Baby duck

Baby duck

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To see baby ducks in the dream indicates that new opportunities and new possibilities are coming your way.

This is specifically associated with rebirth. The mother of the baby ducks featured in your dream is a suggestion that when you start new beginnings are required right now. If the baby ducks are found on a lake in your dream this can suggest the importance of the symbolism of water. Not only is water important to our survival it is also connected to emotions. The baby ducks in this sense are associated with becoming more at one and at peace with life.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen many baby ducks.
  • Scene one baby duck.
  • Being a baby duck yourself.
  • Seen fluffy baby ducks on the pond.
  • Been attacked by a baby duck.
  • Seen baby duck eggs in your dream.

Detailed dream meanings of a baby duck

As we have already concluded above in the introduction, baby ducks represent a new start and a fresh beginning in life. In terms of the real meaning - we need to look at the tarot card of the fool.

The baby duck symbolizes new start and a new era in life. This is an exciting time for the dreamer, it indicates that situations have come to a head. There may be friendship which has become difficult to maintain. The good news is that it is time just to let go of any negativity in life.

To see baby duck eggs in your dream indicates a new start and more possibilities in the future. The duck eggs in this sense are connected to new relationships and a renewal in a sense of energy in life. Maybe you need to watch your diet or exercise more?

To see more than one baby duck, perhaps with it's mother indicates that you need to be nurturing and caring in your life. To see a father duck on the water also indicates that you may not have had the nurture and love that you deserved when you grew up your childhood. The baby duck here represents somebody that yearns for acceptance, especially from their mother or father.

To see six baby ducks is a positive omen it denotes that if a relationship is lost it’s spark then this relationship will become important to the dreamer going forward. The dreamer work on the relationship to try to create passion and love once again. A single baby fluffy duck in the dream signifies passionate times ahead. This singular duck is a representation of a new start or beginning such as a new job or possibly a new beginning.

In this dream, the following words may have detailed emphasis

Lasting love, passion, new beginnings, chances, New start, rebirth and finally taking a chance in your life.

By Florance Saul
May 10, 2017