Gun powder

Gun powder dream meaning

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Well, gunpowder proves to be an interesting symbol in our dream as it has proved to be exceptionally interesting regarding battles and scientific experiments. Alfred Nobel, who has experimented with gunpowder and lost his brothers and fellow workers due to gunpowder, could be the person who has dreamed mostly of gunpowder.

But, we don`t know. Anyhow, what does our subconscious reveal us through gunpowder?

It is definitely an explosion that severely affects your life. You might face an explosive or revolutionary alteration in your career, personal life or investments. It may also affect those who are close to you, for good or for bad.

  • Unexpected firing: You will be fired unexpectedly, without proper acknowledgement or pre notice. You will fall into a state that you have never thought of falling into. Sometimes, you will have to work under your current co-workers or juniors. It will affect your family life, your relationship with your husband or wife and the children. Maybe you will suddenly lose the trust and respect you have been receiving from them. Your professional life will arrive at a temporary standstill or a critical turn. But, the standstills and turns are not always for bad, you can find thousands of people who succeeded in their life due to such explosive encounters.
  • Investments facing danger: This interpretation will be useful if you are investing in a stock market? The company you are investing in, which had earned investors` credit for decades and which had never faced a financial crisis from day one would collapse suddenly. Be wise and intelligent in your investment. Same goes for your bank savings, investments related to real estates and plantations. What if the tea estate you bought last week was infected by a new version of blight? What if the property you reserved yesterday was destroyed in one of these natural disasters?
  • Personal life: Your fiancé or spouse, who, you have been boasting about for their affection and care, will leave you in a mental asylum! Sometimes, you will meet your dream princess or dream prince. A person that you never hoped to love you in return, will come begging for your love. Maybe your long unknown relatives would suddenly emerge with a fortune changing the track your life was following.
  • Emergency: Your life that was flowing in a monotonous, carefree delight will face some emergency that might need your decisive, spontaneous reaction capabilities. The present world we are living on is never safe. This dream will direct you to be protective and active .Always try staying conscious with your day to day activities and community relationships. Always stay with an adrenaline ready mind.
  • Or are you the gunpowder: Probably you will begin making gunpowder decisions! They will affect you as well as others. It means that you must be thoughtful in making decisions and proceeding in your life. Always think of the different aspects of a situation before hurrying up to arrive at a conclusion. You will sometimes lose valuable opportunities and friends because of your prejudice. Thus, it is advisable not to play explosive in your life, unless you need a revolution with no guarantees.

By Florance Saul
Jun 5, 2013