Racism / Racist

Racism / Racist

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To experience racism or to be racist in a dream indicates being too judgmental or that those around you are judging you.

Usually these kinds of dreams are warnings about your own false feelings about a person or a situation or that others are placing judgments on you. Consider ways first in which your own emotions are not being honest and fair to another – for example, are you not being kind to a person because you don’t like them or is it really that you feel threatened by them?

Consider your own feelings and imagine if someone would feel that way about you and treat you’re the way you are treating them, would you consider that fair or be happy with the treatment? When you witness prejudice and racism in a dream sometimes it can also indicate taking a stand for something that you believe in or rooting for an underdog. The way the racism is focused in the dream has a strong influence on the interpretation of a dream.

In this dream you may have

  • Been accused of racism.
  • Stood up for someone that was getting treated unfairly due to their race.
  • Been a part of the civil rights movements or similar cause.
  • Used a racial slur.
  • Had someone used racist language towards you.
  • Felt that you were a different race in the dream and felt persecuted (understood how it felt to be persecuted).
  • Were uncomfortable around certain people because of the color of their skin.
  • Been victim to a racial crime.
  • Were denied something (a job, a place to live, etc.) based on your race.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You stood up to racism that was done to you or someone else.
  • You fought against racism.
  • You understood how it felt to be judged unfairly and it woke you up to an issue going on in your life.

Detailed dream meaning

Consider your dream about racism and determine who the racism was directed to or who the racist in your dream was to get a proper interpretation. When racism is pointed towards you in a dream and you feel that you are not being given a fair chance or being treated differently because of your race, in your dream you want to be careful who you are trusting around you right now. Usually these types of dreams are usually representative of persons or situations around you right now that you are not being given a fair shake.

Sometimes your psyche will realize that things are just off and can’t make heads or tails, but you know that you are not being treated equally. Sometimes racial dreams will be a response to unfairness in your life such as being looked over for a job promotion because of your gender or not getting an opportunity because of your age. The dream itself is not always about actually experiencing racism in your life, but some sort of inequality that is not something that you should be taking lying down. When you have dreams of being persecuted like this it is your mind’s way of saying, “Enough is enough!” Determine how you can find ways to alleviate your own worries and to solidify your standing to a better and fairer position.

When you are the person with racial issues in your dream then you want to take a look first at your own deep seeded feelings. Do you really feel that way about people of another race or is there a specific person or situation that set you off? When you are have dreams where you are disturbed by your own actions then you need to consider ways to solve the problem in your waking world. If you can be sure that the dream is not reflecting your own repressed feelings then there is something else going on. Often these dreams are linked to something that has happened and you want to be sure that your own behaviors are being fair to others in your waking world.

When you are rallying a cause in your dream and supporting someone that is being taken advantage of because of a racial issue, this is a time to act out in your own life. If you have the means then you should be helping others more and your mind is trying to get you motivated to act and use the excess that you have in your life. You are in a place to help others and to get involved in your waking world and use your own skills wisely.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Getting involved in a political or social cause.
  • Helping people that have less than you or acts of charity.
  • Taking a stance in something you believe in.
  • Being fair and honest (or vice versa).
  • Questioning authority.
  • Taking a more active or accountable stance in your life.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of racist

Scared. Worried. Nervous. Angry. Unjust. Absolute. Combative. Shy. Punished. Persecuted. Moved. Different. Peace. Just. Righteous. Protective. Determined

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012