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bull dream meanings


A bull in your dream is often an indicator that you feel more competitive than usual about something. It represents a feeling of subdued aggression which can burst out any time!

It may also indicate frustration of feeling alone in some sort of struggle in your life – that people have deserted you at a time of need.  A dream with a bull also exemplifies stubbornness in your life. You need to reflect being more assertive, regardless of the risk of seeming pushy. The dream may also be an indicator of repressed sexual feelings – a desire for some type of sexual pleasure.



The dream may indicate the presence or lack of presence of aggressiveness. It is time to take a good look in the mirror. Have you been too aggressive to someone you love or care for recently? If so, you need to be more careful! You may be driving them away. Do you need to show more assertion in the workplace? Are people there treating you badly or taking advantage of your niceness?


If so, you will need to take a stand! Make it known to the people around you that you mean business and that you aren’t a pushover! It may even be time to ask for a raise or a promotion! Oftentimes, bosses just need to be reminded that you are aggressive in tackling your work and that you feel like you need to be compensated better for all your extra work.

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In your dreams you may have...


  • Been involved in a bull fight, as either a matador or the bull itself.
  • Seen a bull whether caged or free.
  • Sculpture, statues, painting, or other representations of a bull.
  • Seen the word bull.
  • Ran away from a bull.
  • Had an interaction with bull horns.




Positive changes are afoot...

  • Grabbing a bull’s horns means an opportunity to take or regain control of your life is just around the corner.
  • Winning a bull fight indicates you will overcome an aggressor.
  • Enjoyment while handling a bull means an adventure awaits you.
  • The overall dream was positive.



Detailed dream interpretation...



To dream of taking the bull by the horns also means that you need to take better control of your life. Take an aggressive yet positive stand on the issues that you are confronting. You are the master of your own soul and sometimes life just needs to be grabbed by the collar and shook for loose change. Be a bull-y sometimes! Life sometimes calls for it!


A bull in the farm, field, or countryside often symbolizes the feeling of naturalness, peace and tranquility. You may need to take a retreat and get back to your roots if you feel like you are being too aggressive in life. Remember that rest is also an essential part of being productive!


A Spanish bull fight may mean a lot of very different things. If you are the matador it may mean that you are dodging some of the responsibilities in your life. Are you ignoring someone or something that you need to pay attention to?


If you are the bull, it may mean that you are trying to reach or sink your horns into something that is very hard to hit. Are you sure your projects are achievable? Are they worth the time and effort you are putting into them? If you are an observer in a Spanish bull fight, it may mean that it is time for an adventure. Do something more fun and exotic! Waking life doesn’t need to be all about success and aggression towards achieving the things you want. Life is too short for that! Take time to smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery on your path of life.


Bulls were also used as representations and offering to God. Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and the religions of Ancient Egypt have references to bulls and cows. If your dream involved an ancient bull, statues, sculptures and representations of such, you may need to take time and consider how you have been doing towards your religion and form of worship. In fact, dreams have in ancient times often been interpreted as messages of the Gods. Are you trying or do feel the need to be a more spiritual person? Take time and think about it!



A bull that is weeping or crying bull indicates you have feelings of loneliness and lack of attention. It indicates that you feel like the people in your life are not giving you enough thought. You may feel like you are alone. Do you feel the need to have someone in your life right now? Do you feel like people aren’t paying you enough attention?


In your dreams, you may also have been in personal contact with a baby bull. This means that you need to create and nurture new ideas. Try being a little more creative and exercise your mind through meditation and other activities.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream with a bull...

Aggression, Anxiety, Confidence, Dissatisfaction, Depression, Excitement, Fear, Helplessness, Loneliness, Peacefulness, Power.

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