Two headed snake dream

Two headed snake dream

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Oh dear what a dream? A two headed snake in a dream can suggest many things and to be honest is rather a “rare” dream.

So, was you afraid of the two headed snake in your dream? My name is Flo, I am here for you. Here to help you decode this dream. For two decades I have been researching snake dreams and you have finally reached my website. I am so glad. Now, before we move on to the meaning, I want to say one thing if you are afraid of the two headed snake in your dream it can mean suppressed problems in life. So let’s begin! In many dream accounts two heads of a snake is a warning from others, the snake is a symbol of our mind - the subconscious. According to the famous dream theorist Freud the snake is known as a phallic symbol and it is connected to sex in life. The snake is the sign that we are frustrated.

Multiple heads on a snake can also indicate different directions you could take in life. Are you holding onto feelings that should remain in the past? The “heads” of the snake can denote “pathways” that you could take but you are unsure of what way to go!

Wait... what does the two headed snake mean?

If you were afraid in your dream of a large two headed snake this denotes your suppressed fears in reality. You need to overcome your worries - yes, they’re real but if you imagined your fears, you need to realize they’re not real. People often stress over things that will never happen. Become fearless. Every time you feel scared and afraid of something, ask yourself – ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ You will then realize that you are fearless and you can handle everything.

Many people have regularly dreamed of snakes and some famous psychologists have tried to understand these dreams, I have already covered Sigmund Freud. Serpents and snakes have appeared in our dreams for many years. Carl Jung stated the serpent was a symbol of enmity. But what does this mean? It indicates a crossroads in life. You will face a crossroads. But why were you so fearful of the two headed snake in the dream? This could be due to our connection with serpents and snakes and the unconscious mind, from a Jungian viewpoint snakes were associated with a symbol of difficulty. As I have already mentioned above, Sigmund Freud had a different perspective and he believed dreams of snakes were connected to sex and wrote about this psychoanalysis.

To see a two headed snake, from a general perspective suggests that you will gain knowledge from others. Sexually, it can signal frustration. Freud believed the shape of the snake was connected to the symbol of a “penis.” If other you could see other people afraid of the two headed snake in a dream it reveals your concern for people you care for. To see a snake attack you suggests you need to stop caring too much for people as you could be neglecting your own life. Everyone has a way of living their life and everyone has a choice. You have your own life and it’s time to live it without constantly worrying about someone else’s life.

If you suffered from oneirophobia (fear of nightmares) due to the two headed snake, then in real life the same fear will be experienced in your dreams. To be chased by a two headed snake foretells a traumatic experiences from the past. Once you accept what’s happened and move one your fear and your nightmares will stop. If you dream of a two headed green snake this suggests you need to be more grounded. If this turns out to be a nightmare in your dream, it’s possible something scared you in reality. Overcome what scared you it could be possible job or relationship loss… sort this out so such dreams will go away. It could also mean that you have suppressed fear of surviving a trauma from the past again. Accept your losses and head towards a new beginning.

If you have a phobia about snakes dreams in your dream, it indicates your psychological state. Something or someone’s been messing with your mind recently. Try to meditate and move away from the thing/person who’s making you feel miserable and scared of life. You don’t need negative people in your life. However, it could also signify your traumatic experience you can’t get over. Accept what’s happened to you and move on. All your bad dreams and fears will certainly disappear once you realize your past is behind and this moment is all you have.

There has been much written about the two headed snake that is associated with kundalini. So what is kundalini? Basically kundalini is connected to how we release energy at the bottom of our spine. It can sometimes be seen as a coiled snake. The kundalini serpent is a symbol of our own spine, our energy levels and forces of life. When you see the two headed snake it can suggest not only the present but also the past and future. The fact that it has two or more heads in the dream can indicate wisdom in life, deception, being tempted by something. If you see it sliding on the floor in your dream it represents health and a new beginning. A red snake with multiple heads can suggest passion and sex. Now, kundalini is basically yoga that opens the chakra of the crown found on the top of your head. It helps with unblocked energy levels.

Hey, here is more about a two headed snake dream

  • You felt positive fear about the two headed snake: It implies that you yearn to meet someone new or do something new. Although you’re scared to make the first step, you will soon gather the courage to follow your dreams. Your dream is encouraging you to do so with the positive fear you felt.
  • You killed the two headed snake in the dream: It reveals your opinion of yourself. You actually think that you are feeling negative in life. However, take a look inside your soul and you will find out that you need to meditate and use the yoga described above. And if you consider yourself as a negative person, there’s always space for making a change. Your dream could also mean that you feel the urge to have someone by your side and you believe that you can’t find a person that will love you. Just be yourself and the right person will come. And if someone doesn’t love the way you are then change - remember you can always change.
  • The snake had more than two heads in a dream: It foretells your negative suppressed emotions towards someone. Do you have a person in your life you want to take revenge to? If yes, quit these feelings of revenge because it’s a simple waste of time and energy. Focus on yourself and let that person feel sorry for losing someone like you. Never, ever take revenge on someone. Forgetting is the best revenge.

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In your dream you could have experienced any of the following

  • You could see a black two headed snake in the dream.
  • Other people turned into a two headed snake.
  • You saw a snake with two heads.
  • The snake scared you and it had two heads.
  • You were afraid of a two headed snake in the dream.
  • Other people were afraid of the two headed snake in the dream.
  • You suffered from oneirophobia in a real life (the fear of nightmares) due to the two headed snake in the dream.
  • You had bad dreams or nightmares of a two headed snake.
  • You have a phobia about snake dreams - in general .
  • You keep having snake dreams and are afraid.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of a two headed snake

Petrified. Scared. Depressed. Excited. Lonely. Confused. Sad. Miserable. Tired.

By Florance Saul
Oct 22, 2017