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To dream of furniture symbolizes that you are likely to encounter an inheritance in the near future according to older dream books.

On occasion furniture that appears in your dream can highlight a need for comfort, especially if the furniture comes from a past property. Different parts of the furniture need to be considered. Generally in dreams, a beautiful piece of furniture predicts a safe environment for the dreamer. A dream about furniture often shows how you feel in regards to your family relationships and home life. If the furniture is very heavy or dark in color, it generally suggests a period of difficulty. If the furniture is comfortable and brightly painted, this dream means that you are going to have some complicated times ahead. If any of the furniture in your dream is broken, this generally means that your financial security may be questioned in the future. 

If in your dream you notice modern furniture and furnishings think of these items as highly charged representatives of our own inner power. If the furniture is grand then this can indicate there may be a focus on your own identity in the future. For example, in the Cold War era, furniture was a sign of soft power strategies widely applied, they even involved furniture companies. Furniture was superficial and provided each individual with status. There were some highly respected furniture designers and visual presence in various design, art, and lifestyle magazines in the past, so this was connected to one's "identity." The textures, patterns, and color of the furniture featured in your dream are incredibly important. The more grand and expensive the furniture the more you are looking to expand your own identity. 

I will cover the following dream meanings below:

  • Seen a variety of furniture.
  • Moving furniture in a dream
  • Changing furniture in a dream
  • Seen clean or dirty furniture.
  • Seen the furniture in your house.
  • Encountered a carpet.
  • Repaired a piece of furniture.
  • Encountered a bed.
  • Seen unusual or new furniture.
  • Encountered a chair.
  • Encountered a cupboard
  • Felt soft furniture.
  • Seen old furniture.
  • Dusted some furniture.
  • Moved heavy furniture.
  • Seen massive furniture
  • Seen furniture that was light or dark in color.
  • Encountered a table.
  • Changed your furniture.
  • Broken furniture.
  • Packed or moved the furniture.
  • Seen modern and lightweight furniture

Furniture in dreams is connected to your identity

Furniture in dreams also represents our internal ideas, how we manage our “life” and is the core of our internal psyche in the real world. Biblically speaking furniture is related to the goal of creating a furnished life. Therefore dreams of furniture is a message that it is now time to change your life for the better, or a representation to let go of emotional baggage and gain back your power and identity. 

Universal and personal symbolism of the furniture in dreams

The dream of furniture is mentioned in the bible many times - and I have a specific interpretation for this that you may like to read here. I will also put a link at the bottom of this meaning so you can read this too. Furniture in the bible is important because it gives us messages from God in regards to our internal well-being. There could have been all sorts of items of furniture that are seen in your dream. If you dream of a certain room full of furniture - then the dream has even more impact - the more furniture presented in the dream the more meaning. 

There are two different types of symbols that come through to us in our dream state. They are either universal symbols or personal symbols. If we translate this to dream furniture it can mean that if you are dreaming of furniture that you currently own or furniture you have owned in the past then it can be connected to our internal systems.

Let me give you an example if you dream of something like a television on a wooden stand and you're watching various movies before your bed in real life then this could be directly associated with an unconscious association of watching TV before bedtime. This is just an example to say that if you're dreaming of furniture in your house it could just be a transition of the particular furniture coming through into your dream.

I am going to assume that your dream was in some way strange or difficult to understand which is why you have reached my furniture dream meaning so let’s explore this further. There is also a universal symbolism for furniture which I mentioned above. The furniture itself is associated with home comforts, rest, and particularly strong personal feelings as a dream symbol. The universal symbolism of furniture can include types of colors, the type of furniture whether it was a coach, sofa or furniture, in general, they come from our own super-consciousness and are timeless. When I set out to interpret your dreams, I generally mention all the different aspects and symbolism. It is very similar to a tarot card reading and each dream will be different depending on the symbols. 

If you dream of entering a room and you're looking around and you can see all the ornaments and furniture such as a table, bookcase, chairs, couches, furnishings, and decorating not every single item that you see has a deeper meaning. We need to understand the broader picture in order to frame the relevant action. There are many dream books and symbolism which are interpreted online giving thousands of different meanings to each individual symbol. Here I'm going to talk about furniture in general and the key areas of the furniture that might have appeared in your dream.

