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Heavy Bag Dream Meaning

Perhaps you had a dream about carrying a heavy bag and you are wondering what on earth it means!

Some people do not remember their dreams, however, other people have vivid dreams and remember every specific detail.  If you’re wondering what the heavy bag dream actually means we need to focus on the core meaning of the heavy bag and why this has appeared in your dream. It is important to understand that a heavy bag can be connected to your own emotions, it could possibly be that you are carrying a lot of baggage around. I have experienced many different vivid dreams regarding bags. This has been in relation to bags of dropped alternatively dragging a bag on the floor because it is far too heavy.

What do dreams about heavy bags mean?

So without further ado let’s move on to the actual specific dream meaning the heavy bag! If you have a dream where you are carrying a heavy bag, it symbolically means that, in real life, you are experiencing many burdens that are making you unable to handle situations. It might denote responsibilities and duties which are placed on you that you are finding difficult to handle. Problems are making you physically drained, and thus, you require committing fully to resolving issues in order to move forward in life. 

So what is the advice here? We know that the bag itself illustrates emotions and problems. Try to combat problems. If in the same dream you are carrying a heavy bag and you drop it, this simply means that you are burdened in waking life. It seems like you have struggled with "duties and responsibilities" and have managed to complete them without spending too much time. Try to delegate tasks to those who are around you. It shows that whoever you have delegated these tasks to has willingly taken over and completed them. The question remains: could you have done them any better yourself?

Depending on the position of the heavy bag in your dream, it will determine the interpretation that it portrays. If you are unable to lift the heavy bag, it means that you have been given a complex task in life. Maybe you are unable to complete this. You need the assistance of someone else in order to succeed. If the bag is heavy and you have been able to lift it this dream denotes that you have many responsibilities and tasks to accomplish in life. You have been able to handle these tasks well to completion.

What does it mean if the bag is overflowing in the dream?

A situation whereby the bag is overflowing in your dream means that whatever duties you have been assigned are too much for you - to the extent that, it is impossible for you to manage all these tasks by yourself, even if you work hard. A bag full of rocks in your dream symbolically denotes that the tasks are too difficult to the extent that you are being drained physically, mentally, and emotionally, and nothing fruitful is coming out of your struggles. Try to accomplish more tasks.

In the case of the bag, you happen to find in your dream is too heavy that you cannot move it, this implies that you need to ask assistance from those around you in order to gain what you need in life. If the bag is full of rocks or stones, it suggests tasks that you have been assigned are just too much for one person. You are wasting time trying to accomplish them on your own. If you are unable to lift the bag even when it appears light in your dream, this implies that you underestimated the tasks you were assigned. Did you think they were easy to accomplish? This dream is associated with being unable to cope with work. To not knowing what is inside the bag in your dream denotes a new start in life, that you cannot foresee.

What does it mean to drag a heavy bag on the floor in a dream?

This dream is essentially a communication from above to say that you are taking on too much in life. This dream actually means something, it can suggest that you are overburdened, tired, and find it difficult to focus on life. The dream can also be a metaphor of taking on too much baggage in life.

What does it mean to carry a heavy bag in a dream?

Carrying heavy bags in dreams is associated with thinking that there is too much to do too little time. Nevertheless, the heavy bag also represents a feeling of problems in waking life. These problems could possibly be through a relationship problem at work, in this dream it represents a lesson that you need to learn.  Don’t try to take on too much is the key message spiritually if you see many heavy bags in your dream.

What does it mean to carry a heavy handbag in your dream?

The handbag itself represents our own persona,  it is a symbol of how we interact with other people. If the handbag is heavy and you are unable to lift the bag then this can denote that you are going to be frustrated with other people’s opinions on matters close to your heart. As far as this dream goes it can also suggest that you will uncover something hidden in life. This could possibly be a new relationship, a desire, or even a consideration of a different career.

In summary, the heavy bag is associated with your emotional perspective in life. We hope you liked this dream meaning and don’t forget to scroll slightly down in order to gain your free tarot reading.  Thank you and I hope you have enjoyed visiting my website.  Oh, and before I forget don’t forget to email me your dream as we love to hear from and help with dream interpretation. 

In the dream, you may have experienced any of the following

Not being able to lift a bag. The bag was too heavy to lift. The bag was overflowing. A bag was full of rocks. A bag that would not move. Unable to lift the bag even when it appears light.  So we will cover these areas but more importantly, the general meaning of the bag is connected to emotions whether the bag was heavy or light. Hopefully, the meaning below will help you come to some resolution in regards to what this dream means.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Overburdened, drained, responsible, unable to complete a task or lift the bag, and too heavy in your dream.

By Florance Saul
May 8, 2017