Feet Dream Meanings

Feet Dream Meanings

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Feet in dreams are associated with our moral standing.

Feet in dreams indicate how we feel in life, our thoughts and actions and our inner workings. To be crippled in the legs or feet indicates possible illness or accident in waking life. In ancient dream dictionaries, many sailors and merchants use to dream of gangrene or feet being chopped off, this was focused on other people’s joy and happiness.

Your dream

  • You see your own feet in life.
  • Your feet are chopped off.
  • You cannot walk on your own feet in life.
  • You are walking on your feet in your dream.
  • To dream of burning feet indicates danger in life.
  • A brisk walk in a dream indicates danger.

Dream meaning of feet

To dream your feet or legs have been cut off indicates pain and damage to others. To dream you see feet of children suggests success. If you have a problem with your feet such as an ulcers indicates you will be financially secure. For you to dream of long toenails means that you need to develop your own power and psychical strength. To dream your feet are being cut off reflects that you need to stand by your own principles. Feet can we associated with losing your own self-confidence in life. The feet being cut can be associated with your own feelings within. To see the feet of a baby indicates friendship. To dream of injuring your feet in the dream suggests possible torment.

To understand this dream on a deeper level, you need to focus on the general interpretation of both feet and legs which represents feeling somewhat worried in life. The foot is associated with freedom in life and belongs to finding a deeper wisdom. To dream you are running on your feet signifies repentance in life. If someone scratches the soles of your feet in a dream it indicates loss and damage in life. Washing your feet in the dream indicates physical strength. To see feet on animals in the dream indicates you need to see the whole picture in life. To break any bones in the foot suggests that need to clear the way to see the truth. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of feet

Surprised. Impressed. Worried. Anxious. Confused. Happy. Stressed. Adoring. Joyful.

By Florance Saul
Aug 19, 2017