Dream meaning of different furniture

To see chairs, beds, desks, dressers, and cupboards indicates one's comfortable living environment - and that you may be trying to focus on suitable living arrangements. As I have already mentioned furniture is a power symbol and multiple pieces of furniture can indicate that you are thinking of identity. A desk for example in a dream can mean you need to work. A computer desk can signify that it is time to focus on work. A chaise tongue can mean that you need to relax more. 

What is the dream of furniture trying to say to me?

Everything you do remember in your dream is a message for you, it is important to understand and recognize the major components in the dream and what catches your eye. For example, you might have seen a particular picture and this is therefore worth investigating for the specific dream meanings. The furniture could be old, tatty, or brand-new the significance of the furniture is all about your relationship to yourself and how you are focused on moving your life forward. If we dream of furniture it is all about our comfort zones. 

Is the dream of furniture good or bad?

I'm going to ask this question by referring to the biblical meaning of dreaming furniture. Biblically speaking, seeing furniture in a dream is associated with a “well-furnished life.” Many of the references of furniture in the Bible are associated with resting after sin. 

This is the true meaning of the dream that you might have felt anxiety or stress in your life and it is now time to calm everything down and build upon what you want in life. There are many different things that hit us in life and it can sometimes alter the path of our true destiny. 

The furniture in your dream could represent you. This dream is your unconscious mind showing that your surroundings and environment have an effect on you. Perhaps it means you need to break some bad habits - which your unconscious mind knows are not good for you. It's truly saying that it is time to focus and think about what will make you happy in life.

Dream meaning of moving furniture

Moving furniture in a dream is a positive omen. It is associated with moving things in your life. We all think about moving on but we never do anything about it normally. Before we talk with people every day who are grieving the end of an era, such as a relationship or a job we often overlook this. Underneath everybody's soul is the desire to truly focus on what we actually want. Life becomes too busy. 

In relationships, for example, the quest of a soulmate begins early in childhood and continues throughout our lives and most diverse experience unsuccessful relationships. The divorce rate for instance currently stands at around 50%, when there has been no marriage there are no statistics to show just how many people move on in relationships. Moving furniture in a dream is associated with moving on in some aspect of your life. It could suggest that there has been a string of unresolved relationships where you've been stuck. 

If you are moving furniture from one house to another in a dream it is connected to emotional baggage. This is almost impossible to go through daily life without being exposed to one story or another about how people move on. With that in mind, the dream of moving furniture can be associated with people that you know you are moving on if it doesn't directly relate to you. If you see removal vans in a dream it could possibly indicate that you need to overcome hurdles that keep you from achieving your goals. This dream is a wake-up call that you need to shift from intellectual emotions and discover and complete what is left of unfinished business in your life. In general, moving furniture indicates freedom is required. This will enhance your ability to choose the right path in order to make you happy.

Dream meaning of rearranging furniture

The dream meaning of rearranging furniture is similar to moving furniture. It can mean that you need to rearrange some aspects of your life. There are no exceptions to that rule, I do feel upon examining a lot of the psychological dream dictionaries that rearranging furniture in dreams is connected to our relationships in life. You may have found that one relationship that you have had has been glorious and the other awful. 

Obviously, different relationships produce different emotional reactions, this dream is focused on encouraging you to believe that there is a bond with others that you haven't yet explored. If you are rearranging furniture that you already own (in real life) then this dream can indicate that you need to make sure that you don't leave behind unfinished emotional communications when relationships end. 

If you are rearranging furniture that you are unaware of in waking life this could indicate that you are going to help somebody work through emotional unfinished business. To dream of buying new furniture and arranging this in your house is connected to exploring new ways to solve problems.

Dream meaning of chairs

A chair in a dream is connected to feeling tied down and it can suggest that you are longing for something from a very busy lifestyle. The chair is signifying that you need to relax and take it easy. Obviously, furniture in dreams is connected to how you are well furnished in life. If you could not move the chair in your dream then this can suggest that there is stress in your life. dreaming of furniture such as the chair indicates that you need to pay particular attention to your inner calmness. If the chair is tatty or broken in any way then this could have a direct impact on your emotional well-being. I have written a complete meaning on the dream of chairs which can be found by clicking here.

