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Welcome! Here I am going to detail hit and run car accidents or if you got hit by a car, or hit others and what these dreams mean so keep reading.

I am Flo, I have been studying dreams for 20 years. I have woken up this morning after having a dream of running over a pedestrian by driving a car in the snow. Therefore, I was trying to avoid prison due to dangerous driving. This has led me to write this interpretation as I could not find anything online - so I researched all my psychological and spiritual dream books to uncover the answer. So here goes bear with me! The first thing I will say is that the car itself is a recitation of our life where we are going. therefore, the dream involving the death of somebody due to reckless or dangerous driving can represent a major transition in life. Perhaps you’re looking for a new job, selling a house, changing relationships or basically undertaking quite a life-changing decision in waking life. If you could see a collision between different cars this can indicate that you will meet difficulty in waking life, but you can overcome anything! This might be reinventing the wheel, but sleeping well is very important part of our own relationships and mental health. Often these types of nightmares occur when we don’t have enough sleep or we have a heightened amount of stress during the day.

What does it mean to be run over by a car in a dream?

This dream may leave you pondering for a number of days. If you are the victim in a dream of hit-and-run or you have been chased by a car this dream can indicate complex journeys in life. This dream indicates that even though you may engage socially with others - there may be approaches to new problems. This dream implies possible relationships or a reconfiguration of the needs and wants in a relationship. A change will not necessarily occur on a large scale but will be more profound in your life!

What does it mean to hit someone with a car dream?

Hitting someone while driving your car in a dream or should I say “running someone over” can suggest that you are worried about hurting someone’s feelings. Maybe you already are? This dream often occurs when you want to move forward but you are unsure? When are you going live? The journey, however, is unfolding quickly. My advice is to make sure that you review everything in your life in order to understand how you can move forward. Try to ask yourself: is this what you really want? I also read in many psychologist dream books that killing someone by driving a car can indicate figurative “storms” in waking life. Maybe things keep going wrong? Stress after stress, just minor things that all seem to get out of control, and this is being transferred into your sleep.

What does it mean to dream of hitting someone in a car due to adverse weather conditions such as snow or ice?

The bad weather in the dream could be somewhat salient of the obstacles of a journey you are undertaking in real life. This could represent hurdles that you face at work, maybe you are just bogged down with challenges! There is a backdrop of this dream that represents “storms” in life. Torrential rain, storms, hurricanes, black ice and any adverse weather conditions that result in you driving too fast or not in control can suggest blockages in life.

What does it mean to run someone over with car?

Your actions are very important in the dream. Did you hit someone or drive off? Did you run this person over and get out the car and see if they’re okay? Did you run over this person on purpose? In my dream, I had run over someone and was caught on CCTV but my vehicle did not show “running this person over” in the police images but I did this person over in my dream. I don’t know why I drove off and did not report this to the police in my dream as this is totally out of character for me - I kept thinking about this the next day, why did I have such a dream. I was trying to think about why we would have such dreams - generally. Are we trying to run from a situation but keeps it a secret? If the incident happens on a state highway or interstate this dream can be about protecting and securing boundaries in life.

Going back to “not reporting” the hit and run crime this could be connected to your own conscience. Maybe it means that you are feeling some remorse about how you are acting in daily life. Sigmund Freud believed that we have what is known superego. This helps us all adapt our own behavior and allows us to make mistakes. Mistakes are great, we all need to make mistakes in order to focus on life. Sometimes the things we do in life overwhelm us. The guilt can be represented in this dream. I will move onto what it means to be arrested for a hit and run or caught by the police in a dream state.

What does it mean to kill someone with a car?

Think about “who” the person you killed is, if you don’t know them then who can they represent in your life. Can they represent aspects of yourself? If you knew this person or say for example it is a child maybe this dream means that you are trying to kill your past memories of childhood thoughts that have hurt you. To dream of killing someone you don’t know in a “hit and run” dream can suggest difficult times going forward. If the person that hit the car is a family member or a partner then a death-dream involving relatives or a loved ones can act as a conduit of a major change in life. Again, as I said before it may be due to a transition in life. This dream can offer you new insight into the relationship with the person that was run over. You may be thinking about this dream for a day or two and reviewing why this certain dream occurred. What do you feel that you need to remove real-life obstacles in this relationship? The dream itself could possibly represent a downward spiral in a relationship with someone that was represented in this dream.

