle with a 100 virgins.
  • Found virgins eating pizza on your stomach.
  • Found virgins practicing the catholic mass.
  • Found virgins practicing magic.
  • Found naked virgins in the forest.
  • Discovered virgins in the after life.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You received a sacred message from a virgin.
  • You were in a room of virgins.
  • You were a virgin in ancient times.
  • Got a sacred message from a virgin.
  • You were the virgin.
  • If you were wearing white as a virgin.
  • You had big hair and were a virgin.

Detailed dream meaning...

When you have images or dreams of being the virgin and feels afraid of losing their virginity, this is a sign that perhaps you are or should be contemplating doing something that is out of the ordinary and they are afraid of the spiritual ramifications it may cause.

Virgins are often symbols of women who give divine wisdom, this means that your spirit guide is trying to speak directly through you. Understand the prophetic nature of these kinds of dreams and take the messages that you have in these dreams seriously. These are dreams that you want to focus on what directions are specifically given, wisdom that is shared, or follow with what you are told. If there is more than one virgin this is usually a symbol of business gain and the nature of the dream is trying to direct you on the path to success within work and money.

Consider dreams where you are being given a blessing by a virgin or experience a famous virgin (such as the Virgin Mary) as a positive omen for the future. Specifically seeing the Virgin Mary in a dream means you have been recently or are going to be gifted with sacredness from a divine source and will find a problem they have been experiencing to be a lot easier. 

Having sex with a virgin this means that the dreamer is afraid of tainting something beautiful or fears the change that the relationship they are in might have to go through if it gets more serious. When you have dreams like this it is an indicating that the future is heading in a clear direction and there are likely new changes coming your way.

Interacting with a virgin in any other way than sex can indicate true intentions, new projects, or simply a spark of something new coming in your life. Normally dreams of virgins are good and positive omens for the future.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life...

  • A return to innocence.
  • Fear of tainting something beautiful.
  • Fear of loss.
  • Fear of change.
  • Sacred messages.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of virgin...

Innocence. Fear. Naive. Clarity. Sacredness. Construction. Uncertainty. Nobility. Wisdom. 

Clarity. Blessed. Proud. Sacred. Naïve. Pure. True. Honest. Kind. Pleasure. Excitement. Randy.

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