Scorpion Dream Meaning

Scorpion Dream Meaning

Scorpion Dream Meaning

Perhaps you are being chased by the terrifying scorpion, or you are being attacked by many of them. Even though you wake up safe, you cannot shake the feeling and you're here to understand why. Many nightmares are about anxieties that are being pushed down by your subconscious mind, but there is also a spiritual meaning to this dream.

Sometimes it is not that obvious what your scorpion dream is trying to tell you. A dream of scorpions is normally a sign of deception. The scorpion is often a feared creature in the dream world, it is an arachnid and similar to spiders which have eight legs. Arachnids appearing in dreams in my view are due to negative energy as they reside on the lower dimension astral plane. There is something that I would like to share with you, that is important after having this dream. The scorpion comes from the underworld, the lower spiritual dimensions, and technically from the spider family, the creature is negative in nature. 

The Egyptian goddess Selket, who protected the dead, had a scorpion on her head to protect her. Scorpions are often used to send back negative energy to another human being. One must not have ambiguous goals in mind when seeing a scorpion in a dream, it is often a spiritual warning but don’t worry. 

Shamans often went through the ground to visit the underworld and such things were considered dangerous. There are many accounts that the shamans endured various cuts and bruises when visiting the underworld, such injuries were not explained. I don’t mean to scare you in any way, the dream of seeing a Scorpion is similar to the dream meaning of a spider. It can indicate there is someone in this world who is creating negative energy around you. It is a blessing to see the scorpion as you can now address this.

To dream of being stung by a scorpion in your dream is an indication of destructive feelings like bitter words or negative thoughts which are being expressed against you.  Alternatively, it could mean that there is a situation in your life that could be hurtful and painful.  It could be that you are on your way to self-defeating and self-destructive.  

What does a scorpion dream mean spiritually?

As a spiritual symbol, a scorpion represents rebirth and death, meaning that it is time for you to release negative energy and move to something new. If you were born under the Scorpio astrological sign, then the scorpion dream could just be reminding you of your birth sign.

Is the scorpion dream good or bad?

In the mystical world, a scorpion has always been used to represent dark magic and dark energy.  A dream about a scorpion can sometimes depict the way you relate to other people during your waking life. It could be that you have a lot of enemies in your waking life that you are not aware of. The scorpion is sometimes linked to shadiness and vengeance, and thus, when it appears in your dream, you are supposed to be careful about whom you trust and whether it is a good idea to trust people. 

It could be that other people are taking advantage of you for granted. If you look at a scorpion from the outside they just have two body parts, the abdomen, and the cephalothorax. The hard plates that make up the body are connected by stretchy tissue. The reason I mention this is because the scorpion is about protection. That is the message of the dream.

The scorpion has an upturned stinger that is predominantly used to attack. In folklore and the cult, the tale is a symbolism of destruction, transformation, disease, danger, and death. Interestingly, the scorpion is a symbolism of the dining room in a castle known as Abadas. 

Native red Indians often used the poison to meditate to a high state of consciousness, they also believed that the Scorpio was associated with destruction and lived in the underworld, however, we can make this dream to mean that you are undertaking an awakening psychically in order to uncover those things around you.

Dreams about scorpions represent transformation

The scorpion itself seen during the dream not only warns us of negative energy around us but it is also connected to transformation. The scorpion is also associated with purification and the final end to negative situations. In the death tarot card for example in the lowest corner of the Alister Crowley tarot deck, there is a scorpion which is supported by a ring of fire. The scorpion writings symbolize feeling intolerable with being attacked in one's own environment. Interestingly, the middle aspect of the Scorpion body, Crowley explains in his book that this represents a serpent. The scorpion from readings is representative of the Lord of life and death, this does not mean you're going to die because it appeared in your dream, it simply means it is going to face change.

The scorpion is often seen as ending the relationship when it appears in dreams but as it represents transformation it can also be the end of a certain stage and then moving onto a deeper level. For example, Perhaps you are in a relationship where there is no commitment, if this is the case in the dream of a Scorpio it could be that there will be an inevitable form of transformation in the relationship. The presence of a scorpion during the dream does mean that you're going to be powerless to stop circumstances. 

Remember in life things can change and they're prone to fluctuation. It could be that there will be feelings transforming towards somebody, it could even be negative or positive but once the changes occur it will be very difficult to step back. It's basically saying that once you've changed there is no going back. This could relate to friendships, co-workers or family relationships. The scorpion itself is governed by how we comprehend karma itself, especially if we are feeling under attack.

Scorpions symbolize about all or nothing

It’s important to mention the scorpion sign. The Scorpio zodiac sign is associated with being intense, sexual, possessive but also subtle. There is a weakness in the Scorpio astrology sign such as control and transformation. Scorpios don't go halfway, they either commit to action or they will not engage. They are an "all or nothing" type of person. This is important in the dream. To see anyone else in the dream sphere means you will either commit or not. That is the message of the scorpion.

