Dream Of Choking

Dream Of Choking

Dream Of Choking

A human being begins breathing at birth, our breath connects to the deepest areas of our brains - your body is the most basic and essential function in your life. You have learned to breathe from the point where the spine meets your skull.

You have so many receptors that stimulate the nearby clumps of neutrons. The average person breaths about 20,000 times every day, millions and millions of times a year from the moment we are born. Our breath is an amazing and complex tool that is controlled by our minds. We use our throat and voice to speak, laugh, and sing. The throat is our point of vulnerability and it can give us life or death, for this to be blocked in a dream carries a spiritual message which I will speak about at length, to help you reach a more fulfilled life. 


Is the dream about chocking good or bad?

The dream about choking is connected to your spiritual potential in life, as well as how you communicate on this spiritual plane. I do feel that this dream is about trying to "hold" on to things in life. I also feel this is a positive dream. 

Dreaming about choking can point to a feeling of powerlessness or being overwhelmed so it is "negative" from that front. It could be that you’re grappling with a problem or issue in your life, especially if it’s something that is beyond your control. When we dream about chocking, it's often indicative of an idiotic grabbiness on our part—we feel clueless and demeaning ourselves without knowing what else to do. I suspect this might have to do with the notion of latching onto any sense of agency in order to work through whatever it is we're dealing with. 

And now your'e having these dreams largely because they reflect a state at which you find yourself stuck and hopeless in some area of your life—where all the solutions seem impossible or out of reach. And even though feeling powerless can be extremely frustrating and disempowering, dreaming about choking serves as an unconscious reminder that solutions may still exist; it's just up to you (and possibly others) to see them through once identified.

Choking dreams are Karmic symbols

Choking in dreams can be worrying trauma-induced Karmic dream symbols. Karmic dreams are from Buddhism which indicates that you are consciously aware of something waking life. Often dreams repeat themselves over and over again in your sleep is because we don't initiate the change from the messages we are told in our sleep.

Chocking can mean loosing power

Dreaming about choking can point to a feeling of powerlessness or being overwhelmed. It could be that you’re grappling with a problem or issue in your life, especially if it’s something that is beyond your control. When we dream about chocking, it's often indicative of an idiotic grabbiness on our part—we feel clueless and demeaning ourselves without knowing what else to do. I suspect this might have to do with the notion of latching onto any sense of agency in order to work through whatever it is we're dealing with. 

Why are you having these dreams?

And now you're having these dreams largely because they reflect a state at which you find yourself stuck and hopeless in some area of your life—where all the solutions seem impossible or out of reach. And even though feeling powerless can be extremely frustrating and disempowering, dreaming about choking serves as an unconscious reminder that solutions may still exist; it's just up to you (and possibly others) to see them through once identified.

I also feel that dreams can be mysterious and difficult to interpret, so it's perfectly understandable why dreaming of being choked by someone would leave you with a feeling of confusion. From my experience as a dream analyst, I've found that dreams involving choking typically point towards feelings of shame or helplessness in some aspect of your waking life.

What does it mean to dream of being choked by someone or something in a dream?

When you are being choked in a dream, it usually means you are being idiotic and there is grabbiness and cluelessness on the part of whoever is doing the choking – which could represent another person or action in your life. It implies that they have taken away something essential from you without considering the consequences or simply because they don't know any better. This behavior could feel demeaning to you when experienced in your waking reality, and this sensation will likely manifest itself within your subconscious as a dream about being choked. 

I suspect that whoever has come into your dream to choke you may also be tying together with other elements from your daily reality; for example, maybe there's someone at work who frequently takes credit for ideas that weren't theirs or somebody special who always leaves you feeling disrespected after conversations? If this is true for yourself then what’s happened here is that those minor experiences have combined together over time to create a nightmarish scenario: And now you’re alone, unable to defend yourself against some shadowy figure while they slowly start forcing out the breath from within. 

It seems like it might even be possible — if we consider more recent events — That this particular figure could represent whatever threat has been imposed by the lockdowns/ international pandemic situation last year; stealing away that freedom and autonomy? All these stresses brought together through circumstances outside of our control conspiring together just enough so now even when we slumber we still can't escape their grasp? 