To dream of a rocking chair can suggest it is time to relax and the "rocking" action is a wake-up call that you need to chill out. A bean bag in a dream meaning can mean that you have been having too much fun lately. To see a bench in a  dream means that you need to be careful of your attitude towards others. A dining chair (or a set) can suggest that you will face a substation situation regarding your family, as a table represents family and those around us. 

Dream meaning of antique furniture

Antique furniture presented in dreams is focused on our past relationships. The quality of workmanship of antique furniture, such as the art of carving is generally not found in modern furniture. It is not difficult to pinpoint that this dream is connected to how you feel about elements of the past. 

For example, it tells you to focus on the beauty around you. If you dreamt of famous antique furniture such as “Chippendale style” this is directly connected to the fact that you might feel that you have lost riches in some element of your life. If you find a fine example of antique furniture in your dream this could be associated with the need to focus on what elements of life you wish to project in the future. If you dream of restoring antique furniture this can suggest that you will have excellent craftsmanship to progress in areas of your job. For the most part, furniture today is considered to be of poorer quality than of the past. With a little craftsmanship. If we translate this into a dream interpretation, it can simply mean that you are looking for something more in life. 

Dream of furniture store

To see yourself in an antique furniture dealership or furniture store, or even going on famous websites such as eBay to purchase furniture can indicate that there is something from the past which is strongly affecting your current life.

Dream of old furniture

Dreaming of old furniture is significant because this is associated with past feelings and emotional baggage. It's a message whereby you need to see what you've done and how you've done it and look at emotional connections that are around you. It is important to acquire such awareness you can identify and remove any emotional baggage that you have dragged with you into your present. 

The importance of old furniture is an indicator of the way people used to live and has been recognized by many social historians who are very interested in old furniture. You may have found tatty old antique furniture in your current house or you may not have seen this type of furniture before in the waking state. Understanding the old furniture dream types that appeared in your dream is equally important. If we think about historic and old furniture we tend to think of wood, such as sycamore, cedar, Jupiter, and they. If you dreamt of old titty furniture then this can suggest that you need to open up your emotions. To dream of an old chest can indicate that it is important to recognize that you need to shape life as you see it.

If you dream of old furniture in general and this is about how to let go of your feelings of loss in your present life. It is not very good when the things (or feelings) in the past come back into our present and then we become attached to these feelings. 

Assume for a moment that you were born without any kind of emotional baggage. As we walk through our lives we have experiences and this shapes who we are in our life. If you think about yourself as a baby when you are happy you smiled and when you were sad you cried. Everybody knew how you felt at any given moment in time. To dream of old furniture can suggest that there is a focus on emotional baggage that is around you and this is what you have learned while growing up. 

We often hide our feelings from others and this is something we learn. As we move through life we believe that happy feelings are okay and sad ones are not okay. This is the overriding dream interpretation of old furniture, that we need to let go of the baggage and understand that we are sad when we are sad, without having to cover this up. The human mind after all is like a massive computer hard drive that store's so much information from the past and this is the reason why you have this dream because there are elements of the past that are affecting your current actions. If you are dreaming of old medieval furniture, such as chests or furniture from the Gothic period this can indicate that you are ready to move forward in a relationship.

Dream meaning of a table

A table in a furniture dream can indicate that it is time to put things on the table. In the biblical sense, the table is important it can mean that you need to think about how you relate to others. Seeing a table bear (without anyone) sitting at the table can indicate social gatherings and can also suggest that there is a focus on information. It is important to understand all information if the table is presented in the dream. The table is representative of being happy at home. Are you happy? The larger the table in your dream the more focused on enjoyable moments in life. If you dream of a square table then this can mean feeling organized, a round table can mean things seem to go round and round in life. For the table to be glass can suggest that others may cause you problems through gossip according to old dream meanings.

Dreaming of multiple seats such as a couch

A couch in a dream can mean you need to rest. Furniture is a symbol of our identity. A couch (known as a sofa or settee) can mean you need to observe what you see, taste, touch, hear or smell. Many people find it hard to just focus on the small things that bring relaxation. The most powerful early influencers on our life are our parents followed by our teachers, classmates, and extended family. By the time we reach adulthood, there are experiences that shape us, and dreaming of a couch can mean that it is time to rest and think about all the emotional problems and baggage that you are carrying. We perceive information all the time and the couch dream can mean that we are in overdrive and need to sit and take some time to remove the excess baggage and our belief system.

