Hen or Chicken

Hen or Chicken

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If you see a hen/chicken in your dream then it represents justice, judgment, material probe. If the chicken was alive then this dream involves people.

Hens lay eggs, a nesting hen can lay up to fifteen eggs a week. In order to unlock the spiritual meaning of a hen I feel it is important to turn to the meaning of the egg in symbolism. The egg is connected to enfolding layers in life. The hen egg is a sign of immortality and this can mean that if you see a hen in a dream that an idea will be born. I like to think these are ideas that you have which are currently enclosed in the shell of the egg. Secret life comes from the enclosure of the egg and seeing a hen’s egg in a dream is a lucky sign. You will find that in this dream meaning I use the term hen or chicken. I believe in dreams that they both represent the same thing.

A chicken dream may have included many elements. To see a dead chicken (or if you are going to eat one) indicates that money problems are coming your way. Also, see the meaning for grass. This bird appearing in your dream means that you need balance and regeneration and to think carefully about opposing forces. Sometimes this dream can signify death or disruption in a situation which is associated with a new career move, but a bright future is ahead of you in the distant future so don’t be worried. To hold a hen/chicken in your dream suggests that someone close to you will need guidance. If you dream that the hen/chicken is laying eggs then this means new opportunities are coming your way.

What does it mean to dream of a chicken? According to the Oriental tradition, but also to the European one, dreaming of a hen or a chicken refers to the householder. If you dream your house is full of chickens, you will have wealth and power over other people. In general, chickens predict huge financial gains. A big hen in your dream foretells that you may have good luck in love. A hen in a nest foretells an earning. An old explanation states that if you dream of a hen with chickens you will encounter loss and relationship damage.

What is the biblical meaning of a chicken / hen?

The chicken is a biblical bird that was found in Noah’s ark and symbolizes the Holy Spirit, love, God’s forgiveness, the soul, baptism, and peace. The hen represents the spiritual and creative side of our personality. To dream of a hen means that you need to pay close attention to your family, home, and prosperity. If you feel like you’re going through stagnation in life then this dream is common. You’re just confused and waiting for a sign to tell you to start moving things around again. A dream of a hen is the sign you’ve been waiting for. According to the Bible, the hen also represents grace, rest and quiet. There’s a quote in the Bible saying that the hen portrays favor or grace. Or finding charm and politeness in someone’s eyes. (Genesis 30:27, Exodus 33:12); The hen is also noticed in (Matthew 23:37; Luke 13:34) saying that the bird is very common in Palestine. To take care of a hen and protect her brood from hawks illustrates God’s care of people who worship him (Matthew 23:37).

What is a roaster?

As I have mentioned before, the roaster refers to a male chicken. Dreaming of a roaster indicates many things according to old dream lore. According to Native American dream symbolism, the roaster is a symbol of watchfulness, resurrection, and sexuality. It denotes your sexual desires. A male chicken is called a roaster across US, Australia, and Canada. To dream of the roaster in one dream book denotes that you’re bragging yourself in some way. To see two male chicken fighting in your dream represents your competitive spirit and the rivalry between you and someone you know but dislike.

What does it mean to dream of eating a hen/chicken?

To eat chicken in your dream state symbolizes improvement on a financial plan. This is a dream about “money” and denotes that you will receive unexpected funds. The dream can also imply that you will enjoy the temporary happiness of temporary material things. This could be things that money can’t buy such as like love and peace. To buy a hen or chicken in your dream means you will seize some new career opportunity. In general, your dream represents finance stability.

What does dreaming of a white chicken mean?

You probably know of only one chicken type and you believe it’s the only one but it isn’t. There are a lot of chicken types that vary in color and size. For example, there’s the large gray Brahma chicken that produces over 150 brown eggs per year and it’s widely exposed in the United States. And then there’s the white Leghorn chicken, the Rhode Island Red chicken and many other. Chickens can be white, black, gray, yellow, red and even mixed colored. However, to dream of white chicken has a special meaning and an important message to deliver from your subconscious. Apparently, the white chicken in dreams symbolizes relaxation, purity, and receiving some special surprise from your loved ones. To see a yellow chicken represents luck and prosperity, while the chicken egg in dreams symbolizes spiritual growth and fertility.

What does dreaming of a black chicken mean?

To dream of a black chicken suggests that you need to relax because your problems won’t develop into bigger issues. A black chicken in magical terms is quite powerful. One of the most interesting magical ingredients in hoodoo is the black hen. It is often connected to focus on protecting evil and used for uncrossing work. The reason why I mention this is because to dream of a black chicken can indicate that you are protected spiritually. I do believe a black hen appears to us in our dreams when we have encountered hard times when you receive unexpected help – seeing the black hen symbol always restores your faith in humanity. Additionally, the black chicken has been associated with the gods of the crossroads: Legba, Numba, Eshu and Nzila. In hoodoo chasing a black hen indicates overcoming enemies. I will say, that the dream of a black chicken holds the same meaning.

What does keeping chickens in real life mean on your dreams?