What does it mean to dream of seeing someone being run over?

To witness someone being run over, or an animal can subsequently indicate that you may be watching someone crash and burn in life. If a person that you love is being run over alternatively this can indicate the fact you are trying to “kill” negative feelings involving someone.

What is the dream interpretation child run over by car?

I have touched on this above but to dream of running over a child can be in response to wanting to kill something from the childhood that is bothering you. I know that this could be one of those dreams that play on your mind all day but don’t worry it is just connected to how you feel in life.

What does it mean to dream of a car flipping over?

Car flipping is literary is a symbolism of how you’re feeling in waking life. To see a flipped over car illustrates that you are putting various events in waking life on hold. If you are in a car that is being flipped and this indicates your own identity is being taken from you. It could be that a situation itself is completely flipped over. The dream is connected to reversal and spiritual connections which will cause a sense of pressure and variety. If you witness a car flipping over in a dream this represents that you need to concentrate on your own spiritual growth and some aspects of yourself need review.

What does hit and run mean in a dream?

To run away from the scene of a hit and run indicates you are trying to escape from something in life. Generally this can be your home life or a relationship. You do not want to face being responsible at this time which has resulted in you feeling you cannot face the situation. To see someone being run over multiple times can indicate that you feel you’re in an uncaring social situation! After all, for the cars to not “stop” and keep striking the poor person on the ground can indicate that you will face a “collision” in waking life. If you are a witness to seeing someone being hit repeatedly by a car can suggest that someone will foil your plans going forward. To repeatedly hit someone with a car in a dream indicates you are moving towards defining your own goals in life. To be arrested due to the hit and run can indicate that even though you are "caught" in the dream you are still avoiding the truth of something in waking life.

What does it mean to dream of hitting somebody with a car due to being over the limit or drunk?

When I think about the dream the Netflix series "black mirror" first came to mind, where the characters hit a cyclist by accident. Morally in life, this dream is quite difficult to define, if you are the cause of the accident such as having too much alcohol or being over the limit this dream can indicate a hidden belief or survival characteristics have triggered such a dream. Often, dreaming of hitting or hurting other people in a car can suggest that you may find some onlookers in real life. perhaps "people" are reviewing what you are doing, such as a boss at work or friends. Dreams in which you are drunk and find yourself behind the wheel are classic “ exposing dreams” and can often occur when there is a hidden agenda on the cards.

What does it mean to dream of my daughter hit by a car?

To dream of a car accident represents self-punishment for something you did in the past. It might also symbolize a recent mistake that’s been bothering you for a while. Your dream reveals your anxiety and excessive worrying. To dream that your daughter is in a car accident, or hit by a car means general parental anxieties. Maybe she’s done something that has worried you in some way. Your dream delivers a message that you should deliver to yourself – make sure you are focused on your nurturing side of life. To dream that your daughter is killed in an accident in a car can indicate anger, and the key to such a dream is to stop worrying too much. To see yourself driving a car with your daughter inside and you are being chased indicates that you will encounter some minor conflict. However, your life will improve soon.

What does it mean to dream of my son hit by a car?

To dream of your son getting hit by a car means you have suppressed emotions toward your inner child. Normally, dreams of our own children are reflections of our inner child. You want to show people you care, however, you don’t want others thinking or trying to control or supervise your life. Often, such dreams can directly be associated with our relationship with our child. This dream can often occur when you feel like you can’t talk to your child. Maybe you have noticed changes in his life, and he’s not willing to talk about what’s happening. This of course, is rare and the symbol is general related to our “own” inner child.

What does it mean to dream of my son or daughter killed by a car?