Dreaming about a black scorpion

Dreaming about black scorpions is about the transformation that I just discussed. Seeing a black scorpion normally symbolizes negative concepts like betrayal, problems, anxieties, and vengeance. It is important that you become watchful so that you are not caught off-guard. If you have to trust the naïve spirit despite what others are thinking. The dream could signal someone is taking advantage of you for instance.

Biblical meaning of a scorpion in dreams

In Revelation 9:5 it says "And their torment was as the torment of a scorpion when he striketh a man; and in those days shall men seek death and shall not find it: and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them." biblically speaking the scorpion in the bible is associated with destroying each other in life. The scorpion was also featured by Moses who described the scorpion in the wilderness along with serpents and drought. Therefore, if we think of water as emotion it could represent being emotionally unavailable to someone in waking life. Jesus once said to his disciples that scorpions have power and will use any means to hurt them. Heed this advice.

Dreaming about yellow scorpions

The yellow scorpion is known as the deathstalker. They are dangerous and one of the most deadly scorpions. This is due to the venom being extremely powerful at such a small dose. As a symbol, a yellow scorpion is a negative symbol but the color can mean there is negativity in disguise. In the context of a dream vision, a yellow scorpion is a manifestation of cynicism and evil in waking life. If you see a yellow scorpion it is normally a sign that something might look appealing on the outside but in reality, you need to be careful.

Dreaming of people transforming into scorpions

When you see the faces of people transforming into scorpions, it could be a sign that there is a presence of a certain type of person in your life who is making you feel somewhat unhappy and stressed out. It could be a new boss or someone who is close to you who may annoy you slightly. If you yourself transform into a scorpion the dream can indicate that you may tell white untruths in the future.

Dreams about a white scorpion 

A white scorpion is normally found in Sri Lanka and is generally harmless. White scorpions could also be babies or smaller transparent Scorpios. This is actually a positive dream the white scorpion could indicate peace after a stressful period in life.   

Dreams about a red scorpion

Dreaming of red scorpions indicates that tempers will rise according to older folklore. The red scorpion is a color of desires and also passions. Often this is associated with grounding and the root chakra, meaning that you will focus on your own needs and keep going throughout anything in life. To be attacked by a red scorpion often indicates a petty argument in real life or the feeling that there is negative energy around you. 

Dreams about a brown scorpion

The brown scorpion is known as the Arizona bark scorpion and the color brown is connected to soil, growth and the earth. Brown is the color of staying focused and is connected to nurture and trust. Therefore, if you feel attacked by the scorpion remember that you need to stay grounded, and please do not retaliate in waking life. The scorpion is nocturnal and adapts in the desert, it hides during the day only coming out at night. Therefore, try to find people who are not telling you the whole truth.

Dreaming of being bitten by a scorpion

In a scenario where a scorpion bites you, it means that a bad omen is coming your way.  You might be a victim of gossip from malicious individuals in your community or at work. It could be that you have entrusted people with information that is sensitive without knowing that, they are going to use it to betray your trust in them.  Being bitten by a scorpion is symbolic that, whatever bad omen is about to happen is a result of your action.  How people treat you is a reflection of how you treat them.  The dream could be a wake-up call for you that, you need to examine yourself to break even the cycle of betrayal.

Seeing scorpions and snakes in your dream

Scorpions always signify betrayal, vengeance, or that you are under someone’s else control. You could be having friends or a friend who is not what you think they are.  If the snake is white, it means that you are going to discover some pleasant information that won’t be to your benefit and it could instead, harm you. If the snake is green in color, it could imply a warning that you are associating with people who abuse their power.

Dreaming of seeing a giant scorpion

If in your dream you see a gigantic scorpion, it implies adjustment in your waking life. This is what I call a warning dream: you need to be cautious in your undertakings as scorpions symbolize deadly or harmful words and should you react carelessly or wrongfully to the changes that are happening.  When making life-altering decisions, you need to be careful and choose wisely.

Seeing yourself eating a scorpion

If you dream that you are eating a scorpion in your dream, or your food contains scorpions in it in English folklore this indicates love could be coming your way soon. Though it won’t be the romantic kind of love, it could be the platonic one, but whoever it is that will come into your life, this will impact your life positively. Your personality will introduce fun, joy, and adventure into your life. 

Killing a scorpion in your dream

If you kill scorpions or a scorpion in your dream this is an indicator that you will triumph over your enemies. In all my readings this is a positive dream. If you do find people in your life who betray or try to discredit you are going to fail. At the worst, their schemes are going to backfire back to them, and this is due to your quick wit and foresight which will make you stay ahead of your enemies. 

