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Storage is related to your macho tenancies in waking life.

This dream is connected to your need to find inner storage, you need time on your own to review things in life. Essentially, if you were putting items of things in storage this means that it may represent a passage of time. You may be soon moving towards a life changing event. The storage in boxes denotes that you need to evoke change in your life. A room full of items in storage means that you have a desire to understand worldly problems, to look inside people to try to find a way out and make life better.

In your dream, you may have

  • You were putting things in storage.
  • You were in a storage company.
  • You see boxes.
  • Lots of sacks.
  • You pack things in boxes.
  • You put your things in storage.
  • You are in a room full of storage.

Great things will happen if

  • If your items were safe.
  • You were not worried in your dream.

Detailed dream interpretation

Associated with hiding your true feelings, lot's of sacks means that you have uncovered ideas in life. If your relaxed in your dream then this means that there are many lesson's to be learned about your hidden thoughts in waking life. There is also a rule in old dream dictionaries that the dream of storage is connected to temptation and many hidden choices. Even though this dream probably seems influential it is connected to your internal emotions. If you put your possessions in storage then this means that you may need to relax more.

To find yourself in a warehouse full of storage or boxes means that you are looking for freedom and independence. Maybe you are trying to fit into others. Your unconscious may also be urging you to work out what you need freedom from.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of storage

Brave. Enamored. Loved. In Love. Cautious. Happy. Entranced. Disgusted. Horror. Nervous. Quiet. Silent. Dead. Tired. Alive. Strong. Superior. Active. Rejected.

By Florance Saul
Nov 18, 2012