If do you dream of keeping chickens and you keep them in waking life too, it means you’re too focused on your family life and less focused on what you really want from your life. It’s all in your hands – your future, the future of your family, everything! As a symbol in most spiritual work, a chicken represents hard work and happiness in life. Did you know that chicken was domesticated for cockfights throughout history before they became a food source? Today, chickens serve both purposes around the world. Keeping chickens is quite a process and some develop a profitable business, aside from using them as food. Another interesting fact about this bird is that the hen can mate with multiple males. If she doesn’t want to have a particular rooster’s child, she can eject his sperm right away which is interesting if you are facing love problems. What I am trying to say here is that the dream could just be a transition unless you feel it is connected to your love life.

What does dreaming of a speckled chicken mean?

To dream of speckled chicken means that someone in your waking life is pretending to be weak to get your help in life. This dream also reveals that many people around you that need your help. A black and white speckled chicken in ancient times indicates that someone might be spreading lies and gossiping behind your back. It is important to listen to your intuition, which is already focused on the fact that those around you are struggling to listen and let go of internal feelings.

What does it mean if chickens attacked in a dream?

I am going to address what being attacked by a chicken followed by witnessing a chicken attacked in a dream. In my research into this dream, being attacked by a chicken means that career or work ethics could be challenged. To be attacked by many chickens in a coop can represent suppressed aggression and annoyance. Perhaps, you’re losing faith or feel you are not in control of your actions? I will also like to add that seeing a chicken on top of you signifies hidden lust according to folklore. It is important for me to also address that in dream psychology being attacked by a chicken can suggest internal problems with acceptance of a project. Have you ever wondered why chickens attack humans in waking life? A chicken will only attack if they wish to show dominance. Overcrowding also encourages some breeds to be more aggressive than usual. The only way to deal with this type of chicken is by leaving them be. Or in other words – back down. However, you should pay close attention to see where their aggressive behavior comes from. Spiritually speaking, I believe this can also translate into the dream. You could need more space to be alone. Chickens sometimes attack due to lack food and water or they are being abused by other chickens. The signs of being abused are bold spots, bloody patches of skin, scars, missing portions of the comb or wattles. Poor things!

Any specific attack of a chicken by a fox or wolf in a dream can indicate that you are digging for something important in life. This is due to the fact that the predator generally digs under the coop. Seeing a hen then a trail of feathers can indicate, periodically that life will seem stressful for a while according to the dream books I have read. I do think that if you could see a chicken attacked and then notice the carcass this can indicate that you will focus on meaty projects going forward. Seeing several dead chickens in a dream can imply something is missing. Such a dream also denotes love problems if the chickens were pecking. The dream is focused on learning secrets that may or may not change their already formed opinion of you.

What does it mean to dream of slaughtering a chicken?

Sometimes we never think of chickens as meat, we only see chickens when they reach our plates. This is why this is such an interesting dream. I have researched older dream lore on slaughtering chickens, which in our real world is abundant. To dream that you personally slaughter chicken can imply that you wish to end something difficult in life. Dreaming of a chicken plant can indicate a change of perceptions. I remember visiting a plant when I was in college, and, unfortunately to this day, I have not forgotten the smell. The slaughtering of chickens in a dream can indicate a new beginning in many ways. If we think about the chicken itself we must look at a possible transformation. The fact that this bird 100 years ago was rather a skinny active bird but today due to the slaughtering business our chickens are slow moving and docile. Therefore, transformation proves to be the key symbolism. To dream of slaughtering a chicken means you will hear some positive news from a friend with whom you might travel with soon. If someone else slaughtered the chicken in your dream, it represents a fear of being betrayed or by someone you love.

Have you ever wondered how a chicken is slaughtered in reality?

I have touched on this in the previous section, that there are chicken slaughterhouses where the chickens are birthed and raised, then killed, of course! But even if people claim they give these birds a humane treatment, many undercover videos on youtube showing what’s really happening behind closed doors in slaughter dreams. Dreaming of this could just be because you watched a video which is the theory of Sigmund Freud the famous dream psychologist

What does it mean to kill a chicken in a dream?

Killing a chicken in a dream can be rather graphic and can be unsettling. This dream is one where we can gain the clues to your emotional mindset psychologically. First of all, to dream of butchering a chicken with a knife can in ancient dream books indicate that people will turn to you for advice. If you pluck the chicken (using your hands) this can imply that you wish to remove difficulties from life. Using a plucking machine can indicate that others will help you remove problems. Using heated water or a scaling tank to kill the chicken indicates that you might find yourself in hot water. To slice a chicken with a knife indicates that a new start is ahead of you. Placing a chicken in a cone or slicing their throat can suggest that you feel empowered but it’s hard for you to focus. Cutting off a chickens head in a dream indicates draining emotions.

What does dreaming of a hen or chicken mean for your love life?

