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The Suit of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

The Pentacles or Coins as they are otherwise known, take us through the journey in which our ability to connect to a stable life, or to our physical (health) and financial security and freedom are laid out for us. This is specific to the security of all things connected with the Element of Earth. Whenever we have matters regarding money or job security, we ask the Pentacles to tell us what to do because they are closely tied into our deep and integral connection with the Earth and the unending cycle of abundance we have available to us. The story of the Pentacles begins with the Ace reaching down from heaven expressing to us that we all have the divine power to have whatever we want financially and in life but it is only through our specific journey with our own man-made limitations which inhibit us from willingly receiving what the Universe has set aside for us.

The Suit of the Pentacles make up a formula for causing desires to become a reality, the manifestations of ideals and what we go through in order to get to that point. Some of the cards show imbalance or uncertainty such as with the 2 of Pentacles where a person is juggling two coins at once showing the balance and skill that the material world requires. To gain abundance, we must find balance in all things.

The Pentacles take us through the journey of our lives within this specific aspect of ourselves; depicted in a seasonal cycle as we attempt to identify and fulfill our life’s goals. In the winter of life when the world is sleeping and our garden is at rest; we go inward and begin to plan as well as contemplate what it is that we want to grow in the coming year. The first five cards of the suit (starting with the Ace) illustrate the pages in our story as we walk through this phase or season. Then the spring comes, depicted in the 6, 7 and 8 of pentacles and we busy ourselves with the planting of these seeds so that we can have a strong harvest.

We begin to save, to make investments, to give to charity in order to safely secure our abundance in the Universe; and we begin to put physical changes into action for the safety of our shelter, our health and our land. In the summer we take responsibility over the life or death of what we have begun to grow. We must take care of what has grown and get rid of what has died to make room for new life. We must nourish our goals, give them water, keep them safe from harm, and monitor them.

If we have completed the cycle appropriately enough, we will gain much as is depicted with the comforting images of the nine and ten of Pentacles where the rewards that we will receive for our efforts shine throughout our life in the fall with a comfortable and bountiful harvest.

Pentacles in tarot is associated with money and value in life.

Here is a quick tarot meaning of each card.

  • Ace of pentacles means a marriage and money.
  • Two of pentacles means decision and risk in connection with money.
  • Three of pentacles means tangible results.
  • Four of pentacles means being paranoid.
  • Five of pentacles means faith and happiness.
  • Six of pentacles suggests charity in life and giving to others.
  • Seven of pentacles denotes patience and pleasure in life.
  • Eight of pentacles is the short journey.
  • Nine of pentacles suggests anxiety and news.
  • Ten of pentacles means strong foundations.
  • Page of pentacles means a messenger.
  • Knight of pentacles represents an official person.
  • Queen of pentacles means a fair women, widow and a gossip.
  • King of pentacles suggests a fair or grey-haired man and widower.