Driving dream meanings

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Dreaming of driving is usually a signifier of change. Change can occur in many aspects of your waking life.

To determine what exactly will change in your life is connected to other factors in the dream, you should pay attention to the context and details in the dream. It is important to note who is driving and what vehicle you or somebody else is driving in the dream. Dream interpretation also depends on gender. According to the Western tradition, if you dream of driving a car or carriage it is a bad omen.

In your dream you may have

  • Driven a car.
  • Been chauffeured or driven in a car by someone.
  • Driven a train or seen someone driving a train.
  • Driven a carriage or encountered a carriage being driven.
  • Driven a public transportation vehicle.
  • Encountered someone driving while drunk.
  • Seen someone or yourself driving poorly.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You took control of the vehicle.
  • You were a very good driver in the dream.
  • The car being driven stayed on course.

Detailed dream interpretation

Driving a car in a dream may mean that you will change something big, like your living situation. Anxiety may lead you to try to significantly change your life. If somebody else is driving, a stranger will influence your life, or a person from your entourage will have inappropriate behavior. If you are a woman and in your dream you cannot find your car, you will experience disappointment in love.

If you are driving a train or a carriage, then this shows there is some criticism of your financial wealth. To see others driving a carriage signifies that you have been feeling jealous of other people's lives. If you are driving a public transportation vehicle, the dream means that you are going to find it difficult to advance in your waking life. If you are driving while drunk, you are likely to encounter some unfortunate circumstances in the future.

Driving a car could also mean that you have lost control of your life. If you are a man, this dream signifies that you are likely to communicate quickly with a woman. If you are a woman, this indicates that you are likely to find it difficult to communicate with other women. Dreaming of driving suggests the need to organize your waking life a bit. It can also suggest that you should be more involved and focused in your life’s activities. You should assume some responsibilities.

If in your dream you are driving, this suggests you can manage whatever you decided to do in your waking life, and the car represents your means in achieving your plans. Driving can represent power, domination, and authority, but also entrepreneurial spirit, emotional stability, and your need to prove that you are a trustworthy person. Driving a car represents freedom, maturity, and self-reliability.

If in your dream somebody else is driving you, this refers to your need to learn from somebody else, and that you are not yet appreciated for your real value. It can also suggest your need to gain some experience before being able to receive an important mission. Also, if another person is driving, your dream refers to your immaturity or your position as a subordinate in your career. The smaller the vehicle you are being driven in, the more the dream refers to your intimate space. Dreaming of somebody else driving you suggests that you are not able to drive your own life, or you are passive to problems and are waiting for others to drive your waking life.

If you are a good driver in your waking life and in your dream your driving style is poor, this suggests that you are going through a period of confusion and lack of trust in your own power. You may be feeling temporarily overwhelmed or tired.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of driving

Control. Clear. Alone. Wild. Communicative. Compassionate. Confident. Relaxed. Humble. Powerless. Powerful.

By Flo Saul
Oct 12, 2012