Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Having a dream about insanity means that you want to let go of your inhibitions and live the life you would like.

There is a focus on trying to act reckless but circumstances are forbidding you to do so.

This can also mean that you are having second thought’s in making decisions, you are not fully confident about future plans that you have made.

Here are some popular dreams concerning insanity

  • Being Insane, but being happy.
  • Insane and suffering from harsh beating.
  • Foaming at the mouth.
  • Being admitted in a mental asylum.
  • Suffering Insanity due to illegal drugs.
  • A mental hospital is featured in one’s dream.

Quick representation of these dreams

  • You want to let go of your restrained behavior and be happy.
  • You are deeply in love; you are expecting nothing in return even if the relationship is no longer healthy.
  • Excitement.
  • You are worried that you will be punished for your wrong doings.
  • You are planning to do an act of violence.

Detailed explanation

Insanity in your dreams can mean future prosperity, it is a sign that you will in the future have the money to do the things that you would like, but be wary because your hard earned cash might go to waste. It is good to let go of your inhibitions once in a while, but think of others that maybe affected. Insanity also means profits that are caused by evil doings. These are moneys that are received due to illegal transactions. It can also mean inheritance from a deceased father, so, wealth that has happened out of a negative event. An event that you have no idea how to react. If you dream about being mad and at the same time you are in a bad situation within the dream it can suggest that you are deeply in love. You are aware that your relationship with the “one you love” is no longer healthy and is causing you harm, but you don’t care as your willing to do whatever it takes to carry on with that bond.

Foaming at the mouth depicts excitement, an excitement that you can no longer bear. You are probably looking forward to something and this will benefit you. Try not to get excited too much because it might disappoint you.

Dreaming of being inside a mental asylum is a warning that someone close to you might go to prison for their wrong doings. Furthermore, dreaming of being admitted to a mental hospital with other patients can mean a possible crime. This dream can also indicate that you would like to be secluded away from the public eye, have time for yourself.

Narcotics are illegal drugs that can cause you to be mad and do violent things. If you dream about taking such drugs, it is a warning that you are prepared to commit illegal actions - just to execute your plans. Do not jump into conclusions, carefully plan your steps, a well thought strategy will prove that things in life can be better.

There are various ways to interpret insanity, examine your dream thoroughly and the things in your walking life that might be related to your dreams.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of mental health

Anger, fury, rage, wrath, destruction, developing feelings of frustration, annihilation, nuisance and ferocity.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013