Dream About Fitting Shoes


Shoe Fitting Dream Meaning

Shoes in dreams are about our own journey in life. Dreaming of a shoe fit, or measuring your feet is about how we measure up in life. Today is a new day and it is all about measuring up, just like in your dream. Feet in dreams are about how we move through our life journey. We all know when we were a child a shoe fitting was a regular occurrence, as our feet grow our life journey grows.

What does it mean to dream of a shoe fitting?

Let me first ponder on the fact the shoe fitting service helps people find the perfect shoes for their feet. An attractive pair of shoes are tailored to the customer's arch type, size, width, and other important “fitting” factors. Shoes in dreams can range from casual everyday shoes like trainers to more specialized athletic shoes fitted by a professional shoe fitter. Let’s now understand the key spiritual messages of this dream.

Life's meaning, purpose, and direction are found in philosophy. Depending on YOU, it may involve spiritual beliefs or helping others; for others, it could simply be living a life that is full of joy and fulfillment. Find out what will truly bring you happiness in life, it may take a lifetime, but the shoe-fitting dream (especially if you could see a measuring tape) indicates times are going to be good going forward.

Similarly, shoe fitting involves finding the best fit for an individual's feet in the same way that life demands finding our own best path. Much like shoes, our paths in life come in a variety of sizes and types. The only way to find true joy and fulfillment is to properly evaluate our options and fit ourselves into the right path. It is also satisfying to find the perfect shoe, knowing that it fits us perfectly. When we discover our own life path, we gain peace and purpose in our lives. 

What does it mean to dream of a child being fitted for shoes?

A child in a dream is about our “inner child” we must understand the meaning of life and a shoe fitting service is two very different things. The two share many similarities, however, when viewed from the perspective of personal growth and fulfillment. In life, we must find the path that is right for us, much like shoe fitters find the best shoes for their customers. Only by exploring our options can life be truly meaningful and joyful.

It may seem that the shoe fit fitting service and the meaning of life have nothing in common, but both offer opportunities for personal fulfillment and growth. By taking the time to evaluate what is best for us, whether it be a pair of shoes or a direction in life, we can find the perfect fit that will bring us joy and fulfillment.

What is the spiritual advise for a dream of fitting shoes?

If you are feeling a little depressed I would love to share something with you. Exercise first if you are too sad to do this. Consider less coffee. Think about how depressed and anxious you may have been throughout your life. Imagine waking up and telling yourself that I am beautiful. I also feel this is a dream about letting go and trying a new path in life. Try something else if that fails. Do not settle for a miserable life, or being sad. Keep trying. Continue to learn new things. You will discover who you really are. You will find yourself. This is the spiritual message of the dream 

Conclusion of a dream of a shoe fitting

In conclusion, It is important to check in with ourselves regularly (are we okay, is there anything we need to do to improve our life?) just as you need to do for your life path, as our lives are ever-changing. When it no longer feels right, explore your options and find the ideal fit. Hopefully, this dream meaning has given you a new perspective on shoe fitting and life's meaning. In life, finding the right path is a process, just as finding the perfect shoes is.

By Florance Saul
Nov 25, 2022