Dream meaning of changing furniture

To dream the furniture changes in a house or setting during the dream can indicate that you are changing your identity. If the furniture is suddenly there and then gone can indicate a situation where you do not have an emotional grasp. Transforming into furniture yourself (e.g. you see yourself as a chair or table) can mean that you are taking on the characteristic of the furniture and you need to think about how you can overcome competition in your life.

Dream meaning of metal furniture

Metal furniture is historically cold, this could suggest in dreams that you are not challenging yourself as you should be - or you are facing someone being cold towards you. Such dreams often occur when we are moving on in a relationship. You may think that the metal furniture is nice or ugly in the dream, it can mean that you should not feel bad about things in waking life. Remember the term "laugh and the whole world laughs with you: cry and you cry alone." this is a great message after seeing metal furniture ina dream - remember that it is important to not be cold and isolate yourself from others. You may have faced an emotional storm but remember we all have the power to feel better in life.

Dream meaning of handmade furniture

Seeing hand-made furniture is quite an interesting dream. It can mean that there is a broad range of emotions that you are liable to experience over the next week. It is a message to communicate feelings to the people we trust. If you made the furniture in the dream this indicates you are in control. To dream someone is making furniture then the actual furniture needs to be looked at and that meaning interpreted.

Dream of bedroom furniture

To dream of a bed, to dream of sleeping in the bed, or seeing bedroom furniture in a dream can suggest tribulation. To dream of a bunk bed indicates that others are going to connect with you on an emotional level. A four-poster bed in a dream suggests you are hiding something, it's like the bed itself hides you from above and you are building walls around yourself in waking life. A canopy bed or divan can indicate blossoming elements in life. A waterbed featured in a dream can be connected to others. The repetitive dreams of our bedrooms and furniture within can mean you are limiting your abilities to emotionally connect and open fully in your relationships. Ideally, our own intuition works in harmony. This allows us to work towards something magnificent by using our intuition. Dreaming of moving bedroom furniture can mean that you are seeking harmony in life. To dream of a toddler bed can mean that you are reliving your childhood experiences, likewise, a cot, cradle or crib can mean that you are dealing with emotional baggage from your childhood. 

What is the detailed dream interpretation of furniture?

A bed generally shows that you have some close relationships. This dream can also provide insight into your sexual needs. A bed is a place where you feel comfortable. This dream indicates that you need to feel some isolation in order to progress in a relationship. It refers to the attitude you have developed in your life so far. A carpet in your dream generally indicates that you need to improve your financial situation. A chair suggests that you need to rest and get through some difficult times you have recently encountered. A cupboard means you tend to hide your emotions from other people. Any type of soft furnishings, such as cushions suggests it is important for you to have comfort and support, as you may be embarking on a difficult project in the future. A table in your dream can mean that you or your social status is about to increase.

Furniture predicts that there are difficult times ahead. Buying furniture represents a concern about poverty. Packing furniture suggests a close relationship will end soon. Repairing a piece of furniture foretells that your work and effort will be recognized and rewarded. Dirty furniture is a sign of your lack of decisions and authoritativeness. Dusting your furniture means great vitality, while old furniture is a sign of stability in love.

In general, dreaming of furniture is a good omen foretelling that you will enjoy some safe, comforting facilities. If in your dream you are changing your furniture, and you see the new one, this refers to gaining new acquaintances, specialization in a new field, or new intellectual horizons. Old and broken furniture refers to your need to refresh or reinvigorate a situation, the need of actualization, of getting out of rhythm, or old-fashioned ideas and traditions that cannot be applied anymore nowadays.

Massive and heavy furniture is a sign of great intellectual and material difficulties and obstacles, the feeling that you are falling behind, blockages, poor or slow accumulation of information, fatigue, pressing debts or duties. Modern, lightweight furniture represents adaptability, mobility, and the ability to learn on the go, wit, a resourceful spirit in any situation, opportunities for change, and the acceptance of any obligations. 

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The furniture was relaxing and comforting.
  • The furniture massaged you in the dream.
  • The furniture helped added to a scenic atmosphere. 

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of furniture

Content. Ready. Open. Active. Energetic. Undecided. Reinvigorated. Talented.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012