To dream of your children getting killed in a car accident implies that you’re losing your control over them in waking life. As parents we are always feeling we do not have enough control. This is the type of dream that can haunt you in waking life. Maybe you are afraid of her safety and future. You can no longer control what she is doing, how she is living. Our children who we love dearly are always on our minds, and this could purely be an anxiety dream. If your daughter is an adult this dream also reveals something your daughter has done in the past, and the consequences she is facing for her actions today. The takeaway for this dream is to ensure that she experiences life as it is and learns the important lessons and makes mistakes as she sees fit. According to dream experts, if you dream that a loved one, such as your daughter or son (who is an adult) was killed in a car accident, it symbolizes your relationship with this person. Maybe it’s time that you give each other some space and “alone” time. Don’t worry this dream is not literal and I put this down to your hidden anxieties about being a parent – which is the most important job in the world.

What does it mean to dream of an out of control car that hits pedestrians?

To dream of an out of control car that hits pedestrians implies that your dream has a message to deliver. Don’t overcomplicate things with people. In recent times, we have experienced many terrorist attacks that involve pedestrians being hit, maybe you are thinking of taking action. You plan to ignore your heart and intuition. Instead of doing what you want to do to profit yourself, do what’s right. Remind yourself of everything you ever stood up for. Don’t be disappointed with yourself in life. Fight for what you believe in. Although it seems hopeless and worthless now, your effort will bear fruit in the near future.

What does it mean to dream of a child hit by a car?

To dream of a child getting hit by a car represents a part of your personality is being destroyed. Maybe you will experience situations that will change your way of perception forever. This dream is also connecccted to you naivety and kindness which is needed, and you will become a whole different person. You will grow mentally but take note of your spiritual growth. The inner child you are taking care of inside you, will face the problems in the world. You will come to understand that purity can’t survive in this world. You will get disappointed, however, you will also become more aware of everything that surrounds you. It could also mean you are worried about a child, I had a dream of this nature when I was worried about a child so I am just putting it out there that this maybe your inner anxieties.

What does it mean for dream psychology to dream of being chased by a car?

According to dream psychology, being chased by a car in your dream denotes avoiding or running from an issue or a person in waking life. Maybe you see a particularly negative person in your life as extremely dangerous. Are you intimidated by their abilities to hurt people? If so it could be your mind that you wish to keep your distance. If it’s an issue that you’re running away from, you perceive it worse than it actually is. To dream of being chased by a car also means you’re running away from your emotions. This is a common belief about being chased in dreams. Are you running away from something in life? Do you feel endangered by someone or something? Do you know what’s after you? What are you actually afraid of? Your dream also symbolizes your fear of aging. You feel like years are running past you.

What does it mean to dream of running over a cat or dog?

To run over a cat or dog in your dream implies to your carelessness, inattentive, and inability to control yourself. Always remember, you have a choice – you either act responsively, and make sure your actions don’t hurt innocent people or animals, or you act reckless and you let your carelessness take over. You were more attentive to details in the past. What happened to you? It’s time you reconsider your life goals, beliefs, opinions and remind yourself of who you really are.

What does it mean to dream of running over someone’s feet?

To run over someone’s feet with your car, or a bike or a motorcycle denotes a lost respect for someone. You will lose respect for a person whose feet you ran over with a car. Your dream also means you’ve recently hurt someone else in order to feel better about yourself. Clean your karma.

What does it mean to dream of CCTV?

  • Your dream of CCTV alludes to your absence of security. You feel like all eyes are on you. You even feel like you’re always being watched. The CCTV in your dream represents you inspecting your own feelings, past actions, and beliefs. Even you observe your moves because you find yourself surprised by your own actions recently.
  • To dream of being watched by the police on CCTV in a car means you feel like someone’s trying to punish you for the mistakes you’ve done. Does someone have a guilty conscience? Maybe a confession, or asking for forgiveness from the people you’ve hurt might help.
  • To get caught for a crime on CCTV in your dream state indicates a warning. Whatever you plan on doing soon, do it with care. Pay attention to details and think twice before you put yourself in danger.

By Flo Saul
Jan 28, 2018