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To see a wheelchair in a dream represents feelings of overall helplessness.

A wheelchair is a symbol of dependency and the reliance on the help of others. The dream may represent feelings of dependency for yourself or others being dependent on you. Feelings of dependency often arise from what we perceive is our relationships with other people. You may be at a point in your life where you need a lot of help and you find yourself relying on others to get you through. You may feel that you aren’t capable of doing things on your own. You may also be at a point in your life when you are stressed, overloaded with a lot of work or problems at home. You may feel restricted and unable to do much because of this pressure. Wheelchairs do not necessarily mean bad things, they are manifestations of feelings we have of being unable to do certain things. But it is this realization that you can overcome your problems.

Detailed dream interpretation

I have split this dream meaning into a general overview followed by certain areas encountered in your dream. If you’ve seen yourself alone and in a wheelchair, this means you have an overall feeling of helplessness. You may feel that you are unable to do something which is important to you. When you see yourself going fast and out of control in a wheelchair, this indicates that you need to seek assistance. You may be encountering a lot of stress and need someone to help you. If you see yourself being pushed around in a wheelchair, it may mean that you feel you are dependent on the person pushing you. Feelings of helplessness, while this is going on, will usually confirm that in real life, you think that you are relying too much on one person. However, if you initially feel sad when in a wheelchair and then find relief when someone is there to move you along, that may mean you are seeking help for a problem.

Getting up from a wheelchair or suddenly walking in the dream means overcoming that dependency. You may have gotten up unaided, or helped someone else up from a wheelchair. This means that you are finding the power to do what you need to do. It will help to know the people around you and how they relate to you. Your feelings of dependency or being pushed around may be reflections of how you relate to these people. Seeing someone else in a wheelchair would mean that you may view that person as helpless or emotionally retarded. These may be people close to you or colleagues who are constantly needy. Seeing them get up from a wheelchair may mean you see them as being empowered, especially if you are the one helping them up.

If you are a person who uses a wheelchair then these dreams of you”wheelchairs” are common. Sigmund Freud believed that wheelchairs featured in such a dream are connected to external factors such as images in daily life, I have however addressed this dream below so scroll down. Now, if you do not use a wheelchair in daily life then this can take a different meaning. Wheelchairs can be used variety range of different medical reasons such as muscular dystrophy or spina bifida, In these cases, people use wheelchairs permanently to ensure that they can take part in normal activities in daily life. From another viewpoint, wheelchairs can be used for the elderly due to having weak or tired legs. The purpose of this dream meaning is to provide a practical and concise definition what your wheelchair dream means.

What does it mean to dream of an electric wheelchair?

There are various wheelchairs on the market in our modern world, reclining wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, electric wheelchair and mobility scooters. I will try to answer the question of what seeing specific wheelchairs in a dream signify as someone from Facebook has asked me this question. To dream of an electric powered wheelchair can indicate that you are feeling things are “out of control” and that you need to control what other people think and say about a given situation. How do you feel about the wheelchair? Free? Scared? Wheelchairs sometimes refer to a weak situation in life. I normally ask these questions when you see a wheelchair. Is there a problem that you are trying to run away from? Do you feel vulnerable right now? How can you overcome a problem? Electric wheelchairs often have a joystick and this indicates that even though you are in control you are fighting something in life. A mobility scooter in a dream indicates a journey. The scooter is frequently found on four wheels and this is a positive dream that indicates you will have clarity in life. Riding in a mobility scooter in the dream indicates you should let people treat you without the dignity that you deserve! Seeing a reclining wheelchair implies that other people are going to closely think about how they can help you. Have you been stressed out recently? In dreams, we sometimes have “symbols” that give us an idea of how we are feeling.

What is it mean to dream of pushing a wheelchair?

Pushing a wheelchair in a dream means that you need to ask help from somebody. Try to communicate with others. Pushing a modern mid-wheel powered chair indicates that someone will provide you with a project that will give you focus. Pushing an old-fashioned wheelchair foretells good relationships going forward.

What does it mean parking in a disabled space in a dream?

To see a disabled parking space in a dream indicates your own feigned empathy to others. If you do not need to park in this particular space but do so in the dream it indicates bad behavior, try to think carefully about actions in life. If you dream that you have seen others park in a disabled spot when they don’t actually need to can suggest that you will be amazed at someone in life. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a person is truly disabled or not - there are many different hidden elements of everybody. A disabled person could indicate that they don’t necessarily need to be in a wheelchair, and the parking space means they don’t necessarily need to have a physical need. If you have a disabled sticker in your dream then this can indicate that other people will look up to you.

What does the wheelchair symbolism mean in a dream?

As a spiritual symbolism, the wheelchair can represent that you are feeling you can’t get to where you want to in life. Because this is due to the fact that the wheelchair itself is a representation of being somewhat “confined” this could be in respect to a situation in waking life, generally a work situation or an area where you are likely to be controlled. I am assuming when writing this you are able-bodied. It is quite common if you dream of sports in a wheelchair. To carry out sports bound by a wheelchair in your dream, or to see a sports event that features people in a wheelchair indicates a new start. In waking life if you do dream of seeing yourself in a "sports" wheelchair it indicates competition. Alternatively, if you are a wheelchair (in real life) it is quite common to dream of not being the wheelchair in your dream state.

What does it mean to dream of being in a wheelchair when you are one in real life?

As I have said before in waking life being in a wheelchair when you are in one in waking life just means that you are charming and fun and content! There is a focus that maybe you have been hanging out with people who don’t think you are capable. Of course, you know that you will only ask for others help when you need it - but it can indicate that people are annoying you with trying to help with everything.

What does it mean to dream of somebody who is paralyzed?

Seeing someone who is in a wheelchair or paralyzed in a dream can indicate you will not have movement in a relationship. This dream could be considered worrying - depending on the details, especially if you dream of being paralyzed when you are not in real life. This dream can also represent power and control over a situation and unable to escape a problem - remember their are always "ways" out.

What does it mean to dream of seeing yourself in a wheelchair?

Seeing yourself in a wheelchair can mean that you’re losing something “important” in life. We sometimes have these types of dreams when something extreme will control you. This could possibly be a problem in a partnership or a relationship with another. These types of dreams are often resulting from hidden fears and anxieties in life in regards to control. In very rare cases seeing yourself in a wheelchair’s chair during your sleep may be a little warning about something, this could be your health, private relationships or even your career goals. Is important for me to say that before we judge what this "warning" really means to you we need to exhaust the symbols in the dream and the way you feel about things in life. Try to look for metaphors and reasons why you would have such a dream. I hope you enjoyed these dream meanings and check out my other parts of this site. Flo.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a wheelchair

Helplessness from being pushed around, wanting to help others, empowerment from being able to get up from a wheelchair.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013