And even if none of these possibilities directly correspond to what’s been happening inside your head recently then don’t worry too much — What really matters here is examining how all this energy makes us feel deep down, because once we identify those emotions we can start looking forward instead at ways we can find peace with them going forward before doubt starts all over again!

What does it mean to dream of someone trying to choke you?

To dream of asphyxiation: suffocating, smothering or choking could be connected to other people and blocked communication. It could be that someone is responsible for certain you are experiencing in a relationship, and thus, things need to change. It could be that you are finding a range of disagreements with others. Maybe you are denying or repressing your own personal expression. To be choked by someone that you do not know in a dream is connected to having guilt about something you have said to others. Dreaming of being strangled can indicate that there are many restrictions in your life at the moment.

What is the spiritual meaning of being choked in a dream?

I’m here to help you uncover the spiritual meaning of the dream so you can address the spiritual message and prevent a repeat dream. You may have had a dream that you yourself are choking or that your baby and young child is choking. If you find something in your mouth and is obstructing the air pressure this can indicate that spiritually you may be going through a difficult time at the moment. It is all to do with communication. The dream could turn out to be a nightmare depending on the details. Swallowing something that obstructs the airways indicates a blocked throat chakra. The throat is connected to the fifth chakra spiritually and this relates to the center of our communication. This is the uppermost chakra and provides us with the bottleneck of energy to help us communicate in life. 

Energy from the universe normally comes from three main chakras (crown which is normally purple, the third eye, and finally the throat chakra) the heart and solar plexus is our center and root chakra is the final chakra. The dream of Choking is connected to our energy and voice. The voice after all allows us to communicate our emotions and provides us with dialogue. 

When we struggle to express ourselves in life we can often dream of our throat being blocked. Often, choking dreams happen when we are going through some spiritual losses, painful problems, and when we are trying to find a deeper purpose in life. If you are frustrated in life then a dream of choking is likely to happen. 

What does it mean to dream about the throat being blocked?

There are many ways dreams can provide us with ideas in our subconscious mind. If you have been lost for words lately then the dream of choking could be related to how you express your emotions. The throat is the center where we control our ability to express what we are thinking. Naturally, a dream of the throat being blocked or obstructed in any way is connected to our own internal energy systems. When we feel anger, pain, emotion, jealousy, happiness, and contentment we often communicate with others. 

To dream of somebody turning a blue during the choking dream can suggest there might be a situation that will make you angry (like the color red) that will enter your life. If you dial 911 for an ambulance then this can suggest you going to ask other people for help in your life. To carry out any CPR is a positive omen in the dream and can indicate you are going to remove a difficult situation in your waking life.

To see yourself choking in dreams is connected to feeling powerless. It means you're unable to express yourselves or your feelings in an effective manner. It could also be noted that when you are communicating you feel misunderstood by others. Perhaps your words have been misinterpreted recently? If you have been somewhat anxious and worried lately then this dream could naturally be connected to a fear of speaking. If you feel restricted in a job for example. When it is not uncommon to dream of your throat being blocked. 

Many people have contacted me over the years they have dreamt of items in their throat such as string or hair. Again, this is connected to the fact your communication appears to be blocked in regards to a situation connected to expression. In life we are often judged or ridiculed by others through speech. If you have encountered a difficult time of late with others then try to meditate and think about this going forward. If you dream of your child being unable to breathe, cough will speak and you are aware that there is something blocking their airways, and try to assist can suggest that you are worried about their well-being or they are having developmental milestones.

What does dreams of chocking to death mean?

If you dream of choking to death then this dream can represent the fact that other people are draining your positive energy. Additionally, turning to the chakra system, the throat chakra also controls what we think in our minds and it's very normal for negativity to prevail. If you are finding that you are spending time with somebody who keeps complaining, gossiping, speaking loudly, dominating others, or being somewhat aggressive then this could be another symbolism for dreaming of choking. 

What is the symbolic meaning of choking in dreams?

