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If you see somebody performing a backflip in your dream then this can indicate a new start as predicted.

The backflip is associated with turning events, very much like the wheel of fortune in the tarot deck. It can indicate for better or worse or for richer or poorer. Generally, the backflip performed in a dream suggests that despite all misfortune you will come out of life with the best possible chances.


In your dream…

  • You performed a backflip in the dream.
  • Others performed a backflip.
  • You saw a backflip.

If you are a gymnastics in your dream and you perform a black backflip this indicates you are willing to do whatever you can in order to achieve. The bending motion of a backflip in the dream state indicates that you are able to bend and be flexible to any situation. It is also connected to making somebody happy.

The backflip featured in your dream can also indicate that you are worshipping somebody. This could be a partner or alternatively somebody at work. In essence, you are looking at a person's positive side. It is important to try to re-examine your life in order to understand if this person is who think they are. In order to achieve happiness in the long-term, it is important to not try to bend your own emotions all actions in order to please others. This is the key message of this tree.

To actually perform a backflip indicates that you are trying to go out of your way in order to make people like you.

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