I have included this section as I wanted to provide an overview and how this can relate to your love life. When the male chicken mates with a hen, he mounts the hen and stands on her back. He lowers his vent, while the female inverts hers to meet with the rooster’ vent. There’s no actual penetration, while the sperm released by the rooster is taken into the hen’s vent. As we mentioned, if she doesn’t like the male, she rejects the sperm. Therefore, this means that you might need to think about your partner.

What do baby chickens in dreams mean?

How cute to see these in your dream! I hope they were down-covered! Baby chicken loves to explore the world and this is the main interpretation of this dream. This is all about your early life an new possibilities that await. To see baby hens in a dream represent your awareness when it comes to childish behavior according to older dream lore

Meaning of 1920s dream dictionary related to chickens

  • To dream of a more than one indicates money is on the cards.
  • To dream of a chicken coop then people will think highly of you.
  • To dream of being chased by a chicken then you are going to be confused.
  • To eat chicken means that wealth is coming your way.
  • A fox catching a chicken then people will talk about you.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a hen.
  • Seen chickens.
  • Seen chicks.
  • Seen a hen with chickens.
  • Seen a lot of chicks or chickens in your house.
  • Encountered a white hen.
  • Encountered a hen pecking.
  • Seen a henhouse.
  • Seen a hen brooding.
  • Seen a hen with big chickens.
  • Fed hens and chickens.
  • Seen a dead chicken.
  • Noticed a hen without chickens.
  • Seen a hen laying an egg.
  • Seen a fat or thin hen.
  • Seen a big hen.
  • Noticed many hens behind a fence.
  • Seen hens that were eaten by a ferret.
  • Encountered a black hen.
  • Seen hens walking through a yard.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The hen or chicken is pleasing in appearance.
  • The hen lays an egg.
  • The animal is friendly and approachable.
  • You are feeding the hen or chicken in the dream.

Detailed dream interpretation 1930s

If you experience a hen/chicken in your dream, this represents justice. If the chicken was alive, this involves real people. To see a dead chicken (or if you are going to eat one) indicates that money problems are coming your way. [Also see the meaning for grass.] I am going to now briefly go over the ancient dream lore so that this can help you with the meaning. A hen featured in a dream means that you will meet a woman who has a good soul. This bird suggests that you need balance and regeneration, and to balance opposing forces. Sometimes this dream can signify death or disruption in a situation associated with a career, but a bright future is ahead of you in the distant future, so do not worry.

To dream of a yellow hen is a lucky omen. A dream of giving birth to a chicken egg indicates that things are going to be happy for you in the near future. A dream of a black chicken indicates good luck, a white chicken, and things are going to be relaxed in your life. A brown chicken means that things in life are complicated and they will sort out soon. A black crest on a chicken is considered lucky. To stroke, a chicken, or hold the feathers mean that people are going to run smoothly. A dream of chicken grain can indicate that people are going to celebrate soon. A dream of a pheasant (which is part of the chicken family) denotes that economically times are hard.

To dream of a chicken coop means that sunny days and happy times are coming your way. A dream of a black chicken indicates good luck. A white chicken means things are going to be relaxed in your life. A brown chicken tells that things in life are complicated, but they will sort out soon. A black crest on a chicken is considered a lucky omen. To stroke, a chicken, or hold its feathers mean that things are going to run smoothly. A dream of chicken grain can indicate that people are going to celebrate very soon.

To dream of hen’s house indicates that you're happy to continue. To dream of chickens that are a good egg, layers suggest that a person in your life is about to change. If in your dream the chickens are noisy: squeaking or screeching then something is going to take time to unfold. To dream of the breed, the gold line suggests that you are soon to have been given some romantic gestures. If in your dream a fox tries to eat the chickens this means that people in your life are going to be complicated.

A dream which involves a person (other than yourself) petting a chicken signifies that people are likely to gossip about you or someone close to you. If you are a man and you dream of chickens then this is associated with your career. You will learn a new skill to pass the time. To dream of a chicken coop suggests that sunny days and happy times are coming your way. To dream of a hen that is losing it's feathers means that people in your family may become ill for some time. If your dream features a dead chicken this means that someone will try to cross you. To be pecked by a hen indicates that someone is not happy about how you are coming across. A dream of chicks indicates new starts are coming so get ready for some positive times. To roast a chicken is considered good luck.

What is the difference between a chicken and a hen? I like to include some facts in my dream meaning. Often people mail me about hens and then chickens. Some people do not know the difference. So I am going to provide an overview so it is easy to understand. The difference between hen and chicken is very simple. The general term for the bird, both male and female is “chicken”, while “hen” refers to the adult female chicken only. A male chicken is known as “rooster” across the US, Australia, and Canada. The male chickens are called cocks or cockerels, while the castrated male chicken is called capons.

A young female chicken is called pullet, while the hens are often called “chooks”. To dream of chicken or hen, in particular, signifies a positive phase in life. You are going to experience something wonderful anytime soon. But just like any other dream, this one also has negative interpretation. The chicken also refers to cowardice or lack of will and strength to do something that must be done.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of hens

Motherly. Confident. Happy. Proud. Surprised. Funny. Laughing. Busy.

By Flo Saul
Nov 18, 2012