The symbolic meaning of choking can be represented by your expression. Symbolically this dream is about the importance of thinking about what you say to others. Often, symbolically dreams of choking represent an overactive chakra that needs balancing. If you struggle with an overactive chakra then this can sometimes result in dreams of your passageways being blocked. What do I mean by overactive? This indicates when you often do not think before what you say. That what you say is not kind, that you're unaware of people's emotions and intentions. You could be completely oblivious to knowing if you have an overactive chakra or not. 

Remember it's important to try to listen to others without rushing to respond to them. When your throat chakra is blocked and underlined with your other chakras it can indicate energy leakage and we struggle to understand other people's thoughts and opinions when this chakra is blocked. Spiritually speaking, the dream of choking is often connected to problems with the throat chakra.

Dream of being unconscious due to the choking

Everybody in life suffers some kind of loss on this earth. If the dream involved being unconscious due to choking, this could be yourself or somebody else then it indicates that you might have encountered a silent but painful loss in your life. Think about what the voices are saying around you. People tagging or labeling you? The voices around you, be it your family, work colleagues, sports clubs or even friends. If someone is attacking you spiritually it is not uncommon to dream of being choked. We are born into certain families and choose our life partners. If you have broken up with a lover or had a family disagreement then this dream could be focused on the fact you want a conflict to end.

Dream demon choking me

Dreaming of being choked by a demon often represents that there is somebody around you that is dangerous to your own mental health. The devil choking you in a dream can indicate the need to cut ties with something negative in our life. To be choked by a witch, demon or monster can suggest that you need to mend your broken psyche. Sometimes the dark consumes you when you are going through a paradox of struggle, the dream of being choked by a demon indicates that you need to be strong in the face of opposition. 

There are no easy solutions, only the truism that pain will be your companion sometimes in life. Most important thing is you take things in your stride. Angels walk among us and help us, there are however people that wish to see you suffer in a direct attempt to invade their own fear. Before I was spiritually attacked in real life I dreamt of the demon choking me, it is very important for you to carry out some spiritual work on protection. Even just drawing a white light around your body will help you in this situation. 

What does it mean to dream about a baby choking?

A baby choking in a dream means that you have had a situation where you have struggled to get across your point of view. If you are carrying guilt about a situation then this dream often occurs. If you have a situation where you felt particularly guilty the baby can be a representation of feeling raw in a situation. Spiritually this dream is about expressing yourself to others. It's important for you to try to understand that it's only you who can manifest the type of life that you need. 

If there is a particular situation where you have felt that your point of view has not been taken into consideration then this could be the basis of why you had a dream of a baby choking. It can be very frightening for a baby to choke. If you have a baby yourself it could be a dream where you fear that your baby could choke, especially if they've started weaning food. My advice also is after the screening you should try to consider humming or reading out loud to strengthen your throat muscles. 

What does it mean to dream about a child choking?

A child choking can indicate (if you have children in real life) this could be a dream connected to the milestones of your child. It could mean you are worried about them, or there is something they have done that is causing you concern. I dreamed of my child choking on a lollipop when she was poorly.  This dream was simply due to the worry of the illness. If you don’t have children in real life the dream is connected to your own inner child. Has there been trauma in your childhood for example? Dreaming of choking can often be connected to how we process information from our childhood. 

What does it mean to dream about my son or daughter choking?

Raising children can be challenging and bring many worries. Seeing your daughter choking in your dream is about anxieties connected to your feminine side. Indeed, from my dream interpretation above about a child choking the dream could be connected to our own mind.

As parents, our sons mean that we are forever worried about their well-being. If you dream of a parent-child interaction (such as trying to save your son from choking) or that your child was choking to death and became unconscious - this can be a somewhat alarming dream. The dream is about anxiety and how we feel about ourselves and our parenting skills and how we think about the choices made in life. You could have had a dream your child choked on tomatoes, grapes, balloons, hotdogs, round candies, sausages, or nuts. As parents, we are drilled with the knowledge these items are dangerous. If there was a bodily obstruction during your dream you may have tried to remove this from your child's throat. Perhaps you'd even tried to give some abdominal thrusts. 

What does it indicate to dream about a spirit or animal choking you?

Dreaming about an animal or spirit choking or (trying to strange you) could be a sign that you are trying to release yourself from the negative influences in another person’s life.  On the other hand, the dream could be an indication that you are removing yourself from some difficult situation. If something is chocking you that I have not mentioned it can suggest that you need to focus on the good things in life. Often, we focus on just the negative. 