Stumbling across a scorpion in your dream

If by accident, you stumble across a scorpion in your dream, it foretells that you need to take precautions when traveling or on the road.  The dream is a sign that you are going to be involved in an accident or a mishap in your travel plans. It would be better to take precautions while on the road after having such a dream.  If you can, for your security, it would be best to postpone any plans to travel after having such a dream. 

Dream of being afraid of a scorpion

If you are feeling fear and worry but seeing a scorpion in your dream, it is a negative sign which could be associated with betrayal and deceit. It represents someone you used to trust so much and who is currently backstabbing you in the back, bringing to the fore a mixture of conflict. Heed the message of taking precaution when around people who might take advantage of your dark secrets to make you a scapegoat of a situation.

Dreaming of a scorpion running

A dream of a scorpion running indicates deceit running away from you. This is a positive dream. To dream of a terrain that is dusty foretells that you have abilities that are uncanny and you are in a position to discover the true motives and thus, making you be ahead of the rest. Scorpions running in your house can indicate that you have a desire is missed. To dream of a scorpion running after you in an olden dream, books indicate that you may change jobs.

A scorpion attacking

The scorpion is an archetype and a symbol of the layer of the mind. Carl Jung called this layer the collective unconscious, and he believed that each of us gives symbols and themes our own individual stamp. Being attacked in nightmares often represents change, it is a sign of metamorphosis - the passage from one phase to another. Ask yourself wherever there is an area of your life that needs transformation.

Squashing a scorpion in your dream

If you crush a scorpion in your dream, whether intentionally or accidentally, then you can kill it this dream denotes that you are going to face confrontation with a rival, an enemy, or someone with whom you don’t go along very well. Though you are going to come out victorious, it is a victory that will impact your social status, or make you derive any satisfaction. All you are going to achieve is what you had and not what you thought before the encounter.

A scorpion is a horoscope sign in your dream

Dreaming of your astrological sign being Scorpio. If you belong to a different sign and dream of a Scorpio this dream is an indicator that whatever tough situation you are currently facing is going to improve. Often, such dreams astrologically appear when we are encountering obstacles and hardships both professionally and personally. Maybe you desire to get through it all. It is a dream of hope for those that birthdays do not fall under the Scorpio sign, that all that is happening is going to come to an end and an improvement in your life. The Scorpio sign means that you are being cautioned not to get involved with a partner who might harm you. If it is a romantic relationship, then this is a sign to protect your heart for now.

A scorpion stinging itself in your dream

Self-loathing is what a dream of a scorpion stinging itself is all about. It could be that you are under a lot of pressure and have high expectations, making yourself stressed for every tiny mistake that comes your way. With this, it has impacted negatively on your self-esteem and self-image. Such a dream could signal are self-destructing yourself, especially true if the scorpion is attacking you in the dream. The scorpion is a sign that something is impacting negatively with your relationship with your loved ones. The dream is a sign that you can start loving and healing yourself.

A dead scorpion in your dream

If you have a dream where you see a dead scorpion this is a sign of happiness and luck. Due to the vibrations surrounding you, it is going to make you achieve better opportunities than your counterparts. You are in a position to avoid becoming sick or injured in case of an accident. But you should not take it for granted that, since you are lucky, you don’t need to be misusing it and get a false sense of security. Make sure you get a grip on what is happening around you and at the same time, avoid behaviors that can bring you bad luck.

A scorpion killing its prey in your dream

Seeing a scorpion killing, stinging, or stalking prey in your dream is a sign that you are going to witness possible challenging events but you can overcome these. Apart from the positive energy that could be encompassing your community, it could be a sign that you are learning that someone is likely to ask you for help according to the older spiritual meaning.

Trying to catch a scorpion in your dream

If you see a scorpion in your dream and you try to catch it, it is a sign that, subconsciously, you are trying to retaliate against or give back to someone who once bullied or tormented you in the past. There are always people that are toxic towards us and it is important to understand why and work on yourself and how you respond to people.

Scorpions in the water

Seeing scorpions floating in the water is a sign that you have encountered an emotional rollercoaster - the message here is to let go of the pain that you have encountered in the past, learn to accept situations as they come. You could be going through the three processes of pain which are denial, acceptance, and moving on. Every dream has varied meanings depending on how it appears in your vision. Take the meaning that is closer to your specific encounter and ignore the rest.

Summary of dreams about Scorpions

Dream dictionaries point to the scorpion being a dream of deceit. Such a dream could occur due to fear, insecurities, frustration or even angst. Often these emotions cannot be expressed during waking hours which is why we sometimes have them in our sleep. The average person will have 100k dreams in his or her lifetime, and some of these are bound to be nightmares. The first step in dealing with these confusing dreams is to understand them and pull them apart to understandable parts. 

By Florance Saul
May 27, 2021