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Water Slide

Water Slide.

A water slide is an amusement park attraction in which water is poured over a slide and riders travel down the slide in a tube, on a small craft or directly on the slide.

The water has the function of reducing friction, making the ride much faster and wilder than a traditional slide. Slides in dreams indicate some instability and risk in your waking life. Adding water, which signifies emotions, to the slide implies that dreams of water slides denote areas of emotional instability or some form of risk-taking behavior.

Detailed dream meaning: To dream that you are on water slide suggests that you are being carried away by your emotions. You are being engulfed by your subconscious. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are going with the flow of things without any objection or resistance. 

Traveling down a water slide produces a potent mixture of exhilaration and fear. As a result of the emotions you experience in your dream while on the water slide are telling. If you are filled with terror, then you are facing a transition in your life which feels as though it is beyond your emotional resources. If you are nervous, but generally find the ride pleasurable, then you have thrown yourself into a challenge which feels overwhelming at the present moment, but which you are convinced will eventually turn out well. If you simply experience pleasure, then you may be reveling in negative habits with no concern about how your thinking and behavior are affecting your life.

Dreaming of hurtling down the slide head first suggests that your ability to reason has become overwhelmed by powerful emotions, and you are indulging in impulsive behavior. Dreaming of going down the water slide feet first implies that you are experiencing instability in your life which may be emotional, financial or personal, but you will land on your feet. Going down the water slide on a raft or in a tube suggests that you are somewhat insulated from the full impact of your reckless behavior and have someone in your life who is acting as an enabler. Contrarily, it can mean that you have taken some precautions to protect yourself and are, therefore, a little more in touch with the significance of your choices, Dreams in which you are going down a water slide with a group of people signed that you are being influenced negatively by the people in your social circle.

To dream of falling down a water, slide suggests that you have experienced some sudden, unexpected loss which has produced such strong emotions that you find yourself being completely out of control. You have lost your grip. Dreaming of sliding down a dry water slide signifies that you have dammed up your emotions to such an extent that you are trapped in instability, unable to move forward or back.

The meaning of a dream in which you push someone down a waterslide depends upon the emotion you experience when you push the person. If the push was motivated by concern or a desire to share a fun experience with the other person, then it signifies that you are the aggressor in a relationship and desire someone to take an emotional chance with you. If the push is motivated by anger, then you have ulterior motives in a relationship and are willing to do whatever it takes to gain the upper hand, including playing upon someone else's insecurities and instability.

In this dream you may have: Traveled down a water slide using your body indicating happy times in life. Traveled down a water slide with other people indicates great social relations. Traveled down a water slide with a craft means people will come to you for advice. Traveled down a water slide face first implies you will take chances in life. Traveled down a water slide feet first indicates others will look to you for help. Fallen down a water slide means you need to stop and listen to others. Traveled down a dry water slide indicates a fresh start. Watched other people on a water slide indicates others will help yo lead. Pushed someone down a water slide suggests you will help someone at work or socially.

Positive changes are afoot if: You are on a raft. You go down feet first. You experience pleasure. This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: Sexual promiscuity. Gambling. Drug or alcohol use. Partying. Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Waterslide: Passivity. Self-Destruction. Recklessness. Euphoria. Hesitation. Apprehension. Adventurousness. Rashness. Courage. Angst. Agitation. Worry. Excitement. Stimulation.

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