What does it mean to dream of being chocked by the air?

To dream of being choked by fire, the air or lack of oxygen is connected to potential damage from other people in waking life. Dirty air, on the other hand, could represent negative energies around you. Often, we have these types of dreams when people are quick to criticize purse. If you dream of polluted air and this represents your need to disentangle difficulties around you. It is a metaphor that despite all the challenges that you were facing you will be victorious in the end.

What does it mean to dream of choking and waking up choking?

Choking often happens in our sleep when our windpipe is obstructed. There is a medical reason why you may have this dream and it is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Therefore if this happens on a regular basis it might be worth consulting with your GP. When we sleep our neck muscles naturally relax but if you frequently choke your sleep it's likely that you might have this problem. Often it's caused by excessive tiredness, snoring, depression, and anxiety, finally crasher issues and headaches.

What does it mean to dream of a ghost or something unknown is choking you?

No one in this world will notice you more than your enemies. Your enemies want to see you suffer and fail and they will notice everything. I say this because to see a ghost choking you can indicate the fact that you could be attacked by outside forces. Spiritually the dream is about an unknown force that is choking your mind. Remember, never get annoyed with people who are trying to destroy you. Just be silent.

What does it mean to dream of a snake choking you?

Dreaming of a snake choking you it's connected to someone else’s personality traits. The snake is also a sign of destruction and deception in life. It could be that you've had difficulty handling conversations recently. Dreaming of a snake choking can represent the problem that will be solved. The details of the snake dream are equally important. The dream itself is generally a warning that there may be deceit coming your way. If the snake is wrapping itself around your neck, then this could suggest that you may broadcast your voice loud and clear in a situation that you do not agree with. As the snake is doing the actions of trapping you in a dream, think about how you communicate with others. Remember, knowledge is power. Whoever has the knowledge also has the power.

What does it mean to dream of choking on chewing gum?

Chewing gum spiritually represents a very difficult sticky situation. Make sure that you are completely focused on moving forward and not bogged down with difficult relationships. Chewing gum can also suggest that you are feeling trapped in waking life. It may represent your own maturity regarding a matter in waking life. If you dream of coughing on chewing gum and this can indicate you are going to be moving to a higher level of spiritual understanding growth.

What does it mean to dream of choking someone to death?

To dream you choke someone to death in a dream represents that there is going to be transformed and there will be a new start soon. If you indeed see yourself strangling an unknown person it could indicate that somebody is not listening to you. Dreams about you ending somebody's life can be connected to your own past. It can be a rather traumatic dream, but it could be a symbolic way for you spiritually and something that is negative in your life. Be sure to pay attention to who you choked in your dreams can give you a clue to the difficulties that may surround a relationship. This dream points to it suggesting that something toxic is occurring.

What does it mean to dream of choking on food?

Seeing food stuck in the throat during the dream can be quite traumatic. Obviously, the process of swallowing any food involves a number of muscle movements which normally in everyday life prevent food from getting stuck in the throat. If food is obstructing the windpipe (esophagus) during a dream then this can suggest there's going to be blockage and pain in the future. There are many different types of dreams involving particular foods. For example, if you dreamed of bones being stuck in the throat can indicate that somebody is gossiping about you according to ancient dream lore. Dreaming of choking on fish can suggest that there is going to be a blockage of communications with other people going forward. The fish represents emotions, therefore the situation will be highly emotional. There are many different types of symptoms that you can see the dream of choking on food such as wheezing, clutching the throat, and inability to swallow. To choke on sweets can indicate that you are worried about your family or small children.

What to do after having a dream of choking?

As I've already pointed out this dream is connected to blocked throat chakra which can be healed, you must be mindful of when to listen and to speak. If your throat chakra is well balanced then generally people think before they say something. Over the next few days, my advice is to try to give yourself a few minutes before speaking so that you can gather your thoughts. In order to clear your throat chakra after having this dream try to focus on vibrant blue color, and feel any negative energy being removed from the throat. Meditation will aid any blockages within the throat chakra.

By Florance Saul
Jun 13, 2021