Air conditioning

Air conditioning

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Was you hot in your dream? Dreaming of air conditioning can mean many different things depending on the details in one's dream.

My name is Flo, I am here for you. I am a psychic with 20 years experience of decoding dreams. Yes, I am old to you or young to the next user. But I can give you the best overview, so let's crack on. Air conditioning is associated with gaining coolness in the heat of summer. If you dream of being in an air-conditioned room this can indicate that people around you are going to upset you. The air conditioning can also signify an icy more difficult situation the will have an impact on you. We will now review the main details of how the air conditioning can be featured in your dream.

In your dream you may

Have dream of an air conditioning unit. Dream of when house has an air conditioning room. Dream of an air-conditioned airplane. Been on holiday and dreamt of air conditioning. Dreams of air conditioning being installed in your house. Air conditioning turned out to not work. Broken air conditioning. The air conditioning did not work as expected. You were crushed by an air conditioner. You could see a building that contained air conditioning units from the external side of the walls.

A detailed interpretation of air-conditioning in your dream

Ok did you know that this dream represents that "cold" situation in life. As we have already concluded air conditioning is associated with an icy cold situation in waking life. To dream of a house that has an air conditioning unit is associated with family relationships. There may have been a difficult relationship with a family member.

Sometimes in life, it is hard to forgive people for acting unkindly towards you. The air conditioning in this sense indicates that you have been hurt by somebody's actions in the past. This is more likely to be a family member who has upset you in some way. The home featured in your dream is a collection of your family troubles. To dream of an air-conditioned room indicates possible difficulties with others. To dream that an air conditioning unit is not working correctly suggests that you are likely to give somebody advice and it is not the advice that they want to hear. They may take offense at your advice.

To switch on the air conditioning unit in your dream indicates that it is important to think before you speak. To see air-conditioning units on the external side of the building indicates that a new job prospects are coming in the near future. The job prospect might yield financial gain, but emotionally you may be drained and overworked. The air conditioning, in this sense, indicates that a situation that looks good on the outside might not be that good on the inside! To get trapped in an air conditioning unit or to get killed by an air conditioning unit indicates that there is going to be some new possibilities in the future. If we all look at the air in it's context it is associated with how we breathe and also comfort levels.

To be hot in a dream indicates that there may be some possible difficulties with others, especially if you find yourself in a hot climate. To be on holiday in your dream and switch on the air conditioning indicates that a difficult situation has heated up and a possible confrontation is indicated in the future. Hope you liked reading this dream meaning and don't forget to get in touch if you have any questions. Blessings, Flo x

Feelings you encounter during a dream of air conditioning

Hotness, worried about the future, arguments, conflict, difficulties, relationships and possible prosperity.

By Florance Saul
Nov 28, 2012