Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Hey, what a funny dream. A wafer featured in your dream indicates that you will be consuming the points that you'll need to gain more variety and improvisation in your life.

Hello, I am Flo and will help you understand your dream. I recall wafers were so much more popular in the 1980s but today we normally associate the wafer with ice cream! Now, most of us hold the wish to have a lot more power to acquire things which everyone wants from life, and this can often be related to a dream of eating a wafer. So, how interesting is that! Typically there is something you are looking for or trying to fulfill if the wafer as it is thin. In astronomy, the wafer (also spelled wafer) is a nice skinny, flat dry biscuit, often used to enhance frozen food. We all know that wafers can also be changed to biscuits together with flavors sandwiched together, such as the famous pink wafers. Sometimes but frequently have a waffle surface pattern yet can also be patternless. Personally, I love pink wafers - reminds me of parties!

Now, numerous chocolate bars, including Kit Kat and low Crisp, have wafers in them. So let's try to unlock the meaning! To dream of eating a wafer, spiritually, indicates that you need to be clear about your future goals so that you can make a success of the future. In my research to dream of eating a wafer with ice cream means that you have to acquire a better knowledge of different aspects of your life. Alternatively, the actual wafer symbolizes a circumstance that you need to handle carefully. Freud believed we had dreams of symbols in daily life. Question for you is: did you eat a wafer recently? The dream could just be that you have!

Detailed dream meaning

Here go specific meanings. Right, the eating of wafer's in your dream is connected to how reluctant you are about moving forward in your life. Wafers represent a weak objective, connected to material wealth. I believe that food can easily represent our inner feelings. It often points to the fact you could have feelings that are not expressed in the waking world - for example, the experience of a relationship, characteristics of another individual or even sexual joy. Yes, might be time to get laid!

To eat a chocolate wafer is connected to sociable satisfaction. The actual dream might also be considered a caution about how well you are getting along with others in your waking life. So consuming too many wafers indicates that you are directly taking on too much, look at your goals and absorbed them - gaining knowledge through others or perhaps absorbing more information is required.

Wafer's can also can indicate the craving for food in walking life. Are you hungry? To dream of giving others wafers is a sign of prosperity. To dream of broken wafer's means that at times pain comes from the child within so look after yourself. I believe that ice cream wafers indicate your actual craving for food in waking life. Dreaming of being hungry and wanting to eat a wafer or ice cream indicates that the hunger in your dream might bring peacefulness to your life. A dream of eating an ice cream with a wafer cone indicates that times are changing. Things will get easier in the future.

In summary, wafers in your dream can indicate that anything can break any moment at any time. This leads me to one more question! Perhaps you’re feeling rather this is a wake-up call where you’ve got to acknowledge some aspects of yourself that you are unable to uncover? Perhaps you have been caught between a rock and a hard place? How have the demands of work been recently?

So, Wafers featured in dreams, especially connected to ice creams indicate that you need to communicate more clearly and be transparent but as I mentioned above are a sign of riches!! Lucky you!

In this dream you may have

  • Eaten a wafer.
  • Eaten a chocolate wafer.
  • Eaten ice cream with wafers.
  • Seen others eating wafer's.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You gave someone the wafer which means prosperity will be yours.
  • The wafer tasted good.
  • The dream was an enjoyable event.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012