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Absconding in a dream suggests that you are trying to get away from something in waking life.

If you are a female and you dream of absconding can suggest that other people around you will be dishonest. It is normally associated with work and careers. The key message of this dream is to be wary of co-workers.


  • Running away to get married.
  • Leaving secretly.
  • Avoiding arrest or custody.
  • Escaping bail.
  • Avoiding punishment.

Detailed dream meaning…

Try to take care that you are not over critical. If you are a man and dream of absconding it can suggest that you will fall in love with another soon. Other dream dictionaries denote that the actual dream of absconding is connected to feeling trapped in an awkward situation. This is making you feel unhappy in life. Do you feel that you're not great at what you do?

If in your dream you run away it can be associated with not acting in the best way in life. It is a warning dream. To see another abscond in the dream indicates a false friend. If you dream that your partner absconded with someone this is an indication of good news ahead. To dream of someone absconding to get married is a dream of prosperity, success and good health.

If in your dream you run away in order to get away from a partner or your family then this is a positive omen. It means that you were going to be loved deeply and will be faithful to your partner. It can also suggest that you are going to experience some recognition this could be in business or alternatively through a social circle.

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A quarrel is on the cards if you dream that you absconded from the law or bail. There is a focus on great loss in life. Try to watch your money.

Feelings encountered when dreaming of an aborigine…

Happiness. Contentment. Spiritual enlightenment. Connecting with inner guides in order to find the direction of life.


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